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  • Podcast #15 Lauren Ho

    Podcast #15 Lauren Ho


    Podcast #15 Lauren Ho Welcome to a new episode of the podcast featuring Lauren Ho, one of Oahu’s top athletes. An elite obstacle course racer (OCR), runner and a soccer player, Lauren is also a qualified Cross Fit coach and leads a weekly work out group in Kailua: F.I.T. Happy Hour. As a member of a professional […]

  • Podcast #14 Odeelo Dayondon

    Podcast #14 Odeelo Dayondon


    Welcome to this week’s podcast episode, featuring an interview with Oahu triathlete and runner Odeelo Dayondon. Odeelo might be a familiar face to you, if you’re already a member of the Oahu endurance sport community, but if not, Odeelo is a humble yet inspiring athlete who once started, quickly became a top age group finisher in local […]