Angel Between The Lines


A fan audio drama that tells what happens between the seasons of Angel


  • ABtLS1Ep010 – Not Quite Stepford

    ABtLS1Ep010 – Not Quite Stepford


    by Tabitha Grace Smith When David Nabbit returns to ask for help solving an alien brothel’s problem no one can guess where these new competitors have come from. Featuring a special cover of “With You” originally by the band I Fight Dragons. Cast Roger – Levi Fred – Liane U Gunn – Brandon Connor – […]

  • ABtLS1Ep009 – In Harmony

    ABtLS1Ep009 – In Harmony


    by Emma Rawlin & Kim Butler Harmony’s opportunity to interview with MTV is just the burst of spotlight she’s been working for, so who cares if she stretches the truth a little? Cast Amsel – Henry Angel – Clay Arknesh – Kent Brendan – Robin Burdge Clint – John P Craig – Ernie Danielson – […]

  • ABtLS1Ep008 – A Grim Fairytale

    ABtLS1Ep008 – A Grim Fairytale


    by Emma Rawlin When Lilah’s mother is in trouble she recruits Wesley’s help, but to storm the walls of Mosiac they’ll need a little more electrical power… or a giant, talking fish. Promos: The Potential Cast Flagship Magazine Cast Young Lilah- P. Bing Abbey- Mandy Khoshnevisan Lilah- P. Bing Linwood- Zeke Rowan- Crystal Jack- Brian […]

  • FBtLAuditions2 – Listening on the Cortex

    FBtLAuditions2 – Listening on the Cortex


    Auditions for Firefly Between the Lines open tomorrow! Check them out at Promo written by Nuchtchas Cast Agent One: Robin Hudson Agent Two: Jarrett Kaufman Announcer: Edwyn Tiong