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  • You Cant Kill The Gummer: TREMORS 4: THE LEGEND BEGINS

    You Can't Kill The Gummer: TREMORS 4: THE LEGEND BEGINS


    Sit around this campfire, podcast listener, and we shall tell you a tale. A tale of greed, and deception, and unstoppable will. A tale of a young country growing out of stolen soil, and the blood that watered it. And sandworms. It's Tremors, we're talking about Tremors again, it's another Tremors episode. Tremors 4: The Legend Begins, to be exact! Join Silver Tycoon Cody and Schoolmarm Jamie as they explore the last entry in the series to involve original co-creator S.S. Wilson, a Weird Western prequel that's as out-of-left-field as finales get, but also... might have the most to say out of the whole lot? We're just as surprised as you are, honestly. A word of advice, listener: Any link can be downloaded from, and if you can, do. Download the episode, I mean. This is the link. Find us on Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.

  • You Cant Kill The Gummer: TREMORS 3: BACK TO PERFECTION

    You Can't Kill The Gummer: TREMORS 3: BACK TO PERFECTION


    Much like Frosty The Snowman and the star power of Bradley Cooper, graboids never stay gone for too long, and You Can't Kill The Gummer is back with a look at Tremors 3: Back To Perfection. After five long years, we return to Burt and his home of Perfection, Nevada, a festering hellhole of false cowboys, shady real estate schemes, and more sandworm-themed tourist traps than Frank Herbert's home town.How does this return to form for the series stack up against the form it was returning from? Join Cody, Jamie, and The Endangered Ass-Blasters Of America as they put entirely too much thought into the answer! DO WE HAVE A DOWNLOAD LINK? YOU'RE GODDAMN RIGHT WE ARE. Er, we do. Find us on Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Stitcher:

  • HAPPY HALLOWEEN, SCOOBY-DOO! Commentary Track (A Big-Ass Pumpkin Day Extravaganza)

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN, SCOOBY-DOO! Commentary Track (A Big-Ass Pumpkin Day Extravaganza)


    You walk out onto an unfamiliar street, your legs doing the thinking for you. The chill steals the last remnants of warmth from your breath, turning it to a cool mist before your eyes. It's dark, as dark as it gets, but even so there are shadows, long and threatening, cast by nothing at all. As it strikes you how improbable that is, you hear the children, unseen but approaching, the clatter of their hurried footsteps nearly drowning out their endless, maddening chant: "Come on, Scooby, where you been? Trouble's on the loose again." It is Big-Ass Pumpkin Day, and no God or demon can deliver you from the jaws of celebration. So why don'tcha pop on the BOP Crew's commentary for this season's surprise gem, Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo? Join Mike, Cody, and the rest as they uncover the secrets of Einstein's Fridge, marvel at the lengths a kid's cartoon will go to to keep Elvira dirty, and curse the name of the most arch Scarecrow to never interact with Batman. Has the creator of The Grim Adventures Of Billy & M

  • You Cant Kill The Gummer: TERMORS 2: AFTERSHOCKS

    You Can't Kill The Gummer: TERMORS 2: AFTERSHOCKS


    Fetch your combustible RC cars and Graboids™ arcade cabinet, because this retrospective on the Tremors sequels has finally reached its first Tremors sequel! This week Cody and Jamie are revisiting Tremors 2: Aftershocks, the 1996 follow-up that brings half the cast, a quarter of the budget, but three times the Fred Ward. Could this hold the dubious honor of the greatest DTV sequel of all time? What the hell is going on with Graboid physiology? And how does the fall of the Soviet Union play into the origin story of the greatest monster hunter to ever live... in Nevada? I don't know, I just write the descriptions. I AM COMPLETELY OUT OF DOWNLOAD LINKS. EXCEPT THIS ONE. TREMORS QUOTES REALLY DON'T WORK FOR THESE. Find us on Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Stitcher:

  • You Cant Kill The Gummer: TREMORS

    You Can't Kill The Gummer: TREMORS


    During these trying times the auto commercials tell us we're having, everyone's looking for comfort food. So while Mike wages a private war with his internet provider, Cody and Jamie are digging into one of the few things from their childhoods that have weathered all life's thrown at them and come out still kicking: The Tremors franchise, mainlined by one of the longest-running monster hunters in film, Burt Gummer. Welcome to You Can't Kill The Gummer. the podcast where nobody owns a helicopter! Leading up to the release of seventh (!) entry in the series, they're revisiting each chapter in the Graboid saga, starting with the cult classic that drifted through theaters in January of 1990, but caused a VHS revolution a few months later. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as adorable Action Buddies, one of the best creature designs of the 90's, and Michael Gross chewing the scenery with country singer/sitcom star Reba McEntire? Best movie ever. Best movie ever. (And be sure to check us out on Amazon Music now, available

