From THE YES WORKS, this is MIGHTY GOOD WORK. A podcast built on the stories of people and companies who are making good work happen. Whether its work as a place to be, work as a product or service, or work as a way to spend your life, we will be talking to those who are committed to excellence and who are succeeding in bringing Mighty Good Work into existence.We aim to deliver actionable guidance to people shaping business about engagement, company culture, and healthy business relationships.


  • MGW #24 - How To Fire People

    MGW #24 - How To Fire People

    22/01/2020 Duração: 53min

    MGW #24 -  How To Fire People Welcome back to the newly relaunched Mighty Good Work with your hosts Aaron Schmookler, Co-founder and Trainer of The Yes Works and Kristin Adams, Co-director of Startup Grind and first time founder of ALL2.  Last episode we discussed shifting both the thought process surrounding, dialogue about and facilitation of people quitting their jobs and this episode we are focused on the other side of that equation - how to fire people compassionately.   While one might think that goes without saying, you’d be surprised what still occurs in the workplace on the regular.  As a podcast dedicated to leaders and aspiring leaders who insist that work should be good, even in the toughest of circumstances, we’d argue that a refresher course is in order. There's a common saying in the startup world the one great hire and the one great fire.  Both are inevitable milestones – rites of passage in one’s career, if you will – so knowing what you should and should not do is pretty key.  Firing DOs: H

  • MGW #23 - How to Retain Talent

    MGW #23 - How to Retain Talent

    08/01/2020 Duração: 57min

    MGW #23 - How to Retain Talent Welcome to the Mighty Good Work relaunch. The focus hasn’t changed – this is still a podcast for people who want to make work a place worthy of the time we dedicate to it and for leaders and aspiring leaders who are committed to inspiring the same.  We’ve tweaked the format, including a permanent new co-host, in the hopes of adding diversity of viewpoints, experience and topics for the benefit of our listeners.  We are excited to share version 2.0 with you and on that note, let’s get started! In this episode we focus on shifting both the thought process surrounding, dialogue about and facilitation of people quitting their jobs. With tenure averaging 18-24 months (and dropping), if you're thinking about why and how people leave their jobs in the right way, you have an opportunity to actually do something to retain your best and brightest longer. Conventional wisdom is that people leave their jobs – having outgrown the role.  The latest data would tell you that people leave people

  • MGW #22 - Putting Core Values to Work

    MGW #22 - Putting Core Values to Work

    18/04/2018 Duração: 09min

    Here are some action items taken from the episode to help you put your company's core values to work: Step 1: To get your company values off the wall, and actually working in your organization from top to bottom, make sure INTEGRITY tops the list. Without integrity, your other values are just suggestions. Step 2: Define integrity. Don’t take for granted that everyone knows what it means. Many companies define integrity as, “do the right thing.” The problem with that is... people can and do argue all day about what the right thing is. A more practical definition for integrity is Consistency. Consistency of thought word and action. You, your company, me… We have integrity to the degree that our actions are consistent with what we say, is consistent with what we think. Step 3: Get everyone’s explicite buy-in. If you don’t have a shared commitment to integrity on your team, then every other value will collapse when it becomes inconvenient enough. So, Integrity provides structural support for everything you do as

  • MGW #21 - “Anxiety Free Workplace” with Bud Torcom

    MGW #21 - “Anxiety Free Workplace” with Bud Torcom

    17/01/2018 Duração: 01h33s

    GUEST: Bud Torcom Twitter: @BudTorcom     HIGHLIGHTS FROM OUR CONVERSATION:   Bud Torcom’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal is an anxiety free workplace.   I’ve wanted to treat people the way I want to be treated and work in the kind of workplace I’d want to be working in.   As a digital marketing company, being in the office for normal business hours isn’t necessary.   We’re on a constant, steady drip of the stress hormone, cortisol. OUr bodies did not evolve for a constant cortisol drip. Anxiety is making us sick.   Bud’s not sure an anxiety free workplace is possible. Even so, he’s on a mission to try… to see if it’s possible.   The people of Mazama Media are the face of the company -- and the interface of the customers. Happy team members create happy clients.   Human Prairie dog -- When each member of the team looks out for the interests of the others, then all individuals feel they can afford to look out for collective interests.   “It’s my respons

