The AlaREIA Master Class Podcast is a real estate education podcast for the Alabama real estate investor. With some of the most successful investors in the state of Alabama, this is a must-listen if you are serious about real estate in Alabama. We cover rental property, rehabbing, wholesaling, and any other creative form of real estate that exists.


  • 163: How to Maximize Leads from List Providers

    163: How to Maximize Leads from List Providers

    11/02/2020 Duração: 34min

    Burton Alicando joins Brian on the show today to talk all things data. PropStream is a data aggregator that allows investors to easily see the information and details on a property. Burton is on the show today to share a demonstration of how the service works, and talk about what sets them apart from their competitors.   Key Takeaways:   [1:00] PropStream is a nation-wide data aggregator that allows you to see the records right then and there. It helps investors analyze a property they may already have on contract, or find a lead. Burton talks about the difference between PropStream and some of their competitors. The functionality of their system allows research to help build lists and get details on current properties. [6:15] Part of their aggregated data includes MLS data from about 700 MLS boards nationwide. They partner with brokers to get this data, which is important for running comps, seeing if there have been price adjustments, days on the market, photos, and some additional information that public re

  • 162: Direct Mail Is Not Dead!

    162: Direct Mail Is Not Dead!

    04/02/2020 Duração: 26min

    Today’s guest is an expert in direct mail. Ryan Dixon from REI Print Mail is on the show today to share the secrets of direct mail as a marketing technique. Ryan talks about direct mail compared to some of the other marketing strategies, some of the unique products they offer at REI Print Mail that set them apart, and some best practices for using direct mail to get the most return for your money.   Key Takeaways:   [1:05] Brian and Ryan discuss whether direct mail is dead, in light of things like mass texts, RVM, and cold calling. Ryan talks about the idea of silos of marketing techniques, and how once one fills up, people move to another marketing technique. [3:10] Brian and Ryan talk about the pricing of direct mail, versus the pricing of other marketing techniques. When you consider response rate and the fact that people can hold onto a mailer and follow up later, the cost per lead is generally pretty good. [4:55] REI Print Mail has been around for 27 years, and their unique products and experienced coach

  • 161: How to Make the Phone Ring

    161: How to Make the Phone Ring

    28/01/2020 Duração: 32min

    In today’s episode, long-time real estate expert Larry Goins joins Brian to talk about his real estate experience. They talk about the current market climate and the possibility of a market turn, his decision to step back from the guru life, and some actionable items for people just getting started in real estate.   Key Takeaways:   [1:25] Larry has been doing deals since 1986. Throughout his 30 years in real estate, he’s done almost 1,000 deals in 12 different states, using a variety of strategies. Right now, his focus is on wholesaling properties. [3:00] Larry and Brian talk about what makes things different in today’s market than a few years ago when people started talking about the market crash. Larry predicts that if it turns, it will be after this year’s election. He also shares his personal strategy for preparing for a market turn. [5:55] Larry talks about what markets would be good for implementing his strategy. Currently based out of South Carolina, he generally buys three or so counties out from the

  • 160: REI Radio

    160: REI Radio

    21/01/2020 Duração: 30min

    Chris Arnold is currently based out of Tulum, Mexico. He joins Brian on the show today to talk about an uncommon marketing strategy: the radio. In today’s episode, Chris talks about the best ways to advertise on the radio, the lessons he’s learned over the past nine years, and how radio advertising can help boost the quality of your lead generation.   Key Takeaways:   [1:00] Chris lives full time in Tulum, Mexico. When his business closed their brick and mortar business, he and his wife moved to Mexico and work completely virtually. Chris is the visionary of his wholesaling business that’s based out of DFW. [3:25] Radio advertising has helped them expand to all of North Texas, and they scaled from a boutique brokerage into the wholesale side, so they could maintain lifestyle. Chris started radio advertising nine years ago. It’s a dependable marketing channel because it’s not list-dependent. [6:15] Chris shares the key points to being great on the radio. The first is pricing — you make all of the money on the

  • 159: REI Live Orlando

    159: REI Live Orlando

    20/01/2020 Duração: 12min

    Two guests join the show today to introduce themselves to the REI Live Community. Josh and Marlena Dates are launching monthly meetings in Orlando, FL. They join Brian on the show today to talk about their background, how they found success in real estate, and what their future plans are.   Key Takeaways:   [:55] Both Josh and Marlena come from teaching backgrounds, and real estate investing allowed them the flexibility they wanted for their family. In 2015, they started focusing on wholesaling and now they are teaching others how to do what they do. [2:55] Before they transitioned into wholesaling, they were doing primarily creative deals. At the end of the day, wholesaling is consistent enough that they can really depend on that income. The shift in focus allowed them to generate more cash. [5:10] In 2020, they have a three-person team, including themselves. They are able to generate so much business between the two of them from home while they homeschool their kids. [6:10] Josh talks about some of the oppo

