The podcast for indie moviemakers, by indie moviemakers. INDIE MOVIE CAST will bring you lots of news on indie film festivals, contests, competitions and everything indie. SCHMOLLYWOOD is a segment about all of the happenings in our favorite mess of a filthy excuse for a town. THINK HOW I THINK are movie reviews that will not only sway your opinions, it will mold them... not really... ENHANCED WITH IMAGES AND CHAPTERS


  • IMC 046 - One in 45,000

    IMC 046 - One in 45,000


    We get a reality check when we look up some troubling stats.We also read over a list of steps to becoming a successful filmmaker.Dominic returns to talk about his experiences directing his new short film Anomaly .He also tells his side of the story concerning this year's "48 Hour Film Project."Schmollywood:We voice our opinions about BATfleckWe complain about reboots for Robocop, Terminator, and PoltergeistWe look forward to the most anticipated movies coming out this fall.Jay's Hobbit Update of the Week:  We can only talk about how there is nothing to talk about.Think How I Think:Quick reviews for:ElysiumRiddickBefore the show ends we have a quick discussion regarding the "48 Hour Horror Film Project."(Click here for MP3 version)

  • IMC 045 - Coming in Crystal Clear

    IMC 045 - Coming in Crystal Clear


    We have new podcasting equipment and we sure are proud of ourselves.  We discuss this year's 48 Hour Film Festival from the perspective of the center of the universe.  Our special guest Matt Toplikar tells us about his new short Open Mic Night.Schmollywood:We try to be excited about the Batman/Superman MovieFlash the Movie announcedJames Cameron announces Avatar 2, 3 & 4Jay's Hobbit Update of the Week:  The Desolation of Smaug TrailerThink How I Think:Reviews of summer hits and misses:  The Lone Ranger, Pacific Rim & The Wolverine(Click here for MP3 version)

  • IMC 044 - Back from the Dead

    IMC 044 - Back from the Dead


    Out of nowhere comes a brand new episode of Indie Movie Cast!  Alex, Jay and Dominic reunite to tell you about their indie moviemaking experiences in 2012.  From the making of the short films The Harbinger and Retina, to Ultimatum Pictures' first award in 5 years for the movie The Missing Link.It was a year of successes, failures, and ego trips.Schmollywood: We experience the true horror of 48fps.Disney buys Star Wars a couple months ago.Jay's Hobbit Update of the Week returns!Think How I Think:We sound off every movie that we liked or hated in 2012.  But somehow forgot to mention the best movie ever: Dredd.

  • IMC 043 - Where have we been?

    IMC 043 - Where have we been?


    Ultimatum emerges from their sudden sabbatical to bring you the first new IMC in months. We fully disclose where we've been. We took L'americano to the L.A. Shorts Fest and met friends from the movie Cataplexy.We talk about our experiences in working on the indie feature The Banshee Chapter.We finally released M v. W online with special thanks to Andy Gabrys for doing the score.The making of our newest movie Eden, made for the Producer's Guild's Weekend Shorts Contest.Schmollywood gets skipped over.Think How I Think:we do one-sentence reviews for every movie we've seen since June during the "Year of Garbage" including Harry Potter, Captain America, Attack the Block and Drive among many others.

  • IMC 042 - Final Cut Pro suX

    IMC 042 - Final Cut Pro suX


    We discuss Final Cut Pro X the good... but mostly the bad. Has Apple walked away from from professional video editing? What are indie filmmakers going to do now?We talk to our guests about their web-series Indie: The Series.We laugh about our continuous bad luck in the 48 Hour Film Project.Schmollywood:2D is outselling 3D.Michael Bay wants Transformer 3 3D to be bright.Phantom Menace 3D gives fans an ultimatum.Tom Hanks says the words "Toy Story 4."Trailer reaction: Puss in BootsJay's half assed Hobbit update.Think How I Think:Quick reviews of summer movies: Thor, Pirates 4, X-men First Class, & Super 8

  • IMC 026 - Forty Eight Twenty Ten

    IMC 026 - Forty Eight Twenty Ten

    17/06/2011 weekend was the Albuquerque 48 Hour Film Project 2010, and we lived to tell about it. We tell all about our insane weekend making Ultimatum's newest movie L'americano. Josh guests hosts and talks about his experiences as a first time videographer.Schmollywood:Edward Norton is no longer the Hulk in the Avengers movie.Pixar is going straight to DVD, and Discovery Channel.Oh God remake with Betty WhiteTrailer Reaction: Due DateThink How I Think:Predators (and here's Jay's link to that Expendables trailer)