  • MGW #20 - “Dream Big. Perform Big” with Dan Ralphs_01

    MGW #20 - “Dream Big. Perform Big” with Dan Ralphs_01

    04/10/2017 Duração: 58min

    GUEST: Dan Ralphs Twitter: @dreamtolead HIGHLIGHTS FROM OUR CONVERSATION:   You can’t teach another person anything they don’t want to learn. They have to choose to learn it. If you can’t motivate people to choose to learn and grow, you won’t be very successful as a teacher… or as a leader.   There’s a magic lever you can use to awaken that intrinsic motivation. It’s the question, “What’s the future for you? I’m an advocate for you.” Give them ownership of their future.   We’re afraid of letting our people define success for themselves. We can trust our employees a lot more than we do to define an ambitious success outcome.   People can and will be able to create a balance and synthesis of self-interest and company-interest. They can comprehend the interdependence.   As a leader, ask yourself… Do I diminish or increase those who report to me? Do you think of them as being as capable, well-intentioned, and hard-working as you are? If not, how does y

  • MGW #19 - You’re Doing Conflict Wrong

    MGW #19 - You’re Doing Conflict Wrong

    30/08/2017 Duração: 20min

    There’s a lot out there about how to reduce conflict at work. A lot of the stuff out there is very good.   This episode is about transforming conflict, and using it to your advantage. If conflict seems like something to avoid… If it seems like something you can win… Then, you’re doing it wrong.   We’ve got a companion blog post you can read. For those of you who don’t have time for well thought out articles, here’s your Mighty Good Work ADEPTability Skills Checklist:   Slow Down   Your primitive brain, and the fight or flight response is powerful, but it’s not the only game in town. You can teach yourself to override it.   Breathe: Try something called box breathing. Practice it anytime you feel a bit anxious or angry. Breathe in for a count of four. Hold your breath for four. Breathe out on a count of four. Hold for four. Breathe in for four. Repeat. This may not be practical during an argument, but it’s great before initiating a conversation that you anticipate may be stressful. And, even during the inter

  • MGW #18 - Culture for Recruiting

    MGW #18 - Culture for Recruiting

    17/08/2017 Duração: 22min

    Today’s show is about a powerful multi-tool. It slices. It dices. It motivates performance and leads to retention of customers and employees alike. And… It’s a recruiting juggernaut.   Today, we’re talking Company Culture as a major recruiting unfair advantage.   We’ve got a companion blog post you can read. For those of you who don’t have time for well thought out articles, here’s your Mighty Good Work Checklist:     Play the long game. It takes time and deliberate action to build a lasting culture to your design specs. It’s an investment, and it pays dividends. Start Now. Don’t put off starting the long process to shape the culture you want to work in and that others want to work in. It’s not true that every day you wait to start is another day until you have the results you want. Every day you wait, the culture you’ve got (which is imperfect no matter how good it is) gets stronger. Focus on your people and make work work for them. Your best recruiters are the people who work for you. Want more people

  • MGW #17 - “Happy Side-Effects of Channel Partnership” with Jen Spencer

    MGW #17 - “Happy Side-Effects of Channel Partnership” with Jen Spencer

    12/07/2017 Duração: 43min

    GUEST: Jen Spencer Twitter: @JenSpencer [email protected] HIGHLIGHTS FROM OUR CONVERSATION:   Your partners are a natural extension of your sales, marketing, and customer success teams. And they should be treated as such.   These relationships and their health starts at the top.   Fear, uncertainty, and a lack of trust can erode the health of those partner relationships.   What would help your partners be successful in the partnership. Give them access to all information and control that will help them succeed. Expose more to your partners than you may be inclined to.   Alignment at the executive level is key. A culture of partnership and a win-win compensation agreement that doesn’t lead partners to compete with one another lays the groundwork for successful partnership.   Why bring resellers or referral partners on board?   They give you access to a community you wouldn’t have access to. Fill in expertise gaps with expertise you don’t

