Raising the Next Generation


  • Episode 3: Gaming!

    Episode 3: Gaming!


    Hey everyone!  It’s episode 3.  I actually held out posting this a few days due to server issues… Anyway, I decided to postpone what I was originally going to talk about because of all the fun gaming of the week.  Love the gaming so talked a bit about that because of some gaming going on […]

  • Episode 2!

    Episode 2!


    Hey there everyone!  Hope you had a good week/weekend!  We were very busy, mostly with being creative types!  We've come up with some exciting content ideas.  My husband guest hosts with me for this week's podcast as well as created a great intro and some music for me!  Yay for creative husbands!  Listen for the […]

  • Episode 1 is Here!

    Episode 1 is Here!


    Hey eveyone, Here it is, episode one of Growing Up Geeky!  I give a little intro to myself for those ofyou who don't know me, talk about naming the show, and what I've got for ideas for so far… feel free to let me know what you think!  I'd love to hear from you!  Listen […]

  • Greetings Everyone!

    Greetings Everyone!


    Hey there everyone!  This is Lady Ozma, your hostess!  Welcome to the blog of Growing Up Geeky.  What is Growing Up Geeky?  It’s a podcast where I discuss being a sci fi fangirl and bringing up my kids to be total geeks!  Xbox?  MMORPG’s?  Doctor Who?  Bring it on!  And bring the kiddos, too! What […]