What is Sporkia? It is a country, yes. Thanks for noticing. But it's also a lifestyle. Sporkia Productions lead you into the fascinating history and culture of this great nation, along with some sweet improvised beats to boot.
*Surgeon General Warning: Do not take Sporkia if you are adverse to diarrhea. Because there are poop jokes. Tell your doctor to listen to the Culture Hour today.


  • UPDATED Sporkian Culture Hour 3 - Theatre (remastered levels)

    14/11/2016 Duração: 25min
  • Sporkian Culture Hour 3 - Theatre

    10/11/2016 Duração: 25min
  • BONUS - The Milkman

    14/09/2016 Duração: 04min
  • Court of Ye No. 1 - Cookie, or baby?

    07/09/2016 Duração: 21min
  • BONUS - The Story of the Little Man

    02/09/2016 Duração: 06min
  • Shorts: DUNGEON-01

    18/08/2016 Duração: 07min
  • Sporkian Culture Hour 2 - Sacred Music

    06/08/2016 Duração: 28min
  • Shorts: Brad's Desert Transmissions #1

    21/07/2016 Duração: 08min
  • Sporkian Culture Hour 1 - Literature

    07/07/2016 Duração: 29min
  • Sporkia introduction

    01/07/2016 Duração: 02min