  • IMC 027 - The 7D is for Me

    IMC 027 - The 7D is for Me


    We get hands on with the Canon 7D. We talk about our recent experiences and advice from us and some experts. Also we look into the future of cameras with the upcoming Sony NEX-VG10 and the Panasonic AG-AF100.Schmollywood:We feel a little bit bad for Nic Cage's latest movie... then wonder about his upcoming one.The Raven. Brilliant indie short like Mortal Kombat Rebirth; or just very lucky special effects fluff?Trailer reactions: Faster and The Social Network.Think How I Think:InceptionJoey guest hosts.

  • IMC 028 - Sounding Off and Winning Awards

    IMC 028 - Sounding Off and Winning Awards


    This week is all about sound, and how it can make you seem like a pro or an amateur. We talk about the techniques we've been trying in our continuous struggle with audio. Brian joins us and talks about the award he won in the Duke City Shootout... for our 48 HFP movie, L'americano.Schmollywood:Little Fockers brings on Grandpa Focker to save the movie.Liam wants no more Lincoln from Spielberg.Trailer Reactions: Yogi Bear, Sucker Punch and Let Me InThink How I Think:Dinner for SchmucksSPECIAL BONUS:The L'americano soundtrack by Brian DuVerneay

  • IMC SPECIAL - The 48 Results Are In

    IMC SPECIAL - The 48 Results Are In


    The 48 HFP is over and Ultimatum was left in the dust... again. Listen for our official statement about the 48 results. Our losing movie L'americano is now available online and is slated to play at the Albuquerque Film Fest.Also watch the winning movie Chamber No. 6, Hannah's award winning movie The Farm, and Jay's Dad's movie Serving Family Style.We also touch on the 'Leiahdorus' music video that Ultimatum has been working on, and our friend's 'Monster Paws' new music video. But we mostly whine for a half hour... check it out :)

  • IMC 029 - The Festival Circuit

    IMC 029 - The Festival Circuit


    We look over IndieWire's 20 Tips for Strategizing Festivals & Distribution Today panel.Our movie L'americano makes it into the Albuquerque Film Festival playing with the Chinese movie Empire of Silver.Schmollywood:Indy 5 will stink up the screen sometime in the next 20 years.Wolverine 2 not to be confused with X-men First Class.Finances stall The Man Who Killed Don Quixote... again.Trailer reactions: 127 Hours and Black SwanThink How I Think:The ExpendablesScott Pilgrim Vs. The WorldPiranha 3D

  • IMC 030 - Moving to L.A.

    IMC 030 - Moving to L.A.


    We talk about moving to L.A. with this week's guest host Bekah, the star of Date Doctor. Why go to L.A, and why stay longer than a year? We also chat about Date Doctor's season finalé and it's future.Ultimatum has officially signed up for the National Film Challenge this October.The Albuquerque Film Festival awards us with a huge honor.Schmollywood:Keanu wants a Bill & Ted 3Godzilla reboot of the rebootRoger Rabbit 2 with 2D toons or 3D?Borat to play the championThink How I Think:The TownMachete gets reviewed in the new re-done Think How I Think blogClick here for MP3

  • IMC 031 - Stifling Creation

    IMC 031 - Stifling Creation


    This week try to stay creative as we explore the 8 Habits that Crush Your Creativity and Stifle Your SuccessOur National Film Challenge movie is already meeting challenges.Schmollywood:Star Wars re-released again in 3DMathilda the movieSuperman the reboot of the reboot of the rebootBeing optimistic about rebootsTrailer reaction: True GritThink How I Think:The Social NetworkCatfish and the I Am Rogue Catfish contestClick here for MP3

  • IMC 033 - Panasonic, Sony or Scarlet?

    IMC 033 - Panasonic, Sony or Scarlet?