  • MGW #16 - “Drive Learning and Growth” with Elaine Lin Hering

    MGW #16 - “Drive Learning and Growth” with Elaine Lin Hering

    28/06/2017 Duração: 53min

    GUEST: Elaine Lin Hering [email protected]   Across industries, people say that feedback conversations are their most difficult conversations -- both giving and receiving.   ONe the receiving end, it’s triggering. On the giving end, you may cause a trigger in the receiver, and you don’t know how it’s being received.   Three kinds of feedback: Positive feedback: appreciation Coaching: guidance for improved effectiveness Evaluation: Tracking against expectations   In order to learn and thrive and do good work, we need all three kinds of feedback.Feedback is: solicited and unsolicited Verbal and non-verbal   When receiving feedback, people often feel judged.   When feedback is non-verbal, it’s especially hard to interpret.   Principles of Improvisation: Everything is an offer. We are meaning making machines. Be specific. Yes, And. “Tell me more about that.”   Skills for giving feedback is half the equation. Receiving feedback is a

  • MGW #14 - “Thriving Business/ Product, Process, and People” with Eric Johnson

    MGW #14 - “Thriving Business/ Product, Process, and People” with Eric Johnson

    01/06/2017 Duração: 43min

    GUEST: Eric Johnson -- CFO of Nintex    Nintex is a leader in workflow and content automation. Making more time in workflow for what really matters.   The Eric Johnson approach: When I make a commitment, I deliver on that commitment. That builds respect and trust. Caring about people, and hold a mark of high integrity. And look for creating benefit for everyone.   If you’re great to work with, and you do great work, life goes pretty well.   We’ve never taken venture capital to fund operations.   How are we achieving excellence, growth and recognition? It’s a combination of a few things.   Fundamentally, serve a broad need around something that people care about. A great distribution model. We’ve done a great job of partnering to distribute and get great results for the customer. Hire great people. We are disciplined about how we hire, and how we treat people. If you’re competent, but terrible to work with, we’ll try to help you be better to work with… and ultimately, ask you to move on if you don’t improve.

  • MGW #13 - “The Employee Experience Advantage” with Jacob Morgan

    MGW #13 - “The Employee Experience Advantage” with Jacob Morgan

    17/05/2017 Duração: 50min

    GUEST: Jacob Morgan -- Founder of The Future Organization Engagement efforts have failed. There’s a lot of investment in surveys and measurement, but the numbers -- and the practices that drive those numbers -- don’t change.   Engagement is a result of core workplace practices. It’s not affected long-term by perks. We know when perks are installed to manipulate us.   Employment day 1, everyone is engaged. Then, slowly, the organization breaks people down, and trains them to become disengaged.   Part of the problem is that when corporations are focused on quarterly profit, things like changing workplace satisfaction that take time don’t get the attention they need to move the dial.   We promote the wrong people. Leadership is a specific set of skills, and being a good individual contributors don’t always have the skills that leadership requires.   There are people skills in your company already. Seek them out and leverage those sk

  • MGW #12: “Cultivating a Business Improviser’s Mindset” with Greg Towne and Aaron Schmookler

    MGW #12: “Cultivating a Business Improviser’s Mindset” with Greg Towne and Aaron Schmookler

    10/05/2017 Duração: 39min

    Today, a departure from our usual format. Instead of host, today I’m the guest on another podcast. The host of the “Go Time” podcast, Greg Towne of Greg Towne Training invited me to be his guest. I enjoyed the conversation so much that we’ve decided to share it with you.   Today, instead of the interviewer, I’m the interviewed. And I’ll be talking about what makes for effective training, why accountability is not a  burden, but a great grace, and the way having a kid has shaped my career.   Thanks to Greg and Go Time for having me on their show, and allowing us to share our conversation with you.   Dreading failure leads to mediocrity.   Celebrating failure can make you less self-conscious, more flexible in thinking, and more willing to take risks.   “I can’t” and “That’s not my personality.” are crutches to protect us from facing fear. They help us feel safe. And they prevent us from being effective. It’s not necessary to rip those crutches out of people’s hands. Whatever people (yourself included) throw you

