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  • cheeseheadcoleman Sings one Song to The Tune of Another

    cheeseheadcoleman Sings one Song to The Tune of Another


    A famous Chelsea fan leaving early, the callous chants of away fans don't help.[LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE] cheeseheadcoleman recites Attila The Stockbroker's spiteful didactic verse to a reggae classic in keeping with this blog's parasitic habit of passing off other people's material...Attila The Stockbroker BBC World News Head of Programmes, Paul Gibbs, says: "If Max (Keiser) had been on our screens a year ago we wouldn't be in this shit."Karmabanqueradio Will Hutton: "For 30 years, greedy, callow, ignorant financiers, supported by no less callow politicians from all the political parties, have proclaimed the wonders of financial innovation and how proud we all should be of the City of London. The price tag for their behaviour is an economic calamity. We should never have bought such snake oil. The consolation in these dark times is that we never will again."Noam Chomsky: Anti-democratic nature of US capitalism is being exposed "attila the stockbroker"

  • Soka Gakkai: Operation Damage limitation

    Soka Gakkai: Operation Damage limitation


    Daisaku Ikeda Pictured with General NoriegaDaisaku Ikeda, president of Soka Gakkai International (SGI),  has 555 honorary citizenships and holds the most honorary doctorates awarded to a single individual![LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE]Yoshihiro Tsurumi: "The Bush administration,regards democracyin Japan as no different from that of Russia. Both are viewed as'kleptocracies.' On the surface, the political leaders are elected; butthe truth is that they constitute a country completely dominated by theruling party, which is in cahoots with the bureaucrats. Through thedistortions generated by their years of holding onto control and theelection system, they work with pressure groups that support them fortheir own benefits. It is as if the citizens were under domination of agang of robbers." Takayoshi Kitagawa: "While I wouldn't say that Soka Gakkai is seen as a cult, they are a very structured, organized, militarist group that wields immense political power."Takashi Shokei: Ikeda is "[a] power-hungry individual who i

  • US Popularity Contest 2008: Obama Becomes Third Favourite

    US Popularity Contest 2008: Obama Becomes Third Favourite


    I wonder if Cynthia McKinney would wear this T-Shirt?LISTEN TO PODCASTBarrack Obama is currently 11/4 third favourite to win the US Presidential election the reason for these low odds is probably because of his corporate appeal and an ability to forsake natural justice in favour of votes, welcome to the club Barrack!Electronic Intifada: How Barack Obama learned to love IsraelThe Angry Arab News service: Posts About ObamaAddendum:Is Barack Obama the Messiah?

  • US Popularity Contest 2008 Backroom Boys: Zbigniew Brzezinski

    US Popularity Contest 2008 Backroom Boys: Zbigniew Brzezinski


    It’s nice to know that the old guard like Zbigniev Brzezinski is imparting his wisdom to young Turks like Barack Obama under the universal banner of "change".[LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE]Allan Nairn: As US Votes on Who Will Hold the Trigger, Mayans Propagate Civilization“The US Democrats’ dove is Barack Obama, whose chief foreign adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, greenlighted Israel to deliver the actual killing rifles (Galils) to Guatemala, since his President — Carter — was a little embarrassed.”Noam Chomsky: It’s Imperialism StupidYou can surmise that if everything runs without a hitch, and it is in the US interest, then Brzezinski is all for it!Barry Grey: A political bombshell from Zbigniew BrzezinskiBrzezinski reading out damning allegations to the US senate from a New York Times article dated the 27 March, 2006 that in a memo, prepared by a British official who was present in a meeting between President Bush and his subordinate Tony Blair it was stated “that the president and the prime minister acknowledged tha