Tuesdays are rubbish aren't they? To brighten them up we have a helping of Tommy, Emily and Megan, with fun features and games.


  • The Tuesday Show - 18th May 2010

    The Tuesday Show - 18th May 2010

    20/05/2010 Duração: 01h18min

    We start off the final show with an exclusive interview with ‘The Cads’ and a listen to their brand new track ‘Lanterns’. Megan gets in from her exam and Tommy reveals a great revision technique – The Toilet Book! Megan has Blue Peter earrings and Emily’s wisdom teeth are coming through. Tommy’s brand new smelling good tip for the summer is here. Emily and Megan discuss their holidays and also summer trends. In the last producer game this week; We find out what nags The Cads, what is the best BBQ food and the worst holiday destination ever. Andy’s Accents is here for a final time as Liam Gallagher tries to reform Oasis.

  • The Tuesday Show - 11th May 2010

    The Tuesday Show - 11th May 2010

    11/05/2010 Duração: 38min

    In this weeks show, Tommy has gone shopping and worries about his see-through shorts and he talks to Megan talk of the benefits of rubbing Vaseline into your eyes. Emily arrives late after an embarrassing incident at Barclays. We discuss the election but Tommy is staying neutral. Megan thinks Clegg is loving it! We all talk about our high school prom as the Producer game starts. On this week, we find out exactly how many students did actually watch the election night live. Also how many foods can you cook on a barbeque? Tommy offers the newspapers his election headlines for each party. Andy’s Accents returns with an impression of Andy Murray trying to sell his merchandise.

  • The Tuesday Show - 4th May 2010

    The Tuesday Show - 4th May 2010

    04/05/2010 Duração: 41min

    This week, a birthday special: It was Megan’s birthday yesterday so we’re celebrating in the studio with Tommy’s new novel idea of a Melon Cake. Megan’s thinks Justin Bieber is weird after he has claimed this weeks Tuesday track with Somebody To Love. Megan also tells us about her crazy house party, what presents she got and Emily’s taxi driver sounds like a legend. Emily and Megan think movie night is a girly thing…what! This weeks producer game takes a look at the ‘economy’ in the third leaders debate. We also find out where the place to go this summer is…Malia ’10. And we finally uncover Megan’s hidden talent (sort of).

  • The Tuesday Show - 27th April 2010

    The Tuesday Show - 27th April 2010

    27/04/2010 Duração: 36min

    In this weeks show, Tommy owns up to something creepy that he did at the weekend. He has a new twitch on his nose which leads into talking about Megan’s bad hair; her shower is broken! Megan also gets excited for her birthday in six days – She's having a BBQ, but what do vegans do in this situation? Megan points out the shortfalls of the Prisoner in The Producer Game. Also we call up The Sun as Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg to see which party they will stay on the phone longest with. The new feature of Andy’s accents arrives with his impression of Steven Gerrard. All this whilst Tommy is trying to teach Megan and Emily what to do after he leaves.

  • The Tuesday Show - 20th April 2010

    The Tuesday Show - 20th April 2010

    20/04/2010 Duração: 32min

    We're Back! After the Easter break we talk about the volcano in Iceland that is stopping all flights across the UK and Megan and Emily's friends are stuck abroad! We all talk about our Easter holidays, as Megan went crabbing and had a picnic. Tommy is feeling uncomfortable after his hair-cut and then discusses his hidden secret to a good tan. The Producer Game is back and this week we take a look at the Grand National, Summer ice-creams and the new series of Britain's Got Talent! Summer is fast approaching and Tommy lets us in on his road-trip plans as Megan dreams of going to Holland for 30 pounds! And of course Glee and so returns the final Glee track.

  • The Tuesday Show - 30th March 2010

    The Tuesday Show - 30th March 2010

    30/03/2010 Duração: 36min

    On this weeks show, Megan finds the voicemail from the 9th of March, while she is coming and going out of the room doing her ‘work’. Tommy and Emily talk about getting Reading tickets and this years line up. We play the facebook deletion game! The Producer game is an Easter theme as it is the last Tuesday show for a few weeks. Emily decorates the studio with a ripped up heat magazine and Megan wants to go camping in the holidays and tries to drag Tommy and Emily along.

  • The Tuesday Show - 23rd March 2010

    The Tuesday Show - 23rd March 2010

    23/03/2010 Duração: 39min

    This week, we discuss Leicester after Megan had taken a trip at the weekend. Tommy has orange hands after his new moisturizer and we all discuss bathrooms. The producer game is early and it is a sport relief special! Find out how Tommy got on with the 6 miles at the weekend and what he got in his goody bag at the end. Emily talks of her gym scare. Tommy’s dad has got facebook and an iPhone! Are parents trying to be cool?

  • The Tuesday Show - 16th March 2010

    The Tuesday Show - 16th March 2010

    16/03/2010 Duração: 33min

    In this weeks show, Megan tells us of her boring trip to Stonehenge. Tommy's car is apparently a 'girl' car after it comes out from its MOT. Emily has had an injection and is on some weird pills. The producer game is back and confuses Megan and Emily with Wacky Races and other crank calls. And Tommy finally has started training for his 6 mile sport relief run!

  • The Tuesday Show - 9th March 2010

    The Tuesday Show - 9th March 2010

    09/03/2010 Duração: 33min

    In this weeks show, Tommy introduces a new feature – the Tuesday track. Megan is late and Emily questions where she is. This means big responsibility for Emily as she has to step into her shoes for the arts committee meeting. Tommy tells us of his trip to London which features an actual celebrity spotting! Tommy’s hair dying woes continue. The producer game continues, with only Emily. We talk signatures as Megan finally arrives and has onion breath. Eurgh. Also, Tommy worries about Sport Relief.

  • The Tuesday Show - 2nd March 2010

    The Tuesday Show - 2nd March 2010

    02/03/2010 Duração: 29min

    The first available ‘Tuesday show’ from Storm radio, live from Colchester every Tuesday. Tommy, Megan and Emily talking about general stuff really in between songs. This week we discuss who it’s acceptable to tip. Emily tries to interest us in her coursework and following the first round of the producer game, Megan gets annoyed.