Proudly Resents: Best Of Adam Felber


prp best of FelberAdam Felber, Wait, Wait Dont Tell Me and writer for Real Time with Bill Maher recaps the best of the worst movies ever!

Adam Felber has been a guest as both a reviewer and a straight man.

Heres a collection of his best appearances. Adam Felber joins me to review Nic Cages Wickerman, Old Dogs Pluti Nash, a couple of crappy Christmas movies, Gary Busey as a talking dog and more.

Adam Felber also plays straight man to the great Jeff Cesario and Andres Du Bouchet.

Adam Felber  plays a literal lunatic side kick on a sports show and 1/2 of the worst movie review  team with Andres Du bouchet.

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Adam Felber is an American political satirist, author, radio personality, actor, humorist, novelist, television writer, and comic book writer.


Felber attended Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, and graduated as an English major in 1989. He has lived in Brooklyn, New York, and now lives in Los Angeles, California.

He is a regular panel member (and occasional guest host) of the NPR radio quiz show, Wait Wait Dont Tell Me!. Felber is the author of the novel Schrödingers Ball, which uses as a conceit the concept of Schrödingers cat.  He has also written for several television shows including Real Time with Bill Maher, Talkshow with Spike Feresten, Arthur, The Smoking Gun, and Wishbone.

Felber is also writing the second Skrull Kill Krew limited series for Marvel Comics.

Felbers mother is the late romance novelist, Edith Layton.

Adam Felber writes and performs for screens of all sizes and resolutions, and he spends almost every night on some stage or another. He comprises one third of the Irwin Smalls Trio, a sketch comedy group. His writing credits include PBS Arthur and Wishbone as well as AMCs soon-to-premiere The Wrong Coast. He also writes for The Smoking Gun TV show. His first screenplay, Women Are From, is currently in development at Paramount/MTV Films. Felber has been improvising comedy all over the world for the past 15 years, but he can quit any time he wants to. In addition to his many talents, he is also an accomplished blogger.


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