  • DIY Demons: Lake Michigan Monster  Host

    DIY Demons: Lake Michigan Monster & Host


    If you're anything like the BOP Crew, you've been idling away Virus Year with as many homebrew projects as you can. But while some of us are building LEGO castles or recutting Excalibur to be in sync, indie artists have been proving how much can be done with hardly anything at all. Join Cody and Jamie as they hype up Arrow's "Lake Michigan Monster", and Shudder's "Host", two wildly different, direct-to-streaming genre entries from directors Ryland Brickson Cole Tews and Rob Savage. Nautical hijinks abound as BOP delves into the changing definition of DIY filmmaking, the structural efficiency of the one-hour horror movie, and what a drunken sea captain's battle with a Cuphead boss says about America in 2020. Warning: If you download this episode, for the love of god, be RESPECTFUL. Find us on Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Stitcher: http://www.stitc

  • DOOM Commentary Track

    DOOM Commentary Track


    Within the unseen Umbral Plains of Hollywood, film studios rip souls from promising films, producing husks of celluloid innards designed by The Nameless Marketers to please no one. Cinemas and discount bins infested with once earnest oaths for proper adaptation. Nowhere is this demonic pact more brutal than the videogame movie. The simplest of concepts, confused and contorted into unhuman wretches. It takes only podcasters with huge guts to examine the why and the how of such torment. A stellar cast, a writer with cred, the perfect blueprint, everything going for it and the right eye toward B-movie flair. But as it is written: the road to hell is paved with good intentions! Never truer than in 2005's long-awaited DOOM movie. Join us in Not Hell for this BOP 'n A Tragedy Commentary Track for this still kind of enjoyable heresy against a game classic, hopefully getting to the bottom of how it came together. BOP and Pod... until it is done! Completely miss with the BFG by downloading the commentary here! Fin

  • X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE Commentary Track

    X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE Commentary Track


    He's the best at what he does, unfortunately, what he does in no way involves the power to tell Tom Rothman "no." The BOP Crew reaches the zenith of X-Men Generation One in our X-Retrospective series, along with the zenith of late 2000s 20th Century Fox Tom-foolery (see what we did there?). This is our audio commentary for X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, a film meant to kickstart a spin-off series of Origin titles, be Gavin Hood's big break, the start of a (very) different Deadpool, plus many other incredibly broken promises. Instead, a writer's strike, producer and executive arguments, conflicting ideals, last minute changes, the entire film being leaked onto the internet, and a myriad of other problems forever altered an R-rated revenge tale about Logan's war-torn PTSD into... well, you've seen it. Certainly a Tragedy! Insert yourself into the Pool, the Dead Pool, by downloading the commentary here! Find us on Facebook: Twitter:

  • X-MEN 3: THE LAST STAND Commentary Track

    X-MEN 3: THE LAST STAND Commentary Track


    Audiences and third films. They have long struggled to co-exist, with studios stretching directors to the point of burnout, and others choosing new blood to handle the ballooning budgets and ravenous expectations. Neither strategy has prevailed, and X-Men: The Last Stand exists as a monument to this riddle so few can solve. Join BOP n' A Movie as we move into Tragedy territory on the third leg of our X-Men commentary series, dissecting one of the most infamous disappointments of the 2000's, a film so poorly-received it was held partially responsible for "killing" the superhero movie before the MCU began printing money. 20th Century Fox (RIP) was a very different company in 2006, and the road that led to us becoming Juggernaut's bitch is strewn with false starts, corporate betrayals, message board tea-spilling, greed, addiction, and even more troubles in the Job-like existence of James Marsden. But underneath the jump-cuts and the botched story-lines, is there a solid X-Men story hiding out at Magneto's Summer

  • X2: X-MEN UNITED Commentary Track

    X2: X-MEN UNITED Commentary Track


    Escalation. Since the discovery of the formula, superhero movies have known it to be the secret to their survival. The debate rages: Do audiences want more action and a grander scale the second time around, or a more personal experience with these characters? Either way, it is a historical fact: X2: X-Men United had it both ways. The academy's sophomore outing attempted to adapt God Loves, Man Kills, delve into Wolverine's origins at Weapon X, unravel a presidential assassination conspiracy, set up the Dark Phoenix Saga, AND be a sequel to the original film, and by some miracle of mutation it all worked out. In BOP n' A Movie's second installment of our X-Men commentary series, we examine how this jam-packed screenplay updates the mutant metaphor for the Bush era, and how its structure gave us the blueprint for the modern team-up movie, before we wonder at the Munich circus's own Incredible Nightcrawler, witness the origin of Michael Dougherty, and once again lament how little James Marsden has to do. SCREAM




