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The purpose of #Tax #advisor & #Biz #Coach #Success #podcast is to share #tax and #quickbooks #accounting #tips and #business #advice for Independent contractors, #entrepreneurs and small business owners S Corp, LLC and Partnership on tax code and share my business insights in how to run a successful, stable and profitable company $.

Her expertise are in the #millennium generation business, #realestate and #stocks for passive #income. Make your #money work as hard as you work.

Liz, earned a BBA with a major in #accounting (Non -CPA). She is credentialed as a Licensed #Bookkeeper (CPB) an Accredited #Tax Professional (ATP), and a #QuickBooks Pro Advisor. With over 14 years of experience and specializing in #Real Estate/#HOA, #ecommerce #Amazon/#Ebay, #Health , #Retailiers #Dentist/#Chiropractors and #professional business #consultants/life #coaches.

I have presented live similar for chambers and business networking groups. I publishes educational #blogs, #video tutorials and tax tips newsletters. Also, she is the #author of the book titled Starting and Running a Small Business in The USA (Pros/Cans) available on Amazon digital, audio or paperback and audible at

I can be reach for private business coaching and also for tax planning advisory services. Schedule a complimentary 15 minutes phone consultation with me and I will explain in details how both plans can help you tremendously in the growth of your business just click and fill out the form online Free Consultation for Business Owners.

To your success,
Liz Soria, ATP, CPB


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