  • 158: Successful Skip Tracing

    158: Successful Skip Tracing

    07/01/2020 Duração: 19min

    In today’s episode, Jesse joins Brian to talk about skip tracing company Batch Skip Tracing and what sets them apart from other services. They discuss how people can use the data Batch Skip Tracing provides, and possible marketing strategies for this data. They discuss what types of things you should look for in a skip tracing service, as well as some of the trends for different kinds of marketing.   Key Takeaways:   [1:20] Jesse explains what skip tracing is, and how it works to produce phone numbers based on a list. From there, you can do a cold call, send a text, or leave a voicemail. [3:08] Jesse talks about the evolution of skip tracing, from skip tracing for addresses to skip tracing for numbers. He talks about the functionality of some apps out there, and how this affects the efficiency of real estate. [3:55] In addition to the skip tracing, Jesse is also an active wholesaler. He talks about how he made the switch over to the data side. [6:30] Jesse talks about what separates BST from other skip tracin

  • 157: All Things Seminars

    157: All Things "Seminars"

    31/12/2019 Duração: 24min

    Deanna joins Brian on the show today to share all things ‘seminars.’ Deanna talks about her own experience in the seminar space and some of the trends she’s noticed over the past few years. They talk about the negative connotation of seminars, and what people can look for to ensure they are going to get a good experience and gain knowledge in a seminar setting.   Key Takeaways:   [1:15] Deanna shares her involvement in the seminar industries. She’s been in the industry since about 2006 and quickly funneled herself into the entrepreneur space. In this industry, she’s worked with quite a few different people. [4:20] The word “seminar” carries a bit of a negative connotation because of some of the legal aspects involved in what’s being said versus what’s being delivered. There have been a few names in the industry that have given seminars a bad reputation, despite the personal growth and community that can come out of this space. [6:27] There can be elements that come off as a scam in this industry, depending on

  • 156: Turning Passion Into Profit

    156: Turning Passion Into Profit

    24/12/2019 Duração: 44min

    Real estate and businessman Patrick Precourt joins Brian on the show today to talk about the powerful mindset behind creating habits in our businesses and daily lives. While Patrick is a real estate investor, he also runs a business that focuses on helping people make change. In today’s episode, he talks about how we can start making decisions that will form into habits, and truly start the business of success.   Key Takeaways:   [1:05] Patrick is a husband and father and got involved in real estate back in the ’90s. He started off with an accidental lease option and their business has moved into short sales. Today they specialize in high-risk, high-reward properties and also assisted living. [3:20] In addition to real estate, he also owns a martial arts/lifestyle fitness center, that focuses on helping people create change. [4:55] Change is one of our flaws as humans. Personal development isn’t always about the quality of education; it’s about what gets people to do what they need to do with that education a

  • 155: Top Five Books of 2019

    155: Top Five Books of 2019

    17/12/2019 Duração: 18min

    Brian Trippe Your host Brian Trippe counts down the TOP FIVE books he read in 2019. Out of 33 read books this year, a personal record, Brian picks out the books that had the biggest impact on his life.

  • 154: Driving For Dollars Made Easy

    154: Driving For Dollars Made Easy

    10/12/2019 Duração: 22min

    David Lecko Today’s guest is David Lecko, founder of the DealMachine. At just a few years old, DealMachine has already reached 9,000 subscribers and 80,000 downloads. This app provides a simple way to maximize your efforts driving for dollars to get a high ROI list. In today’s episode, David and Brian talk about how the app works, how it is beneficial for investors, and what they’re doing at DealMachine to continue to innovate.   Key Takeaways:   [1:15] The Deal Machine app is a simple way to scale driving for dollars and get a high ROI lead list. From your car, you can take a photo of the house, and then it will fill in the information, and automatically send a mailer to the owner. [3:05] David developed the app out of necessity while he was getting into real estate. He was driving for dollars himself when he was first looking for a rental, but never made the time to follow up and get mail pieces sent out. [5:10] David breaks down the app itself. It is like a CRM in that it will re-send the mail on a schedul

  • 153: Legalities of Lease Options

    153: Legalities of Lease Options

    03/12/2019 Duração: 46min

    Today’s guest is the lease option king, John Jackson. With previous experience in stock options, when he got into real estate he chose to pursue the creative avenue of lease options. In this episode, he talks about three different types of lease options and the benefits for investors in all three. Brian and John also talks about some of the legal implications of these types of lease options, and the best way to navigate this type of investing.   Key Takeaways:   [2:15] John does lease options mainly in Texas, but all over the U.S., as well. He started a company, Leasing to Buy, in 2003. One of the most important things for him entering the real estate market was finding his niche, and recognizing that all markets are cyclical. [4:45] His company takes the essence of lease option and puts the pieces into place so that it’s a win-win for everyone. [5:23] John talks about the best time to do a lease option. The absolute best time for lease options is when the market is pulling back. As the market softens up, pro

