Have A Piece Of Toast: The Podcast


Unsolicited and often unfounded advice on a range of topics. You didnt ask for it, but we have it.


  • Episode 4: Technology

    Episode 4: Technology

    15/07/2017 Duração: 42min

    Hello and welcome to Have a Piece of Toast, episode four: Technology! In this episode (which was recorded on TECHNOLOGY and is now being brought to you by the magic of TECHNOLOGY), we’re looking at how technology has improved our life, and the slightly scary flipside of how lost we would be without it. I mean imagine if the Internet didn’t exist. No don’t, it’s too scary. Ok well don’t say I didn’t warn you. In this episode, along with discussing the actual subject matter, we also take on the following tangents: the storylines of our favourite 90s TV shows; sleep cycles; the London Transport Network (it’s very good) and Claymation. No spoilers, but it’s safe to say that technology has completely changed our lives. As will this podcast. Enjoy!

  • Episode 3: Do the (side) hustle

    Episode 3: Do the (side) hustle

    21/04/2017 Duração: 59min

    Hello and welcome to Have a Piece of Toast, episode three: do the (side) hustle! In this ep we're talking about how and why people have side hustles; whether it's a way to pursue your passion or supplement you salary. Or celery. Tune in for some great tips on how to start your own, or if you'd like some fairly vague facts on Kevin Rudd's 2008 (2009?) stimulus package, or if you'd like to know what Jess B and Jane dreamt about on Tuesday night. This week, Jess A aced the class by being the only one of us to do our homework, which was to try and make money through a side hustle. She is now very rich and has promised to buy us all snacks. Okay she hasn't but if I say it on the internet she might feel obliged to. TIME WILL TELL! Next time: Technology. How it has completely changed our lives in such creepy and amazing ways.

  • Episode 2: Practice makes perfect (...habits)

    Episode 2: Practice makes perfect (...habits)

    31/03/2017 Duração: 41min

    Hello and welcome to have a piece of toast, episode two — practice makes perfect. In this episode we're talking about habits: making them, breaking them, keeping them, shaking them, rhyming them… We each spent the last month trying to make daily habits in areas of our lives we wanted to improve, and our class average result was a solid C+ (but A for effort). Habits are HARD you guys. Anyway, we tease out where we went right & wrong and then like a dog who's seen its first possum we run off on some rollicking tangents about privilege, Ed Sheeran and social media. The trifecta of tangents if you will. Next time: side hustles aka how to use up all your spare time getting rich. Do the (side) hustle!

  • Episode 1: It’s never too late to start (...resolutions)

    Episode 1: It’s never too late to start (...resolutions)

    24/02/2017 Duração: 50min

    Hello and Welcome to Have a Piece of Toast, the podcast! This is a podcast about life (oh, life) — unsolicited and often unfounded advice on a range of topics. You didn’t ask for it, but we have it. We are two Jess' and a Jane who, faced with the perplexities of adult life, and the realisation that all grown ups are just WINGING IT, decided to delve deeper to find some useful answers to the burning questions of adulthood. Such as: how easy is it really to form a habit? Where should I be putting my dollars? And should we all have a side hustle? In our first episode (aptly named "it’s never too late to start") we talk New Years resolutions; different ways to make them, break them, the argument for not making them at all. We also mention toast a lot. #carbs The idea of this podcast is we'll get better at adult life and hopefully entertain you along the way. Things we do: Burst into song. A lot. Cite our sources. More often than most. Try out all ideas we talk about. Reference Des'ree. Things we don't: