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  • Lethal Lens Live Chat #24

    Lethal Lens Live Chat #24


    Kenny, Dmitri, Cait and Sarah discuss lots and lots of fun stuff this week. We announce the name of our super awesome project. The EA Saga continues, the Xbox One has arrived and Sarah asks some questions that everyone is too afraid to ask. Also, Nintendo does a stupid and Arrested Development returns to our […]

  • Lethal Lens Live Chats #23!

    Lethal Lens Live Chats #23!


    Cait starts licking faces when the podcast kicks off this week! In an attempt to reduce the amount of talking-over-each-other-ness we try video chatting with DISASTROUS consequences. Dmitri loses all hope, Kenny goes to his bunk and Sarah becomes Freida Kahlo. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook and Youtube for updates and suchlike. […]

  • Lethal Lens Live Chats 21 + 22!

    Lethal Lens Live Chats 21 + 22!


    This week is a mish-mash of anger, bass and crazy stories bearing no relevance to anything. Kenny, Pieman, Sarah and Cait also discuss bizarre laws that still exist and the super-awesome-iwantone Hidden Radio. Don’t forget to keep up with the happenings via Twitter, Facebook and the News site. And watch our stuff on Youtube. See […]

  • Lethal Lens Live Chats #20!

    Lethal Lens Live Chats #20!


    It’s the big Two-Oh. Gosh darn we’re old…Anyways! This week Kenny, Cait, Dmitri and Pieman are talking about all sorts of japes and lulz. There’s talk of virtual realities, screaming vacuums, spaaaaaace and, y’know…fuck spinnin’ rims. Don’t forget to keep up to date with Lethal Lens via: Facebook Twitter Youtube And subscribe on iTunes for the […]

  • Lethal Lens Live Chats #19!

    Lethal Lens Live Chats #19!


    Howdy-dodee peoples! This week on the podcast Kenny, Cait, Sarah and Dmitri get talking about some fun stuff that’s coming up at Lethal Lens, game engines and scary indie games. It’s a hoot. Catbug, OUT! Link Cache Lethal Lens Youtube Channel Facebook Twitter iTunes ———- We got partnered! Beer vs Game Psy’s New Video – […]

  • Lethal Lens Live Chats #18!

    Lethal Lens Live Chats #18!


    This weeks on the podcast, Kenny, Pieman and Sarah talk about tech. The cellphone turned 40, EA is still a bag of wank and we bitch about lack of fundage. It’s a hilarious journey of adventure and discovery. Also, get ready for lots of new content, fun and games and many giggles. Last week’s podcast […]

  • Lethal Lens Live Chats #17!

    Lethal Lens Live Chats #17!


    This week in the podcast we talk about yacht arseholes, Dmitri has a tasty-ass kebab, Sarah has a migraine, Kenny is depressed by EA and Super-SARS, and Dave has never played Half Life.   Link Cache Untouchable Controllers Last week’s podcast ———- Bioshock Infinite Review Star Citizen Kickstarter EA miniboss is a douche Dice Poor disinherited […]

  • Lethal Lens Live Chats #16!

    Lethal Lens Live Chats #16!


    This week Kenny, Brandon, Sarah and the (elusive) Pieman chat about dinosaurs, Korea, accents and crappy reality television shows. It’s full of roflcopter fuel. Untouchable Controllers Last weeks podcast ———- Portugese Man of War chilling on the shores of Blighty Russell Howard on Fat Kids Kotaku’s review of Bioshock: Infinite Orion: Dino Beatdown Dino D-Day […]

  • Lethal Lens Live Chats #15!

    Lethal Lens Live Chats #15!


    Get ready for an awesome time with Kenny, Dmitri and Sarah. We bitch about the PS4 and the new Xbox, we get excited about Saints Row 4, Sarah does the ‘Meerkat’ and we have contest related news! Make sure you listen in for information about our contest with Untouchable Controllers. The end is nigh guys! […]

  • Lethal Lens Live Chats #14!

    Lethal Lens Live Chats #14!


    Welcome to another podcast! This week Kenny, Dave, Jake and Sarah are talking about how much Sim City and EA suck, stuff we wanna make in the near future and top it off with some inappropriate, adult humor in kids shows. And don’t forget, this week we’re announcing a hint for the Scavenger Hunt on […]