We drink 40oz's of malt liqour and try to review them.


  • Show #33

    Show #33


    Show 33, get excited!Sorry, but the pictures were erased by mistake. 3 bags Smirnoff Black Ice.  8% malt3 bags Icehouse ExtremeFollow us on Twitter at us on Google +40 Ounce Review Show #33

  • Show #32

    Show #32


    Show 32, a bit rusty but hey we've added some background music...Strip club talk and our laziness leads to yet another review of one of our favorites (pretty obvious huh). 5 bags Olde English Jason(8 ball rolling)4 bags Olde English AlFollow us on Twitter at us on Google +40 Ounce Review Show #32

  • Show #31

    Show #31


    Show 31, bigger and better for 2012 with new and improved audio quality...Jason hangs with Raekwon, we talk some old Wu Tang Clan, and we down two class malts. 5 bags Olde English (8 ball rolling)4 bags Colt 45Follow us on Twitter at us on Google +40 Ounce Review Show #31

  • Show #30

    Show #30


    Last show of 2011.  We're making a new resolution to put out show more frequently.  Look for exciting stuff coming.2.5 bags for Jeremiah Weed-2 bags for Colt 45 Blast Pomegranate (ouch)...40 Ounce Review Show #30Follow us on Twitter at us on Google +Don't for get to email us pics too.

  • Show #29

    Show #29


    Two shows in the same month, wha wha what!!! That's right, technical difficulties and all. We're still plagued by sound issues after all these years. Needless to say we dialed this one in.3.5 bags for the Bud Ice (probably should have been 3)8.0 bags out of 5 for St. Ides (yes you read that right)Have at it.40 Ounce Review Show #29Follow us on Twitter at us on Google +Don't for get to email us pics too.

  • Show #28

    Show #28


    Yes we know, it's been a long time.Show #28 for your listening pleasure.3.5 bags for 211 Steel Reserve4.0 bags for O.E. 80040 Ounce Review Show #28

  • Show #23

    Show #23


    Yes that's right. We're still around...Shit talking, drinking a free case of 8 ball, and talking about Megan Fox. What a show.Megan Fox link40 Ounce Review Show #23Jason O.E 800 = 5 bagsAl O.E. 800= 5 bags

  • Show #22

    Show #22


    We temporarily switch to cans to experience some new malt. Al is surprised by the taste of "Tilt."Joose = 3 bagsTilt Malt beverage = 5 bags40 Ounce Review Show #22

  • Show #21

    Show #21


    A new year means new shows.Jason goes off. He owns the show, that's what drinking a couple of tall boy cans of Joose will do to you.Join us for discussions about loop holes, fountain blue, and advertising of 40ouncereview.com40 Ounce Review Show #21

  • Show #20 forgot the review...

    Show #20 forgot the review...


    Not doing a show in such a long time made us forget that we needed to review our 40's. A couple of Colt 45's and show number 20 is in the books.40 Ounce Review Show #20

  • Show #19 love you long time

    Show #19 love you long time


    We ran a little over on this one. Hello goodbye Atlanta...Hurricane HG = 3 bagsSol = 4 bags40 Ounce Review Show #19

  • Show #18 wow

    Show #18 wow


    18 shows and counting. It's hard to find new malt. If you have any new malts you'd like to send us, contact us as [email protected] bags = Colt 451 bag = Hurricane HG malt liquor

  • Show #17 roar!!!!

    Show #17 roar!!!!


    Wow, drinking Wild Cat malt right before a big 4th of July party, what was I thinking. Jason on the other hand was busy landing on the moon.We also try calling the phone booth in London, England but nobody was answering. Listen up, give your ears some candy.Wild Cat Malt Liquor = 2 bagsHurricane "double" malt = 1 bag40 Ounce Review Show #17

  • Show #16 live via satellite!

    Show #16 live via satellite!


    Well listeners he did it. Jason goes on his European vacation and does the show from a London, England phone booth.Listen and enjoy.For all you English listeners stop by the cross roads we talk about and take picture of the phone booth and send it to [email protected] Ounce Review Show # 16Camo = 2.5 bags1664 3.0 bagsWhite Star 1.5 bags

  • Show #15 its a record

    Show #15 it's a record


    St. Ides not St. Ives bitches!40 Ounce Review Show # 15

  • Show #14 shorter shows

    Show #14 shorter shows


    We heard your complaints, we listened, and we decided to put out more frequent shorter shows of malt liquor goodness. 30 minute shows = more reviews. Mickey's Ice = 3.5 bagsO.E. 800 = 2.5 bags40 Ounce Review Show # 14

  • Show #13 Vegas baby!

    Show #13 Vegas baby!


    What can we say, it took us awhile to get this show online.Vegas baby.40 Ounce Review Show #13

  • Show #12 Pre Vegas show

    Show #12 Pre Vegas show


    Come listen, we interview some Las Vegas talent, and demonstrate how to drink on a Sunday night.The Pre Vegas show!Have at it.Camo Silver Ice = 4.5 bagsStag Beer = 2.5 bags40 Ounce Review Show #12

  • Show #9 The anniversary show

    Show #9 The anniversary show


    Wow, it's been one year and we've literally have accomplished nothing by doing this podcast. I guess that's what happens when you have a show about bullshitting and drinking 40's.Show number #9 the anniversary show is here. Once again, the show gets better as co-host Jason gets way fucked up off of his 8.1% Hurricane HG malt liquor.Hurricane HG malt liquor = 3.0 bagsBad Frog Beer = 1.5 bags40 Ounce Review Show #9

  • Show #8 Classy malt liquor

    Show #8 Classy malt liquor


    Orange County malt liquor, show time limit, and new mics = good show. Thanks to Miller Brewing Company for getting me fucked up. Thanks to the State of California for making our show classy.New ear candy for you kiddies. Dig in!40 Ounce Review Show #8Country Club malt liquor = 3.5 bagsMagnum Premium malt liquor = 4.0 bags