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  • Sky Pirate Radio Ep 30 The Sid Meier Special

    Sky Pirate Radio Ep 30 The Sid Meier Special

    09/09/2019 Duração: 42min

    On this most esteemed episode of Sky Pirate Radio, we brush noses with Industry Legend Sid Meier* before getting busy whipping up a storm in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and Whipseey and the Lost Atlas, thieve the lands of WoW Classic and SteamWorld Heist, and get our hands around Remedy's chuggin'-but-charmin' Control. The boys cap things off answering a long overdue question, listing off some of their favourite game design books that can turn YOU into a Game Making Super Star! Lastly, we keep you abreast of progress on both our work-in-progress cowboy game and the PC version of Help! I'm Haunted.Video game making books we mention:Rules of Play by Eric Zimmerman and Katie SalenLevel Up! The Guide to Great Video Game Design by Scott RogersThe Art of Game Design by Jesse SchellGame Design Workshop: a Playcentric Approach to Creating Innovative Games by Tracy FullertonConsole Wars by Blake J. Harris*Sid Meier does not appear in this podcast. We're sorry. Maybe next time, Sid!

  • Sky Pirate Radio Ep 29 Kevyn’s Big Trip

    Sky Pirate Radio Ep 29 Kevyn’s Big Trip

    12/07/2019 Duração: 59min

    Join Jace and Kevyn on a phonic journey of globe-trotting proportions as we start things off with an update on our next hot new video game project, before moving on to relay Kevyn's discoveries on his great tour of America! From the hallowed halls of GDC to the spiralling towers of Disneyland, mysteries abound on Kevyn's trip, and all is not what it seems... will Jace finally discover the unknown whereabouts of the Noid? Can Kevyn survive a lethal attack from an animatronic snake on the Indiana Jones ride? Are there any good pastrami places in Melbourne? With a cryptic clue from the Starlord's private dance party as their guide, our two agents of chaos strive to answer every last question that itches in your minds eye, including exciting theme parks, relaxing camping, and disconcerting 3D apparitions of the Simpsons. Sky Pirate Radio: it's volleyball, baby!* *This episode of Sky Pirate Radio is brought to you by the sport "Volleyball".

  • Sky Pirate Radio Ep 28 Reach Out and Touch Goofy’s Face

    Sky Pirate Radio Ep 28 Reach Out and Touch Goofy’s Face

    07/02/2019 Duração: 58min

    Sky Pirate Radio would like to personally congratulate you on surviving our harsh universe long enough to listen to our KINGDOM HEARTS 3 SPECTACULAR! Listen in abject fear as Kevyn, a hardened veteran of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and Jace, a bumbling embodiment of Barney Rubble, rip right into the hot-button issues of the Kingdom Hearts Triple - such as the qualitative properties of Gummi Ships, the disturbing lifelike qualities of Donald Duck, the strange paranormal event that ties Remy the Rat and Scrooge McDuck together. In true Sky Pirate fashion, we do a deep dive on how the combat stacks up against prior entries in the series, the bizarre, dreamlike quality of the new Pixar worlds, and Donald's twisted addiction to fireworks.

  • Sky Pirate Radio Ep 27.5 Super Smashtacular

    Sky Pirate Radio Ep 27.5 Super Smashtacular

    24/01/2019 Duração: 01h04min

    Oh my mercy, they’re back! Join Kevyn and Jace as they get eggs all over their face talking shop about that new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate all the kiddies are into, sounding off on our thoughts on the tension between fighting game and party game, our experiences walking blindly through the World of Light, the […]

