Life Lines is an audio journal of poetry, spoken word, and other creative writing by men on North Carolinas Death Row. Life Lines is about connection. Its about finding surprising spaces to share endangered, beautiful life. Its about recognizing our power and our powerlessness to give and take life. We feature three new pieces each week, words which we hope invite communion, however limited and imperfect, with those struggling to live inside state prisons. Because of state laws restricting access to prisons, the authors record these poems by phone. As you listen carefully, let the line static become a reminder of all the lines race, class, iron bars and barbed wire weve constructed between ourselves. If we allow them, these pieces can open new, shared spaces for us in spite of these boundaries, if only for a moment. Take a chance with us: listen.


  • #105 A bucket of chicken

    #105 A bucket of chicken


    I could tackle the whole world like Atlas, with greasy lips and a full stomach.

  • Carrying my side of the plexiglass

    Carrying my side of the plexiglass


    Almighty Creator, although I’m not worthy, grant me the peace of awakening within the warmth of all of your splendor.

  • #102 Conversation with a dear friend

    #102 Conversation with a dear friend


    So what we came to find out, basically, is that life is worth living.

  • Story of mine

    Story of mine


    Every picture has the touch of a dream

  • #101 Breaking news

    #101 Breaking news


    I've watched the hole petrify pretense, making men fake forever

  • #100 The timestretcher

    #100 The timestretcher


    It's like having a pot dropped over your head and a wooden spoon is pounding the rhythm of the Star-Spangled Banner into your eardrums. You know the tune so well, but you just don't want to hear it.

  • #99 Judicial pantomime

    #99 Judicial pantomime


    So take a bow.

  • #98 ‘Tough on crime’ policies endanger the public

    #98 ‘Tough on crime’ policies endanger the public


    Media reports have cultivated the misperception that the casualties of prison officials is a new trend in violence, not a boiling point of failed policies and frustrations.

  • How do you see yourself

    How do you see yourself

    30/07/2018 Duração: 01min

    Love you.

  • #96 Demons in the grave

    #96 Demons in the grave

    22/07/2018 Duração: 03min

    The notice informed them it would be a temporary matter

  • #95 Sorry that I let you down

    #95 Sorry that I let you down


    It still hurts.

  • #94 Insane world

    #94 Insane world


    Even the best of us will not pass through it unscathed

  • #78 When killers cry

    #78 When killers cry


    It was a tear-stained revolution.

  • #92 Beyond the wall (part 2)

    #92 Beyond the wall (part 2)

    17/06/2018 Duração: 04min

    The light hurt to look upon. For the briefest moment, I remembered another life. Then it was gone.

  • #91 Beyond the wall (part 1)

    #91 Beyond the wall (part 1)

    10/06/2018 Duração: 06min

    "I haven't been outside those walls in 17 years," I told her

  • #90 Refusing to die

    #90 Refusing to die


    Every breath fueled by the underground heartbeat lets a hip hop head know he’s still alive.

  • #89 In your eyes

    #89 In your eyes


    A thug, a savage, the truth doesn't live inside of me

  • #88 The weather

    #88 The weather


    If the forecast doesn’t improve, I will surely drown.

  • #87 Mama

    #87 Mama

    13/05/2018 Duração: 50s

    You helped me become a man, even without my dad

  • #86 Supervision failures

    #86 Supervision failures


    Overly relying on incarceration as a panacea to crime expresses every weakness of the criminal justice system.

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