    That's right, we're not afraid to ask the nerdiest questions. The Panasonic AF-100 is about to come out, and so is the Sony F3. We take a look at their specs and see how the compare to each other (or not) and to current DSLRs like the Canon 7D. We also long for a future where a RED Scarlet is actually a reality.Corey Weintraub guests hosts, star DP of Trifecta+'s Send, The Incredible Voyage of Captain Hook, and Warrior Woman.Schmollywood:The Muppets are backWes Anderson gets another cool castThe Dark Knight Rises is underwayTrailer Reactions: Battle: Los Angeles, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader & Winnie the PoohThink How I Think:UnstoppableClick here for MP3

  • IMC SPECIAL - The Making of STUMP

    IMC SPECIAL - The Making of STUMP


    It's Albuquerque's 48 Hour Film Project once again. This time Ultimatum drew "period piece" and decided to make a 70's grindhouse movie. Listen in on what happened this time during the making of the movie STUMP. From movie stars, to fake blood, newbies on the team, and total fatigue; this 48 is one to remember.

  • IMC 041 - Founding the 48

    IMC 041 - Founding the 48


    The founder of the 48 Hour Film Project and the National Film Challenge, Liz Langston guests hosts. She gives us insight into the history of the 48 and all about what happens behind the scenes. Albuquerque's 48 is coming up on June 10, and Ultimatum is signed up.Schmollywood:Tarantino's Django UnchainedTerminator 5 with Ah-noldPride & Prejudice and Zombies gets a new directorTrailer Reaction: Transformers: Dark Side of the MoonJay's Hobbit update of the weekThink How I Think:Reviews of Hanna and Scream 4, and a look at the year of garbage.

  • IMC 040 - Whats the Point of Making Short Films?

    IMC 040 - What's the Point of Making Short Films?


    Why make short films? Really? Who's watching them? What should you expect from them? What kind of plan should you have to gain viewership? Should you only do shorts for competitions? Should you make a trailer or a few scenes of a longer movie? Should you just make features? These questions pondered as we read some old bl0g from discussions about this year's 48.Schmollywood:James Cameron says the next revolution in cinema is...The Smiths team up with ShyamalanTrailer Reactions: The Hangover Part II, Everything Must GoJay's Hobbit Update of the weekThink How I Think:Hobo with a Shotgun & Rubber

  • IMC 039 - The Documentary and the Directors Cut

    IMC 039 - The Documentary and the Director's Cut


    The crew of Ultimatum helped make a short documentary for the 2011 Doc Challenge. Liz guests hosts and talks about her experience directing We Are Still Here. We explore the differences in documentary and narrative filmmaking.The extended director's cut of The Sages of Eidolon is finished and posted online. We're happy with the results and hope you are too. Please check it out and let us know what you think!Schmollywood:Aronofsky backs out of The Wolverine.David Slade to reboot Daredevil... but is it too early to reboot?Men in Black III the first studio disaster of the decade?Trailer reaction: The FPJay's Hobbit update of the week featuring this photo.Think How I Think:Paul and Rango

  • IMC SPECIAL - The Making of The Sages of Eidolon

    IMC SPECIAL - The Making of The Sages of Eidolon


    Ultimatum participated in the 48 Go Green, and the result is our first fantasy The Sages of Eidolon.Listen in as we detail out our strangest 48 weekend yet.But before you do anything else, please VIEW and RATE The Sages of Eidolon here. We need your votes so please help us out. Voting is over March 4, 2011.Thanks, friends!

  • IMC 038 - The Music Video

    IMC 038 - The Music Video


    The band Leiahdorus joins us in the studio to talk about the first Ultimatum music video! The video for "Forward Blindly" from the album Ode to the Builders is finished and has launched online; please check it out! We tell all about our video shoot, and our new experiences in the music industry.We make last minute plans for the 48 Go Green.Schmollywood:The Alien prequel is now PrometheusThe Coen Brother's "full-on horror movie"Monsters gets a not-so indie sequelSex and The City prequelTrailer reactions: X-men: First Class & Atlas Shrugged: Part 1Jay's weekly Hobbit update featuring this photoThink How I Think:The King's Speech

  • IMC 037 - The Wooden Spoon Award

    IMC 037 - The Wooden Spoon Award


    We get the results from the National Film Challenge and Ultimatum takes home 3 insulting awards! We humbly accept the honor of taking hom the prize for Best Wooden Spoon especially.We also talk about the improvements made to Amazon Studios.What is Ultimatum up to in 2011?Schmollywood:Catwoman and Bane make the dark knight riseOscars 2011 nominationsJay's weekly Hobbit updateThink How I Think:Top 10 (and bottom 10) movies of 2010

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