    From the cthonic dank of the interwebs comes a podcast of most immemorial effulgence! An innumerably indescribable discussion on a frenzied blaze of cosmic daemonicum! Okay, we'll stop now. But in our defense, we're just so darn excited to talk up the madness of one Howard Phillip Lovecraft! Recently, in some glorious begotten miracle from the Great Old Ones, the legend himself, Richard Stanley, returned to filmmaking after 20-plus years with an absolutely mind-bending adaptation of one of Lovecraft's greatest and most terrifying, COLOR OUT OF SPACE! So, join us as we dissect the horror Lovecraftian horror, what Stanley added from an allegorical standpoint, and how Nic Cage is not the meme you think he is. Feed the Alpacas by downloading now! Find us on Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Stitcher:

  • X-MEN Commentary Track

    X-MEN Commentary Track


    Comic book movies: The key to multi-media empires. It has enabled us to view men in rubber suits punching penguin-men, spandex-clad alien visitors turning back time, and Shaq attempting to act. But every few decades, comic book movies leap forward. With the impending release of NEW MUTANTS, the final in-continuity film in the franchise that changed the course of action cinema and cemented a genre into the pop culture zeitgeist, the BOP Crew is celebrating where it all began with a trip down Mutant Lane, going deep and introspective on the X-MEN franchise! It's a BOP 'n A Movie X-TRAVAGANZA! In the first feature audio commentary of the series, we travel back to humble beginnings in the year 2000, where the superhero had died in a blaze of Bat nipples and ice puns, ready to be re-birthed with a new purview of what the genre could be. The world was ready for the mutant metaphor and something new and strange. It's the film that changed comics, movies, and made Toad a household name, this is X-MEN! What happens t

  • CHILDS PLAY 3 Commentary Track

    CHILD'S PLAY 3 Commentary Track


    Just when you thought it was time to put away childish things like dolls and do something grown-up like put on fatigues and pretend war for a bunch of old white dudes, movie studio executives come beckoning with insane demands like putting out another sequel less than a year since your last entry! Such is the strange and sad tale of Don Mancini's CHILD'S PLAY 3, a Bop n' A Tragedy if there ever was one! With only mere months to throw together a script, cast, and film an entire movie from scratch, it's a testament to Mancini's talent that Chucky and Andy's third bloody tango is worth watching, examining, and appreciating! With themes of toxic masculinity, adulthood, and the friggin' coolest haunted house put on film, there's plenty of charm to be found in this trilogy capper before the big tonal reboot! So, begin your voodoo incantations and join us for this audio commentary! Look Who's Stalking by downloading the commentary here! Find us on Facebook: Twitter:

  • Monster Crime!

    Monster Crime!


    CRIME! It's shambling its way across this great land of ours, and we all know who's responsible! Creatures from the grave and beyond, coming into our towns, terrorizing our babysitters, striking down our camp counselors, and carrying our brides into the sea! Thankfully, the good men and otherwise of the B.O.P. have been tasked with restoring the rule of law, and in this broadcast they will suss out which of these Ghoul-Americans are hard-working members of society, and which should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. THE PHANTOM: Opera-house menace or harmless prodigy? MICHAEL MYERS: Who will speak for The Shape? DRACULA: Is he too dead to prosecute? Listen, or else they may soon be stalking your home... or yours... OR YOURS! EVERY DOWNLOAD MEANS A CROSS IN THE HAND OF YOUR LOCAL VAMPIRE HUNTER! Find us on Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Stitcher: http://www

  • BOP Brews: Vol. 1

    BOP Brews: Vol. 1


    This New Year's Evil, pour yourself something nice, sit next to a roaring fire, and listen to the first-ever Box Office Pulp clipshow! Then immediately throw out whatever drink you just made, because our Senior Mixologist  Cody "Drinking" Alft is your guide through the world of movie-themed booze. Want the perfect drink to get you in the mood for Clue? Cody's drunk it™! Looking to dull the cosmic horror of Event Horizon? Cody's drunk it™! Want to get plastered while watching Harry Potter? Highly inappropriate for a variety of reasons, but you better believe Cody's drunk it™! So enjoy this compilation of one man's desire to unite cinema and suds, and for the love of Papa Satan, do your drinking indoors instead of forcing yourself upon the world like some kind of drunk Frankenstein, trapped in a world he never drank. WHEN THE GLASS IS FULL, DRINK UP, DRINK UP. THIS MAY BE THE LAST TIME WE SEE THIS CUP. IF GOD WANTED US SOBER, HE'D KNOCK THE GLASS OVER, SO WHILE IT IS FULL WE DOWNLOAD! Find us on Facebo

