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  • KTK Episode #12 - Annie

    KTK Episode #12 - Annie

    07/10/2014 Duração: 01h29min

    "I feel like "I use the word 'trepidation' in discussions about the NL Central" is actually a pretty good way to define myself in one sentence." (That sentence is not actually in the podcast, but is Annie's post-hoc reflection.) Episode #12 features the extremely awesome Annie Maroon. Topics du jour include Pittsburgh, The Mountain Goats, women in sports journalism, and post-modernist literature. An in a week where Men's Health Magazine runs a dumb article about how women hate sports, and this is a good conversation about how dumb that #hottake is. Music by Chris Pappas, except for "Spanish Flea" for technical difficulties. Editing by the wunderkind @rillcausey.

  • KTK Episode #10 - Josh

    KTK Episode #10 - Josh

    22/09/2014 Duração: 01h25min

    The new season of podcasts is here! I can think of nobody better to start the new round of episode with one of my best friends ever, Josh Cain. Podcasts are also longer now! MORE TO ENJOY. We discuss the nature of journalism, the line between literal and emotional truth, the word crotchety, growing up in Orange County, The Isle of Man, moving around the USA, and our moms arguing about oranges. Not only is this the first new episode recorded in a long time, it's the first Skype/remote podcast! AND IT SOUNDS ALMOST AS GOOD. Thanks, Rill Causey for all the audio help. And a weekly thank you to Chris Pappas for our theme song.

  • Knocking Teakettles - EPISODE #00 - Prologue

    Knocking Teakettles - EPISODE #00 - Prologue

    27/07/2013 Duração: 04min

    The "Prologue" to Knocking Teakettles - a Podcast with Alex Wolinetz, a project in learning more about friends and growing up.