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  • Social Media Monitoring: Best Practices 2014

    17/04/2014 Duração: 41min

    It is a well accepted truism that before using social media interaction, you must first listen - and listen carefully. First generation social monitoring provided more raw data than actionable information, and was initially focused on gathering marketing and competitive intelligence.  Social Media Monitoring (SMM) has become mission critical, and with an arguably low entry barrier from a technology (if not scalability) standpoint, the burgeoning vendor community has not only responded with many product and service offerings, but has itself been experiencing turmoil with many mergers and acquisitions. In this episode you will learn about the current state of the art of SMM, top trends, which criteria should be considered when making purchase decisions, and how the major incipient trends will affect you in the 3 areas covered in the Social Care section of the Execs In The Know 2013 Customer Experience Management Benchmark Study:  (Download the 2013 Study at www.bit.ly/EITK-CX-2013) Tony van Kessel   Princi

  • The True Impact of CX on your Business

    21/03/2014 Duração: 37min

    Focusing on your company’s “Customer Experience” is so much more than the latest industry trend or program of the month.  Improving an organization’s customer experience can also put more dollars on your bottom line.  Often, customer experience leaders lament the challenge of competing with other functions for a company’s limited investment dollars and coming up short.  The reason? Executive Leadership may proclaim the benefits of investing in customer experience to be too intangible for real and substantial returns on the investments made.  We think otherwise.  As customer experience leaders, we’re challenged to clearly state the case for investments that are more than cost reductions or efficiency improvements.  Investments in CX increase customer satisfaction and loyalty as well.  A recent study by Watermark Consulting found that Customer Experience leaders realize 43% total cumulative return versus 15% for the S&P 500 and -34% for Customer Experience Laggards.  Topics discussed in our session will inc

  • Communities for Customer Support and Engagement

    15/03/2013 Duração: 56min

    Overview: A majority of organizations are using some sort of community based support model or have considered doing such.  The question is, are you seeing the results and cultivating real relationships with your customers?  It is known customer communities can be an incredible source of support, for both your customers and your organization.  In this episode, I have invited Michael Pace (Customer Support & Community Management Executive) to join myself on Voice of the Customer Radio to discuss “Community”. Objectives: Learn about communities and community management for all levels of the enterprise Uncover the tremendous benefits of this unique “self” service tool Step by step assessment guide on how to get started Technical options available for you Questions to Reviewed: What is a community or support community? And how are they beneficial/ How do they impact engagement? C-Sat? Reducing Costs? Driving top line growth? How did you get involved in communities? Where do you start? Once you are

  • Branded Dialogues: Bridging the Gap Between Brand Promises a

    19/10/2012 Duração: 01h00s

    Branded Dialogues: Bridging the Gap Between Brand Promises and Customer Experience  Expected Outcomes Include: Recognizing the gap between brand image and customer experience Review of common pitfalls in organizations Relieving the tension between efficient delivery and experience Examples to best practices -- Leaders in the field Measuring experience as well as performance How to improve communication between Marketing and Operations How to "Brand Train" agents Bruce's Bio Bruce Lebowitz is an experienced marketing strategist with expertise in creating compelling conversations. With over 20 years of experience in both the consulting and client sides, he has solved problems and created successful programs for many Fortune 500 companies. Working in the space between creating great brands and developing effective customer dialogues, Bruce works closely with marketing and operations staff to create programs that delivers excellent customer experiences. Most recently, Bruce has managed a call center f

  • Leveraging “Customer Insights” and “Real Time” Decisioning

    05/10/2012 Duração: 57min

    Title – Leveraging “Customer Insights” and “Real Time” Decisioning for Customer Success  Expected Outcomes: Using real-time decisioning to guide customer interactions across multiple channels Applying business intelligence and analytics to customer interactions How companies can access customer information with little or no access What quantifiable results should you expect if implementation is made with real-time decisioning What are the organizational obstacles to getting real-time decisioning up and running Example of best practices Featuring: Jo Ann Parris Principal, The Parris Group Formerly Vice President - Vertical Solutions Marketing at Convergys Bob Moore - Independent Consultant Formerly Director of Marketing at Convergys  Episode: • Friday October 5th 12:00pmEST - 1:00pmEST • Call-in Number: (323) 679-0913  