  • MGW #11: Lee Cockerell - Build Self Awareness

    MGW #11: Lee Cockerell - Build Self Awareness

    03/05/2017 Duração: 51min

    SHOW NOTES: GUEST: Lee Cockerell - Executive Vice President, Disney World   Lee's website - Time Management Magic Course - Lee Cockerell has had a long and storied career in Hospitality, starting as a banquet waiter for Hilton, later helping put Marriott on the map, and eventually retiring after 10 years as Executive Vice President of Disney World.   Now, Lee’s professional life is dedicated to sharing the wisdom he’s gathered over the years. Lee, you’re conducting workshops, delivering keynotes, doing a podcast of your own with our mutual friend, Jody Maberry, and consulting with leaders who care enough to become great.   So I’m really glad to have Lee Cockerell on our show, dedicated to helping you create Mighty Good Work.   Here are a few notes from our conversation.   When you’re the boss, your behavior can have a profound effect on the people who work for you.   Intimidation behaviors stem from low self-confidence. If you’re finding people intimidated by you

  • MGW #10: “Get S#!t done. Have fun.” with BitTitan’s Culture Team

    MGW #10: “Get S#!t done. Have fun.” with BitTitan’s Culture Team

    19/04/2017 Duração: 59min

    GUESTS: Darci Lee - Director of Talent and Culture and Kate Butcher - Manager of Culture from BitTitan   Stay active to keep your energy up.   Find great people. Onboard them well.A common thread in our conversations on Mighty Good Work. “It starts at the top. Culture is established and reinforced by leadership.   Find your core values at the beginning.   “Get shit done. Have fun.” Cut to the chase.   If you don’t have integrity, you’re not going to be here.   “We used to tout flat management and limited process… With 200 people, now, we have to have some management, and we have to have some procedures… The right procedures.”   Procedures must be streamlined.   Guidelines are more effective than limiting procedures. No-one wants to go see HR. That’s why we have talent and culture. “People come to us to get our guidance about how to have fun.”   We’re in a new business model and a new environment

  • Principles Lead with Luke Hartsock - MGW #8

    Principles Lead with Luke Hartsock - MGW #8

    04/04/2017 Duração: 54min

    GUEST: Luke Hartsock -- Founder and CEO of Decisive Data   The Guiding Principles of Decisive Data: Create Customer Value: I do work that clearly satisfies my customer. The primary beneficiary of my effort is my customer. Be Original: I have a unique combination of skills, character, and history that no one else does. Serve Others: I put the needs of others first. Service is an attitude and way of being. Have Grit: I see challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. I am not defeated by setbacks and choose to endure and overcome. Pursue Excellence: I continuously improve my knowledge, tools, and expertise. The quality of my work is a representation of who I am. Have Fun: I foster an environment of laughter, joy, and friendship.   Points of Wisdom from our Conversation:   Culture starts with who we let into our company.   Everything important gets codified. Even the oral tradition that is organically created, gets cod

  • Sales - A Noble Profession with Bill Caskey - MGW #9

    Sales - A Noble Profession with Bill Caskey - MGW #9

    04/04/2017 Duração: 41min

    SHOW NOTES: Sales - A Noble Profession with Bill Caskey - MGW #9 GUEST: Bill Caskey Sales Trainer, Coach, and Podcast Host   Professionals in sales are looked down upon in some quarters, and some sales pros even look down on their own professions. So we’ve brought Bill Caskey onto the show to help those of us who are in sales to practice the trade in such a way that we can all feel great about sales and selling. Here are a few notes from the conversation:   Anyone can become a great salesperson as long as you’re willing to think differently about yourself.   A lot of salespeople think they need to wear a persona. We’re not powerful when we’re wearing armor. We’re powerful when we don’t wear a mask.   Sales can be a very noble profession if we think about in the right way.   I’m not in sales. That’s not an accurate depiction of what we do in 2017. A salesperson creates an environment where a prospect can share about their problems or