  • Ep. 27 Total Gamer Reunion Tour 2017 Feat Dan Staines and Patrick Alexander

    Ep. 27 Total Gamer Reunion Tour 2017 Feat Dan Staines and Patrick Alexander

    06/09/2017 Duração: 01h20min

    Sky Pirate Radio is back, and this time we brought some very special guests with us - games critic and scholar Dan Staines and cartoonist Patrick Alexander! We discuss what they have been up to recently, including Patrick's upcoming Tobias & Jube comic and Dan's work at Concordia University in Montreal, before getting down to the nitty-gritty discussing both Dan and Patrick's work in the unrelentingly hilarious and irreverent video game magazine Total Gamer, as well as the importance of its predecessor GBA World. We also chat some about the rise and fall of their website and semi-Total Gamer sequel Eegra, before topping of with a discussion about the importance of managing creativity and marketing to make a living doing the things you love. TL;DR, Jace fanboys out for an hour and twenty minutes. If you're unfamiliar with Dan and Patrick's work on Total Gamer and GBA World, you're in luck! Jace has prepared a crash course on them with scans of stuff we mentioned in the podcast right here! (link to it on "ri

  • Ep. 26 Father, Son and Holy Mel

    Ep. 26 Father, Son and Holy Mel

    30/06/2017 Duração: 01h05min

    Having a bad week? Those crazy Sky Pirate boys are back once again for your aural pleasure! In this heart-racing instalment, Jace gets down and dirty with the rabbids and recalls the first 5 minutes of Get Even, Joey spreads the virtues of Dead Cells and Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers, Kevyn tells a #ModernJoke, and Max uncovers the HORRIFIC TRUTH behind Reggie Fils-Aimé. Then we talk shop about Troy's game of the week "Gunpoint", Minions, and our Hots and Nots from E3 2k17! Keep your ears to the train tracks - Sky Pirate Radio is back in town.

  • Ep. 25½ Hot Wheels The Movie

    Ep. 25½ Hot Wheels The Movie

    08/05/2017 Duração: 37min

    In this monumental (and bite-sized!) installment in the Sky Pirate Radio lore, our intern Troy/Trent has arrived on the scene, aplomb with Simpsons references! Also – Kevyn purchases a gold-encrusted Angry Birds statue; Jace directs a Hot Wheels Movie; Joey transcends time and space; and the elusive Tom Clancy tinkles a bell from beyond the […]

  • Ep. 25 Gronk Monster

    Ep. 25 Gronk Monster

    08/04/2017 Duração: 01h55min

    Without a Joey around to ground the proceedings, Jace, Kevyn and Max go hog wild broaching all types of TOO HOT FOR TV TOPICS, including Jace's mysterious rivalry with John Carmack, Max's consumption of malicious liquids and Kevyn's endless pursuit for a copy of Tai 3. Will these three narrative threads tie together in a freak coincedence the likes of which podcasting has ever seen? No, but the boys do uncover a secret related to Club Penguin and Julian Assange that is so revelatory, so MIND-BOGGLING that you'd be crazy NOT to believe it! Also, they talk about some video games a bit, like Breath of the Wild, NieR Automata, and I guess Star Wars Battlefront? Again? Whatever. It's Sky Pirate Studios, here to make your 2017 have that sugar & spice it so desperately needed.

  • Ep. 24 Sky Pirate Studios’ 2016 Game of the Year Phantasmagoria Special EX

    Ep. 24 Sky Pirate Studios’ 2016 Game of the Year Phantasmagoria Special EX

    23/03/2017 Duração: 02h14min

    Only three-and-a-half months late, it's Sky Pirate Studios 2016 game of the year fiesta! At a feature length that would make Peter Jackson blush, the boys touch upon topics of utmost import, discussing the best water, food and 'tude in the games of 2016, jumping from sponsor-to-sponsor all the while. In the ultimate race against time, will those crazy Sky Pirate hooligans be able to get to announce their games of the year before all their sponsors drop out? How many times will Max mention Overwatch? Will Jace stop fidgeting with objects that are obviously being picked up on his microphone? Find out in our season finale that listeners have been calling "a podcast"! SPOILER WARNING: We talk Last Guardian from 44:30 to 48:00. We provide ample warning, but keep your ears peeled! We also talk about spoilers for Castlevania: Lord of Shadow at some point, but I don't think you care about that really. [THIS PODCAST HAS BEEN SPONSORED BY THE CORPORTATION FORMERLY KNOWN AS MAX'S ANT FARM(tm) - "THE ANTS WEREN'T BIG E

  • Ep. 23 Hell Pub on Mars

    Ep. 23 Hell Pub on Mars

    21/12/2016 Duração: 01h43min