  • How to Start a VOC Program Internally - Scott Swift

    07/09/2012 Duração: 58min

    Friday – September 7th – 12:00pm EST – 1:00pm EST   Title – How to Start a VOC (Voice of the Customer) Program Internally   Featuring: Scott Swift - VP Customer Information - Hunter Douglas We strive as Customer Experience Leaders to drive customer excellence across our respective organizations.  I have asked Scott Swift from Hunter Douglas to join me in sharing his journey and sharing of unique strategies to build an engaging VOC program.  Scott and I will work our way outward, bringing a focus on the customer at every organizational level and end up with a robust customer experience program that all of us can have take-aways. If you are a Service Leader wanting to validate your internal VOC program, this is a no-miss episode Expected Outcomes: Broadening a Voice of the Customer program from the inside out Effective methods of creating and sustaining the importance of the voice of the customer How a brand leader brought the voice of the customer to the organizational forefront Episode: Friday  Septe

  • Brian Mullaney – SVP Customer Contact Ce

    29/06/2012 Duração: 58min

    Title – Taking Performance Leadership/Customer Experience to the Next Level Featuring: Brian Mullaney – Senior Vice President Customer Contact Center – The SCOOTER Store We all know as Service Leaders, the largest aspect of our  budget/responsibilities is people.  I have asked Brain Mullaney from The SCOOTER Store to join me in discussing current strategies on how to engage employee performance in a multi-channel customer experience environment.  Brian is a recognized Service Leader with proven ability to harvest the most out of successful employee engagement, with little or no resources.   If you are a Service Leader wanting to validate your employee performance strategies, this is a no-miss show. Expected Outcomes: Performance Leadership Methods– What works and how you can be creative with little or no budget Accountability – How to ensure you get the best performance out of each employee Hiring the right people in a multi-channel contact center environment – one shoe does not fit all Culture – How

  • Personal Branding - Fact or Fiction

    15/06/2012 Duração: 42min

    Have you ever wondered why you are hearing that a “personal brand” strategy is important to establish? It is an “online” and “wired” world we live in and with the evolution of social media there are many new ways we communicate as professionals however the bottom line is that business is still about people and relationships. The show will be 30 minutes, fast paced and highly interactive (there is no charge for participating). Agenda: Why a "Personal Brand Strategy"?What are my best sources to develop my brand (with little to no cost)?What strategies have worked and why.How can I become a Subject Matter Expert and increase my visibility?What are the pitfalls and considerations to avoid?How do I maintain/update my brand? I don't have time to write blogs, etc.What about my employer? Are they already checking online presence? Does this help or hurt?What don't I know?Questions/Answers. 

  • American Airlines & Genesys Engage the New Customer

    13/04/2012 Duração: 01h00s

    Join Voice of the Customer Radio to learn how American Airlines and Genesys are engaging the new customer through social media and other emerging channels of customer engagement.

  • Service Leaders Speak out!

    03/02/2012 Duração: 01h12min

    A rare opportunity.... we have gathered some of the most impressive minds in “Service Leadership” and "Customer Experience"…Mark your calendar for Friday February 3rd 12:00pm 1:00pm EST as we bring the 2012 Advisory Board on “Voice of the Customer Radio” Ask your questions first hand of industry leading service experts who are driving customer experience across an intergrated and enterprise wide strategy.  What is working, not working, etc.  .  Advisory Board Includes: Jeannie Diefenderfer - SVP Global Enterprise Customer Care  - Verizon John Bowen – SVP Enterprise Customer Care – Time Warner Cable Carol Borghesi – SVP Customers First Culture – TELUS Jim Moloney – General Director, Customer and Relationship Services – General Motors David Thornton – SVP Business Operations – Bank of America Kathry McGavick – Corporate Vice President Customer Support – Coinstar/Redbox Jeff Russakow – EVP Customner Advocacy - Yahoo   The Advisory Board will be discussing details of both the upcoming Customer Respons

  • The details on the @home model - P.J. Weyforth

    28/10/2011 Duração: 54min

    Join us for an interactive discussion where we will cover areas such as sourcing, recruiting, screening, training and managing the day to day operation leveraging work at home techniques in brick and mortar operations.  The results can have a transformational impact on your business.  Speaker: P.J.Weyforth-Drummond -Customer Service Operations Executive Independent Consultant

  • Transformational Outsourcing with Rick Merson

    27/09/2011 Duração: 29min

    Join me and Rick Merson formerly Accenture Partner/Senior Executive, as we discuss “ Transformational Outsourcing” and how this is impacting the future of traditional outsourcing. Rick will share his views on how outsourcing as a transformational opportunity opens the door to a broader spectrum of cost savings and potential quality improvements.  Next episode: • Tuesday - September 27th - 12:00pm EST – 12:30pm EST • Rick Merson – Formerly Accenture Partner/Senior Executive • Call-in Number: (323) 679-0913 • www.blogtalkradio.com/execsintheknow

