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  • Repyas View: Winning In Iraq Is About Avenging Vietnam

    Repya's View: Winning In Iraq Is About Avenging Vietnam


    Say it ain't so Joe.All those U.S. soldiers who died in Vietnam, died in vain.So says Joe Repya, the man who wanted to be Minnesota's Republican Party Chair and in the past has tried to quiet any questioning of the occupation in Iraq by questioning the questioners' patriotism.Thursday on WCCO's Don Shelby show, Repya said:"I want to see victory for the Iraqi people. I want to see a safe nation. Because there's 4,000 of my brothers and sisters who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. And I don't want to see them die in vain , much like the 58,000 that served with me in Vietnam died in vain." Listen hereReally? Giving your life for your country is dying in vain?For the moment, let's take Joe at his word and accept that in his mind, this is true.That means his argument for staying in Iraq is somehow tied to avenging the deaths of US soldiers in Iraq and Vietnam.Joe, I can understand your anger over having lost friends in that war. But your anger clouds your logic. Those who ignore the lessons of history are

  • Soldier Sarvi Files To Run Against Rep. Kline

    Soldier Sarvi Files To Run Against Rep. Kline


    Steve Sarvi filed the papers today to run for Congressman John Kline's seat in the 2nd Congressional District. Sarvi is seeking the DFL endorsement. If he runs again, Kline , a Republican, will be seeking his 4th house term.For new listeners and readers I'm repeating an interview I did in May with Steve Sarvi while he was still in Iraq.Listen to the podcast here. Runs 10:27Just as it takes courage to jump out of a plane or serve in Iraq, it takes courage to leap into politics. Steve Sarvi has done both and has been mentioned as a possible DFL candidate to face Congressman John Kline (R- MN02) in 2008. Steve has been in the Army for nearly 20 years and is on track to be part of the longest deployed Minnesota National Guard unit in Iraq. He's been there since March of 2006 and is hoping to return home in late July or early August. He's also the former Mayor of Watertown, MN.Inside Minnesota Politics has an exclusive audio interview with Steve you can listen to here. Since he's on active duty in Iraq,

  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar on condemning ad

    Sen. Amy Klobuchar on condemning ad


    US Senator Amy Klobachar (D - Minnesota) has made a couple a votes that have upset some progressives. In this interview I did for AM950, she talks about her vote on the Foreign Intelligence Security Act also known as FISA and a resolution condemning a newspaper ad that said General Petraeus was “cooking the books for the white house” when he gave his report on Iraq.We also talk with her about the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan that she supported, but President Bush has threatened to veto and legislation she sponsoring to protect consumers against questionable cell phone charges.Listen here.