Dakota Pain comes in several colors and sizes. For instance, a Tornado is usually black while a Blizzard is White and we are not sure what color the Government is. A small rain shower can get you wet, and an ice storm is slippery. Rules and regulations, while needed are often nothing more than attempts at stealing what little freedom we have left.


  • What you do and say does have consequences

    What you do and say does have consequences


    It struck me again, now I will help it strike you too!Remember when President Clinton got caught with his...... and he said He never had sex with that woman? See you do remember! How long did it take before all through the teen world, the tween world and the world of adults with teen minds (the 20's) started saying hey Oral Sex is not sex. I wonder where they got that idea? Now, Years later President Clinton is the Poster Child for Testosterone excess.For good or bad what we say has consequences. How down and out were we as a country during the days of the most ineffectual Carter Administration. Other countries took our people while we felt totally helpless. With the leadership in Washington at that time we were pretty much defenseless. It does seem that whenever the Democrats get in power we are always backpedaling, making compacts to reduce out weapons, downgrading our army, navy and reserves. Today President Obama signed a treaty with Russia to par down our Nuclear weapons. For good or bad the Congre

  • New Comedy to air Monday nights on the Obama Channel!

    New Comedy to air Monday nights on the Obama Channel!


    From the creators of "Birth to death"' "the Nanny" and "Everyone Hates Obama" comes this fresh new Comedic Farce... 16 Ways to Nuke the USA and Survive!Watch as the totally inept tweeners in the Hussein Household try to give away Government secrets to the lowest Bidder! Its a Riot!See how to strike fear and Loathing into Las Vegas and other towns we don't need anymore!Feel the frustration with Daddy Hussein when he tries to explain the Health benefits of abortion!The laughter boils over in third world countries as they Watch Daddy bow before.... well anyone! LOL!!On this Monday nights adventure, watch them give away our nuclear plans and tell our enemies how to Nuke us without revenge! This Monday night at 9, 8 central! Then stay tuned for the comedy "The Oval Office" when the Big Man strikes the use of the words Enemies, Islamic extremism and terror from use throughout the land! Its a real Nirvana!Its all happening this Monday night on the Lefty TV Network!Be Sure to check out my Pod casts! My Podcast