  • The Truth about Voice of the Customer Programs

    16/09/2011 Duração: 01h00s

    Join myself and Seth Hall (Vice President Customer Service - Philadelphia Insurance Companies) on "Voice of the Customer Radio" Interactive and knowledge filled discussion on: The importance of developing a well-defined implementation strategy for the deployment of a Voice of the Customer Program.  We’ll cover the potentially hidden challenges of implementing VOC Programs and mitigation tactics to ensure greater success.  Seth W. Hall Vice President, Customer Service Philadelphia Insurance Companies

  • What is the Future of the "New" Customer? - Voice of Th

    26/08/2011 Duração: 01h29min

    We have gathered some of the most impressive corporate leaders to join in an unprecedented event on how the “new” customer is shaping the dynamics of corporate enterprise, outreach and impact on the outsourcing model.   Our esteemed panel members own the “customer” for very large and significant enterprise organizations.   You want to know the future of where customer service is going with “new” customer, then join us Friday August 26th   What we are going to discuss – don’t miss!   How is the “new” customer shaping the way corporate enterprise is engaging and outreaching to their customer base? What do we need from the “vendor” community to help in engaging this new customer? Where does the traditional call center outsourcer fall into the strategic equation? What is the current state, requirements needed, predications?     Panel Members Include:   Jeff Russakow – Chief Customer Officer – Yahoo Jim Moloney – General Director, Customer & Relationship Services, GM Customer Care and Aftersale

  • HR Series - "Employee Productivity & Engagement

    30/06/2011 Duração: 01h00s

    We hear often about employee productivity and engagement leading to dynamic results for the company.  What are some of the best practices being implemented to increase employee productivity and engagement? I have asked Terry Booton, President of AMI (Advanced Marketing Instruction) to join me on “Voice of the Customer” radio as we examine some of these fundamentals. The show will be designed to be highly interactive and we will be asking the listeners questions and sharing of ideas.   The radio show is one your HR professional will not want to miss.

  • VOC Radio - Matthew Wilcox - VP Zions Bancorporation

    10/06/2011 Duração: 01h00s

    Join us for an engaging conversation with Matthew Wilcox - VP Zions Bancorporation. Matthew was one of our featured speakers for CRSII and was highly rated by the attendees.  You will not want to miss the conversation. As Vice President for Zions Bancorporation, Matthew oversees all of their eBusiness activities. His primary responsibilities include all interactive channel development and strategy. This includes online and mobile banking, social media, and Interactive Marketing. In addition to a wide range of traditional banking services, Zions offers a comprehensive array of investment and mortgage services, and has a network of loan origination offices for small businesses nationwide. The company is also a leader in providing electronic banking services.  

  • VOC Radio - Carol Borghesi - SVP TELUS

    20/05/2011 Duração: 01h12min

    In the highly competitive service provider market, TELUS continues to grow as one of Canada’s largest telecommunications providers. Now with 12.3 million customer connections spanning wireline, mobility, Internet and TV services, TELUS is committed to unleashing the power of the Internet at home, in the workplace and on the move. Carol Borghesi is Senior Vice President, Customer First Culture at TELUS. Her 27 years of telecommunications experience spans three continents from TELUS in Canada, to British Telecom in the UK, to Bharti Airtel in India. As past Chair of the CCA (UK’s contact center association), Carol will share her customer experience insights and challenges on Voice of the Customer Radio.  

  • Voice of the Customer Radio - Vendors Share Best Practices

    29/04/2011 Duração: 59min

    Join us to hear three different industry vendors on the front-line of driving new services and efficiencies in the emerging customer response channels (i.e. social, web 2.0, mobile, video, etc.).  Must listen episode on the latest technology and service enhancements for Voice of the Customer Professionals. Featured show guests include: Salesforce.com (www.salesforce.com) - Fergus Griffin - VP Service Cloud Product Marketing Verint (www.verint.com) - Greg Sherry - VP Marketing and Business Development Avaya (www.avaya.com) - Molly True - Sales Enablement & Offer Manager

  • Voice of the Customer Radio - Vendors Share Best Practices

    22/04/2011 Duração: 59min

    Join us to hear three different industry vendors on the front-line of driving new services and efficiencies in the emerging customer response channels (i.e. social, web 2.0, mobile, video, etc.).  Must listen episode on the latest technology and service enhancements for Voice of the Customer Professionals. Featured show guests include: Mike Mumford - VP Business Development - 3CSI  www.3CSI.com Bob Moore (Director Marketing Strategy) Convergys www.convergys.com Sam Falletta (CEO) Incept – www.inceptresults.com

  • Voice of the Customer - Marilyn Otto - Vice President Customer Experience - Pitney Bowes

    15/04/2011 Duração: 58min

    The conversation is focused on a business-to-business (B2B) perspective and how Pitney Bowes is engaging thier customer experience in a B2B environment. You will not want to miss the conversation.

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