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  • 10: We Doing This?

    10: We Doing This?


    Aaron and Emily get high. Frankie attempts to host. Smallvine is shamed in the town square. This is the last episode.

  • 09: Evercrack 3

    09: Evercrack 3


    Aaron talks about his long awaited Everquest 3, and how he wants to make Black Meredith addicted. The Rage Quitters discuss what movie franchises would lend themselves to MMORPGs, and complain about being unable consolidate their past library

  • 08: Playstations Three

    08: Playstations Three


    Frankie tries to make the Rage Quitters understand his decision to buy a WiiU, discussing Super Mario 3D World, Windwaker HD, New Super Mario, Sonic Lost World, and annoying item collecting. Jon shows a weird SNES tester, and

  • 07: I’m Not Mad

    07: I’m Not Mad


    Everyone talks about what they’ve been playing, including Dark Souls, Tales of Xillia, Final Fantasy 14, the very shitty Tales of Graces, and the upcoming Minecraft update. Aaron expresses his interest in the upcoming Everquest 3, and Jon

  • 06: Mine-CRAT!

    06: Mine-CRAT!


    The rage quitters put Junt on trial for wanting to play Minecraft modestly. The guys also talk about anticipated games, the new consoles, Feminist Frequency, and games as fine art.

  • 05: Smallvine Returns

    05: Smallvine Returns


    Steve “Smallvine” Trenholme joins the show to talk top 5 favorite games of all time, a whole lot of Minecraft, Injustice: Gods Among Us, the history of X-Box, the dubious state of Nintendo, the pros and cons of

  • 04: Old Man

    04: Old Man


    The Rage Quitters are once again joined by Alan, Val, Frankie, and several others to discuss the fun of friendly fire, Frankie’s 1997 rage quit, and an extremely premature online gaming modem for the SNES. Alan profiles the

  • 03: Embassady

    03: Embassady


    “20 weeks into the endeavor,” the Rage Quitters invite Frankie to discuss the new Scribblenauts and interactive game theory. Aaron and Mike talk about Aaron’s uncle’s personal rage quit, and Jon reveals that he has an absurd SNES

  • 02: Warcraft Boss

    02: Warcraft Boss


    Frankie joins the Rage Quitters to discuss South Park games, old and new and MMORPG addiction. Jon claims he’s going to quit Guild Wars 2 but immediately plays it after the recording. Aaron reviews WiiU launch titles.

  • 01: The Origin Story

    01: The Origin Story


    The inaugural episode of Rage Quit. Aaron is joined by guests Val Borges and Alan Desmarais, and with the Rage Quitters, discuss the nude models of Elder Scrolls, the sexy fanfare of Dragon Age, Starcraft, Diablo 3, Torchlight,