  • I.T. That Adds Value with Gina Harris - MGW #7

    I.T. That Adds Value with Gina Harris - MGW #7

    06/09/2016 Duração: 54min

    GUEST: Gina Harris Director of Information Technology at TalkingRain Beverage Company   IT is just taking orders, fixing passwords, coding and explaining complex technical issues to those who don’t speak tech, right?  Not if you are Gina Harris, from Talking Rain.  IT is about viewing and treating people as change agents that require a whole business point of view.   Gina speaks to the necessity of fostering business knowledge as an IT professional in sales, negotiation, optimization of supply chain, assessing people’s brilliance and automating work-flow, vendor relations, and risk management.   Her advice, “Understand the business.  Look at it from a 50,000 ft view. Look at how we make money.  How we produce the goods we sell.  Find out what that is all about.  And then work down from the 40,000 ft, to the 30,000 ft, the 20,000 ft and understand who the players are. Who the influencers are…What the potential is to diff

  • Culture Fitness with Rebecca Clements - MGW #6

    "Culture Fitness" with Rebecca Clements - MGW #6

    22/07/2016 Duração: 54min

    GUEST: Vice President of Human Resources at Moz, Rebecca Clements Rebecca Clements on Linkedin:   Human Resources’ reputation as being pain-in-the-butt rule-makers and rule-enforcers was a leading reason Rebecca Clements chose to cultivate a different kind of HR experience. In this episode, Rebecca talks about the imperative of good culture in tech in order to attract and maintain talent from diverse backgrounds of experience.  And she tells us how she and her team do it… “Culture is something that happens around you unless you are really intentional about it.  If you are intentional and use it as an advantage within the business, then all of your time spent on it will be worth while and set you apart from your competitors, attract people, and help your business be successful.” What makes a company “culturally fit?” Clearly articulated values that everyone in the company embraces, wants to be a part of and upholds. Inte

  • Storied Leadership with Jody Maberry - MGW #5

    "Storied Leadership" with Jody Maberry - MGW #5

    09/07/2016 Duração: 58min

    GUEST: Jody Maberry -- Jody Maberry on LinkedIn: Jody Maberry Show (podcast): Our stories are what set us apart. Your story is not the same as anyone else’s, and that gives you the power to connect, intrigue, and inspire others.   Some of us think we don’t have good stories, and wouldn’t know how to tell them if we did. “Good stories come to people who can tell them. When you look at life as a storyteller, you will find stories in nearly everything.” And with practice, and by tuning in to your audience, you can become good at it.   Why tell stories? Stories stick with people. They’re memorable. And, stories tie things together. Innovation results from tying unexpected things together. So, stories lead to innovation.   Whether you’re expert in a given field or not, your experience has something to offer to those who are. Innovation in a field often comes from the co

  • Whole Company Well Being with Dr. Laura Hamill - MGW #3

    Whole Company Well Being with Dr. Laura Hamill - MGW #3

    25/06/2016 Duração: 47min

    GUEST: Limeade’s Chief People Officer, Dr. Laura Hamill  --   According to our guest this week,the most important asset a company has is its people. And to be the best it can be, a company has got to consider, care for, and nurture this single crucial resource. When we waste resources, whether money, or time, or people, we pay the price. There are real business reasons for companies to care about their employees. The big brands are noticing that. Talent recruiting and retention Business results as well from engagement   Organizational culture must be aligned with what you’re trying to do as a business. You can’t have goals and aspirations that conflict with other goals and stated values, or that friction will chaffe.   Culture is contagious. Behavior that happens leads to more behavior like it. You have to articulate what is the culture you want to have. You do have or will have a company culture, like it or not. Culture’s affects on the

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