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  • GOAT RODEO: What Happens In Vegas (2017 Radio Race)

    GOAT RODEO: What Happens In Vegas (2017 Radio Race)

    20/08/2017 Duração: 04min

    GOAT RODEO What Happens In Vegas Ian Enright Caitlin Reilly Ashley Lusk After exchanging just 14 text messages, they decide to meet for a first date—on an airplane to Las Vegas. Music composed by Tom Peabody and Performed by Lizzie Peabody

  • Live From DC #1: Perfect Liars Club

    Live From DC #1: Perfect Liars Club

    27/04/2017 Duração: 01h28min

    Live from DC This episode we’re sharing one of our favorite events in DC. How well can you spot a bold face? Do you think you could separate truth from fiction one story at a time? Once a month just outside of DuPont Circle at the Bier Baron, host Pierce McManus and Cara Foran bring a storytelling show with a deceptive twist. This is Perfect Liars Club. Every Perfect Liars Club, 4 storytellers get on stage and tell a personal tale, the catch. One of them is lying, and it’s your job to spot the liar. After the stories are shared it’s the audience's turn to cross-examine and grill each story until it’s time for a final vote. Can a sold out crowd sniff out falsehood, or is DC just too good at peddling fabrication. Find out and play along at Perfect Liars Club! Special Thanks: Pierce McManus Cara Foran All Peferct Liars Club Storytellers

  • Island of Misfit Noise

    Island of Misfit Noise

    21/03/2017 Duração: 39min

    Welcome to the very first Goat Rodeo Variety, the scan button on your audio remote. Each week we take you inside a curated experience handpicked by the Goat Rodeo Team. Show Notes: 1. Caitlin Reilly "Love Looks Different Through an Eye Patch Told live on stage as part of Story District's "Sucker For Love" Show www.storydistrict.org Caitlin Reilly is host and producer of Failure on Goat Rodeo. www.goatrodeodc.com/failure 2. Dispatches: "Promises" Dispatches is a podcast from the mind of Morgan Givens. To learn more go to www.districtdipatches.com . 3. Fellow Creatures "Breathe Easy" A swampy indie rock band from swampy DC. To hear more go to www.fellowcreaturesmusic.com 4. "Cold Water" by Your Story Here goatrodeodc.com/your-story-here