Great games you mightve missed.


  • Dungeon Rushers

    Dungeon Rushers

    27/06/2017 Duração: 17min

    Do you dream of finding treasure in dungeons? Of slaying goblins in dungeons? Of building your own dungeons for other adventurers to do such things in? Dungeon Rushers is all about that turn-based RPG pastime of slaying monsters inside dangerous and confined spaces — and letting you get creative with your own dungeon-building. Listen to […]

  • Night in the Woods

    Night in the Woods


    You can’t go home again… OR CAN YOU? Mae, the college dropout kitty that stars in the thoughtful and witty Night in the Woods is doing her darnedest to prove Thomas Wolfe wrong. Night in the Woods is a straightforward adventure game that lets puzzles take the backseat to story and one-off minigames. Its got […]

  • Mini Metro

    Mini Metro

    02/03/2017 Duração: 21min

    I never knew urban planning was so relaxing! Mini Metro puts your in charge of designing, building, and growing the train lines for a rapidly growing city. New stations pop up constantly, passengers never stop rolling in, and you’ve got to work with limited resources. The super simple interface and soothing music keeps it chill […]

  • Hero Generations

    Hero Generations


    It takes a village to raise a child. And it takes 10 generations of a village to raise a hero, apparently. This week, we jump into Hero Generations: Regen, a turn-based RPG where every action takes a year off your life. You’re tasked with taking on monumental challenges and must do your part before you […]

  • Hex


    25/01/2017 Duração: 33min

    Four years after players first got access, the most ambitious card game ever published is ready for you to jump in. Hex has been on a slow development road, but with the latest release of its second PVE adventure zone, I’m ready to wholeheartedly recommend it. To me, this is a solo-player card game with […]

  • Subnautica



    One part peaceful tropical vacation, one part crafting and exploration simulator, one part horror survival game. Subnautica is unique and beautiful. And its colorful, exotic underwater world is finally ready for visitors! After several years in open development, Subnautica is now complete enough and stable enough that I’m happy to recommend it to everyone. Explore […]

  • Crawl



    Do you have 3 friends? Do you often enjoy having fun with these friends, perhaps in the same room, maybe while laughing, joking, and playing games? Do you and/or these friends own game controllers? Good, then you meet every requirement needed to play the best couch-coop game in years: Crawl. So grab your friends, grab […]

  • Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten

    Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten


    Tower defense gets a story-tastic overhaul in Defender’s Quest, a brilliantly polished and wickedly clever RPG/Tower-Defense hybrid game made by three people. The core strategy gameplay rivals anything in the genre, and the level of polish and depth of features make it feel like a AAA game in disguise. Recruit heroes, train them up, conquer […]

  • Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!

    Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!


    You already know if you should play this game. Search your heart. Did the goofy title fill it with child-like wonder and joy? Then read on, happy potato person, Because you’re going to craft silly weapons across the entire universe! Listen to the Podcast: Subscribe: iTunes | Google Music | RSS Watch Me Play It […]

  • Dustforce



    Platformers stress me out. My reflexes aren’t great, and the genre famously punishes players like me who can’t execute fast movements. But Dustforce is different. Its calming music, smooth gameplay, and gentle themes and art are relaxing. You’re always moving forward, even when facing obstacles or at a slow pace. It’s a clever game that […]

  • Forced Showdown

    Forced Showdown


    I’ve never had strong opinions about a Rambo-inspired rat before, but now I know with every fiber of my being that Ratbo must die. After the devious little bastard blew me up with home-made rockets, his demise was the only thing I thought of while cutting through the hordes of minions in between me and […]

  • You Must Build a Boat

    You Must Build a Boat


    Don’t ask questions. You must build a boat. It doesn’t matter why. Stop asking. Ugh, you’re really not going to let this go are you? Fine! You must build a boat so that you can sail to differently themed regions and fight your way through dungeons to collect currency and tools that increase your power […]

  • The Banner Saga

    The Banner Saga


    I initially picked up The Banner Saga just to have something to tinker with while I ate lunch, when I couldn’t play fast-paced games. But instead of a 30-minute detour, I got an incredible 10-hour epic saga that kept me glued to my chair for the entire day. I literally could not stop. It’s been […]

  • Darkest Dungeon

    Darkest Dungeon


    Darkest Dungeon has taught me to be a terrible person. I bet you thought that Party Hard had already done that, huh? Nope! Darkest Dungeon’s hardcore dungeon-crawling has quickly trained me to treat my loyal soldiers like disposable, mentally-breakable fodder for its permadeath meat grinder. And I absolutely love it. This hardcore dungeon-crawling RPG doesn’t […]

  • Party Hard

    Party Hard


    This one’s a bit odd. You have to promise not to give me a weird look when I tell you what Party Hard is about, okay? Here we go. Party Hard is a stealth puzzle game about going to a party and killing everyone there in creative ways, while eluding capture by the authorities. Then […]

  • Guild of Dungeoneering

    Guild of Dungeoneering


    Guild of Dungeoneering is a unique hybrid game that mashes up cards, puzzles, deck building, roleplaying, strategy, and tower defense into one tiny, wonderful bundle. You grow your base, train recruits, and power them up by leading them through dungeons for that holiest of holies in gaming: loot. Battles are played out with a simple […]