Nourished With Fiorella


Fiorella Kis-Major spent 16 years in the fast paced media and entertainment industry, spanning sectors such a radio, television, music and advertising. After suffering stress and burn out from the 'work hard/play hard' culture, she turned to meditation to help manage the symptoms. This was life changing for Fiorella! She walked away from a successful career to focus on bringing this same sense of mindfulness and calm into the lives of others across the globe.Mindfulness is the key to a deeper sense of connection between mind, body and soul. As the founder and owner of The Nourishing Goddess, Fiorella has been teaching for many years now and has inspired thousands all over the world in her work as a Wellness Coach, Meditation Teacher, Writer & Speaker. She holds an Advanced Diploma of Yoga & Meditation Teaching from Nature Care College, Sydney.Fiorella has been featured on countless media outlets such Bondi Beach Radio, Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global and Best Self Magazine.


  • Episode 3: Limitless Living  Loving with Jamie Gonzalez

    Episode 3: Limitless Living & Loving with Jamie Gonzalez

    08/05/2018 Duração: 01h06min

    In episode 3, I chat with Jamie Gonzalez. Jamie kept crossing my mind to invite on the show for some time now. When a mutual contact suggested an introduction, I jumped at the chance to speak with this conscious man! Jamie Gonzalez is an inspirational speaker, honest writer, and wholehearted mentor on Limitless Living. He has spent the past few years traveling between Australia and the US working with clients ranging from top corporate companies to your average every day person looking to integrate Limitless Living into their own lives. Jamie supports people in getting themselves out of the way, letting go of fear, and living limitlessly. WE DIVE DEEP INTO: + Jamie's incredible spiritual journey from real estate mogul and night club owner to the Limitless Living mentor he is today + Being an authentic leader who lives their truth in the self help industry + Letting go of labels and expectations to be your TRUE self + His tips for staying plugged into who you are + Busting myths around relationships and ho

  • Episode 2: Accepting Self with Cassie Mendoza-Jones

    Episode 2: Accepting Self with Cassie Mendoza-Jones

    10/03/2018 Duração: 55min

    In episode 2, I chat with Cassie Mendoza-Jones. I’ve known of this amazing woman’s work for some time now, but it was at a writer’s workshop last year that we were truly able to connect. Her passion for a juicy relationship with self really peaked my interest, and she’s written a hot book about it titled 'It's All Good'. Cassie has a soft spot for fellow perfectionists and a focuses on energy and emotions, using a combination of kinesiology, coaching and naturopathy to support clients in getting clear on their next steps, and increasing their clarity, confidence and energy. WE DIVE DEEP INTO: + The reason Cassie stopped trying to be 'perfect' and got real with herself + Why we constantly play the comparison game and hacks to STOP doing it + Busting ‘manifesting’ myths and how to truly make the process work for you + Creating a healthy sense of self in a committed, nourishing relationship + How to keep that sexy spark alive + The key to realising a new you can be born through the fire of failure + PLUS: Cass