  • Netflix And BOP

    Netflix And BOP


    As countless movie trailers keep reminding us, the world is changing. With theaters struggling to attract butts to seats, streaming sites are shaping up to soon be the primary way we see new releases. So how well are they handling the responsibility? Join Cody and Jamie as they discuss the highs, lows, and Brights of the former pop-up ad nuisance and current King Of New Media, The Net-Flicks. Does The Irishman live up to the hype, or did Disney put out a hit on Martin Scorsese for nothing? Is word-of-mouth going to be enough to make these titles stand out in an increasingly flooded library? Are we close to Netflix Horror becoming a sub-genre of its own? And for God's sake, will somebody tell Tom Waits how high a bird can count? Next episode playing in 3... 2... 1... BECAUSE YOU LISTENED TO BOP, DOWNLOAD HERE Find us on Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: St

  • John Carter (Of Mars) - LOVE THE BOMBS

    John Carter (Of Mars) - LOVE THE BOMBS


    Mars ain't no place to set a movie. In fact, it's cold as hell. This is a lesson Andrew Stanton would learn in 2012 when the release of his dream project, a mega-budget adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' massively influential John Carter novels, was met with spectacular apathy from critics and audiences alike. Released a month before The Avengers, this mocap-heavy sci-fi/fantasy/western was going to kick off the next great Disney franchise, but inexperience, bad timing, and one of the most ill-advised marketing campaigns in recent memory doomed it to the scrap heap. A shame, since it's one of the most charming and lovingly-crafted adventure flicks of the last decade. In this edition of How I Learned To Love The Bombs, we detail how a Pixar director with no live-action experience rescued John Carter from 80 years of Development Hell, the trilogy and more we almost got from a team with three Oscars and a Pulitzer between them, Lynn Collins' turn as the 2010's most unsung action heroine, and how this movie is o

  • THE ADDAMS FAMILY (1991) with Spooky Gals Corner

    THE ADDAMS FAMILY (1991) with Spooky Gal's Corner


    The BOP Crew does what they wanna do and says what they wanna say... and the podcast might be worst off for it. In this extra special creepy and kooky episode, we turn the clock back to the radical '90s to talk one of our most affectionate childhood movies, Barry Sonnenfeld's THE ADDAMS FAMILY! But, since we three are only mysterious, creepy and kooky, we needed someone to really bring in that spooky! So we reached out to friend of the show and real life Morticia, Jasmine of Spooky Gal's Corner! With our powers combined, we're all together ooky, which is the perfect state of being to talk about this seminal film in many people's lives, which would go onto birth a whole movement of classic TV to film adaptations and cement the iconic versions of these decades old characters. Not to mention immortalize the late Raul Julia. So snap your fingers in tune because it's time to play wake the dead! Perform your own Mamushka by downloading the episode here! Find us on Facebook:

  • Return To BOPs Lot: The Worst Of King

    Return To BOP's Lot: The Worst Of King


    We've talked about a lot of good Stephen King movies on Box Office Pulp, but tonight we want to tell you about the ones that weren't so good. A lot of other podcasts have made fun of these, and we finally decided that if you want something done right... you ought to do it yourself. So join the BOP Crew as they reminisce about a childhood wasted waiting for The Langoliers to eat that airport, Matthew Mcconaughey's leisurely stroll toward The Dark Tower, the tremendous lasting impact Maximum Overdrive has somehow had on American culture, and the sinister storefront where each item comes at a terrible cost... boredom. When the dust clears, paper will have been torn, Tommyknockers will have Tommyknocked, and Cody will have been forever entangled in the nightmare that is... the Dreamcatcher. BE SADDENED BY THE CREATIVE CHOICES OF DONNIE WAHLBERG BY DOWNLOADING HERE! Find us on Facebook: Twitter: iTunes:

  • TRICK r TREAT Commentary Track

    TRICK 'r TREAT Commentary Track


    During the spookiest time of the year, there are a few guidelines all horror fans should follow. Always check if there's a Blumhouse release out, never go to a stranger's home to see their VHS collection, and NEVER watch alone. I see you're ready to pop in the 2009 anthology Trick r' Treat tonight, but not so fast, Timmy! You want to let The BOP Crew check that movie for razor-blades, so give this BOP n' A Movie audio commentary a listen first! Our Samhain Specialists are here to explore how Michael Dougherty's directorial debut showcases the holiday in all of its forms, from the innocence of youthful corpse-carving to the romance of your first werewolf transformation. Along the way, they'll unwrap the SFX techniques that span generations of film-making, the balancing act of conflicting tones it pulls off effortlessly, the questionable decisions of a studio that tried to bury it at every turn, and the complex motivations of Leslie Bibb in a robot costume. And after they're done, you'll have so many delicious

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