Therapeutic Presence... The Healing Power Of The Soul


In 1978 I founded Heartwood Institute, one of the worlds leading centers for professional training in massage and the natural healing arts. At Heartwood, I participated in a revolution in our understanding and practice, of hands on healing, and the emergence of Energy as Medicine.


  • Self Realization: The Key to Healing

    Self Realization: The Key to Healing

    06/08/2012 Duração: 27min

    East Indian philosophy promises the total, final, complete, permanent, end to our suffering. Thousands of years ago Himalayan sages explained that our shame, guilt, insecurity, fear, and disenchantment are not rooted in psychology or biography but in ontology... a disconnect from Being... from Life itself.They described this alienation from our own essence as a condition of ignorance. A condition which could be remedied through yoga and its practices which facilitated the healing balm of communion with the Over-Soul, communion with The Universal Life. Over the millenniums, millions of individuals have achieved this goal using this approach.Bruce unfolds a holistic approach to healing and liberation rooted in unitive consciousness.

  • Sacred Gayatri Mantra

    Sacred Gayatri Mantra

    10/07/2012 Duração: 24min

    Gayatri is the ancient esoteric mantra which personifies vacdevi the original primordial logos or holy word. Gayatri which means song, is the Shakti or manifest aspect of the creator Brahma. Chanting Gayatri mantra elevates ones consciousness to a communion with the unified field of ultimate intelligence. Gayatri Maa is the mother of the knowledge underlying the harmony, majesty and splendor of creation, her five heads symbolize, the five vayus, the elemental winds, whose keynotes of resonance in quantum fashion underlie manifestation: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether. In Gayatri we invoke “that which is worthy of worship”, Savatri, the transcendental consciousness that illuminates all suns and is eminent as the life and consciousness within each of us.A liberating spiritual practice is chanting Gayatri Mantra daily, singing along with the Gayatri recording by Rattan Mohan Sharma, 108 times.

  • Path of Great-Fullness

    Path of Great-Fullness

    09/07/2012 Duração: 25min

    In a golden age (Sat Yuga), Rishi’s, seer sages of ancient India, attained microclairvoyant powers and directly experienced the fundamental forces of creation at a molecular and atomic level. Their purity facilitated a communion with cosmic intelligence that revealed the secrets of creation. Their epiphanies and ecstatic utterances of praise, were passed down for millennium in Sanskrit’s timeless oral tradition, then recorded in the Upanishads. Today these teachings called the Sanatana Dharma, (timeless way) are available to us for our understanding, healing, and liberation.These talks were recorded in our garden palapa classroom, surrounded by village life in San Marcos La Laguna Guatemala. Please excuse the workers, singing evangelicals, dogs, roosters and an occasional engine in the background.

  • Mantra Yoga part 1

    Mantra Yoga part 1

    29/06/2012 Duração: 44min

    East Indian philosophy reveals that the world is sung into being. Nature and the cosmos vibrate as an expression of ultimate intelligence in a chorus of praise. We come home to our innate Divinity when we cultivate an attunement with this chorus.Our lips are Shiva and Shakti, resonating with the yin and yang of the life force carried on the breath. Between our lips is a higher dimensional vortex of ultrasound. We live in this ocean of ultrasound. Mantra Yoga facilitates the ability to commune with this ocean and to be cleansed and nourished through attunement with this Divine dimension.Mantra quiets the mind, and nourishes and heals the heart.East Indian sages prescribe mantra as the most effective medicine to counter the toxicity of our contemporary life-style. The word mantra is from Sanskrit roots which mean to protect the mind.The power of mantra is rooted in the primordial power of the holy word. Our speech is a microcosm of the Divine creative process. We truly are Gods and Goddesses flowering in time a

  • Dr. Randolph Stone, DC, DO #3

    Dr. Randolph Stone, DC, DO #3

    01/01/2011 Duração: 47min

    Dr. Randolph Stone, DC, DO, (1890-1981), Founder, Polarity Therapy, Father of “Energy Medicine” in the west. Bridge Mountain Seminar. Session 3 of 3. Aug, 1972. Polarity Therapy offers a spectrum of profoundly effective resources for healing, health building, and self-actualization. We offer a model for working with the client as a person, respecting the depth of his or her life as a conscious, evolving, spiritual being. Our holistic, educational approach honors inner resources and empowers the client in taking responsibility for healing and personal growth.