My name is Justin Akers the Lord thy God comes First in my life I play music but have a interest in things going on the world over


  • ep 5 really big mess that we are in

    ep 5 really big mess that we are in

    18/10/2016 Duração: 22min

    a really big mess that are nation has got into overview of why we must have trump and not corrupt monsters

  • ep4 political thoughts

    ep4 political thoughts

    08/10/2016 Duração: 19min

    political thoughts Russia and much more

  • ep3 real talk

    ep3 real talk

    29/09/2016 Duração: 22min

    real talk going over a big issue that needs to be fixed and that can be fixed and how to fix it

  • ep2 debate thoughts

    ep2 debate thoughts

    28/09/2016 Duração: 14min

    a quick run down of debate between Clinton and Trump

  • pod cast ep 1 the intro

    pod cast ep 1 the intro

    21/09/2016 Duração: 02min

    an intro to the show what you can expect from me and my podcast