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  • Duel-cast #29: Iceshatter Gauntlet Challenge

    Duel-cast #29: Iceshatter Gauntlet Challenge


    Hello internet my old friend.  We bring you word of Duelyst and gaming goodness.  Not consistently, but we bring it for sure.  Let’s be frank.  What we thought would be a weekly podcast is actually a bi-weekly podcast.  Take note. This week we are talking about the ice-gauntlet challenge.  We built some bad decks so … Continue reading "Duel-cast #29: Iceshatter Gauntlet Challenge"

  • Duel-cast #28: Unexpected Card Events

    Duel-cast #28: Unexpected Card Events


    I’m tired and I’m sick.  Here’s the episode

  • Duel-cast #27: Placement

    Duel-cast #27: Placement


    Where, oh where, has my little minion been placed?  Where, oh where, has it cast?  That’s our topic today.  We tried to do something a little different too.  Rather than just spit ball some things, we reviewed a short game and went over the thought process of what was going on.  Not only because it’s … Continue reading "Duel-cast #27: Placement"

  • Duel-cast #26: EOG

    Duel-cast #26: EOG


    Hey!  We’re back.  We took a week or so off.  Hard to gauge the exact time frame as we don’t have the most regular posting sequence in the world.  Regardless, here we are giving you some delicate, delicious Duelyst content. We wanted to round out the theme that we started with last episode.  Last episode … Continue reading "Duel-cast #26: EOG"

  • Duel-cast #25: Turn 1

    Duel-cast #25: Turn 1


    Welcome to Duelcast.  Twenty five episodes in and we’re finally talking about the first turn.  Well this wasn’t intentional.  We wanted to talk about several strategic plays at critical points of the game, but somebody wanted to argue too much… That said, we’ve talked a little in the past regarding placements and things to do … Continue reading "Duel-cast #25: Turn 1"

  • Duel-cast #24: Climbing the poll

    Duel-cast #24: Climbing the poll


    Remember that time we posted a poll on the site?  Well, here we are to talk about it.  Sure, it was three weeks ago and related to hype for an event that already happened, but we aren’t here to be timely we’re here to be slightly disappointing.  We are Americans after all.  If we can’t … Continue reading "Duel-cast #24: Climbing the poll"

  • Duel-cast #23: Meta, RNG, and Catching up

    Duel-cast #23: Meta, RNG, and Catching up


    We got a little behind doing all those reviews, but it’s time to catch up.  A lot has happened in the last few weeks in the world of Duelyst, and largely for the better.  While there is something to be said regarding some of the more ‘trollesque’ cards in the set it is by enlarge … Continue reading "Duel-cast #23: Meta, RNG, and Catching up"