  • 152: Case Study: Commercial Building Acquisition

    152: Case Study: Commercial Building Acquisition

    26/11/2019 Duração: 31min

    Jeff Stephens, creator of the Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneur and Sleaze-Free Real Estate Investing Podcast, returns to the show today to talk about a deal he closed earlier this year. In this episode, he talks about how he acquired a building that was two separate properties, negotiated two different deals with two different creative financing strategies, and what he’s done with the property now that he is the sole owner.   Key Takeaways:   [2:00] This deal was about an 18-month deal once all was said and done. It was originally a bank, and due to a lot line, it had been split 60-40 since a few years after it was built. He sent mailings out to a niche list of owners of buildings that weren’t structurally sound for earthquakes (unreinforced masonry), including this one. [5:20] The first contract for the smaller side of the building fell through, but when the chance arose a second time he put down $15,000 non-refundable, and also pursued the bigger side. After about 12 months of follow-up, he had both side

  • 151: Case Study: Buying a $1M Home with Zero Down

    151: Case Study: Buying a $1M Home with Zero Down

    19/11/2019 Duração: 39min

    Savvy investor Maria Giordano joins Brian on the show today to talk about her real estate ventures. In this episode, they talk about negotiating, creative deals, and the meetings Maria organizes for female investors in AZ, the Phoenix Women’s Real Estate Investor Network. Listen in today to hear how Maria negotiated an amazing creative deal to get her current property.   Key Takeaways:   [2:05] Maria talks about getting started in the real estate and some of the prejudice she faced getting started as a woman in real estate. Shortly after getting into real estate, the market crashed and she started investing with other people’s money essentially at the start of her venture. [3:50] They started by doing fix-and-flips and vacation rentals, and switched their focus to buy-and-hold to reduce the amount of work they had to put in. This also allowed for more flexibility to be away from home and will provide legacy wealth for her children. [5:30] When she first got into real estate, Maria was a divorced mother of fou

  • 150: Building a Turnkey Operation

    150: Building a Turnkey Operation

    12/11/2019 Duração: 29min

    Today’s guest is the CEO of Spartan Invest, and the third guest from the company to join the Podcast! Lindsay Davis is on the show today to talk about their full-service turn-key company. Spartan does so much for REI Live, Birmingham, and even the nation. They cover everything from their business model, property management, the real estate market in Birmingham, tenant placement, and how they work with wholesalers.   Key Takeaways: [1:15] At Spartan Invest, they are a full-service turn-key provider that will purchase the property, renovate, rent, and sell to investor clients, in addition to managing the properties after the fact. [2:25] Lindsay and Brian discuss the market conditions in Birmingham. There is a great deal of job growth, and resale values are high right now. There’s been increased competition in the turn-key space. Spartan primarily focuses on the outskirts of Birmingham, in single-family homes in places like Hueytown, Bessemer, Pleasant Grove — basically a circle around Birmingham. [5:03] They’v

  • 149: Flipping 180 Houses in a Year

    149: Flipping 180 Houses in a Year

    05/11/2019 Duração: 34min

    Today’s guest joins us from the Central Valley market in California. Don Costa runs a high-volume rehab and wholesaling business. In today’s episode, he talks about the struggles of when he first started in real estate and the mindset shift that changed the game for him. He breaks down some of the logistics of his business, how they manage both rehabs and wholesales, as well as the motivation behind some of the extracurricular projects he’s taken on.   Key Takeaways:   [1:05] In addition to his podcast, Don is still doing quite a bit of volume, primarily rehabbing but also some wholesaling. He started in real estate back in 2003; it seemed to be the best outlet for his desire to be an entrepreneur. When the market changed, he didn’t react quickly enough, and he lost it all in the crash. [4:50] In 2012, things came back around for him to step back into real estate. He talks about the soul-crushing moment when he realized he had to change something in order to preserve his family’s finances. [8:09] In both of h

  • 148: Funding for Everyone

    148: Funding for Everyone

    29/10/2019 Duração: 30min

    In today’s episode, CEO Lee Arnold joins Brian to talk about various aspects of funding and lending. With his company Secured Investment Corp, Lee shares the different ways they are helping investors get the money they need to acquire real estate assets. He discusses the importance of finding a good deal, as well as some of the qualifications they consider when lending to investors.   Key Takeaways:   [1:20] Lee is the CEO of Secured Investment Corp, a full-service real estate educator, funder, financer, and money manager. Their main business is helping investors get the funding they need to acquire real estate assets. [3:30] Lee shares some tips for real estate investors to get funding. Don’t go out and get pre-qualified; in the investment world, lenders are concerned with security, risk, and how they are going to get their money back (entrance and exit strategy). [5:45] Lee shares a specific example to illustrate two different approaches to asking for money. If investors spend their time finding quality dea

  • 147: Think Like a Real Estate Investor

    147: Think Like a Real Estate Investor

    22/10/2019 Duração: 28min

    Marc Pelletz joins the show from Sarasota, FL, where he is currently practicing real estate. With over 40 years under his belt, Marc is on the show to share his ideas on the importance of a positive mindset and power of practicing consistent, effective habits to grow your real estate business.   Key Takeaways:   [1:05] Marc has been in the real estate business for about 40 years now, and for the past 20 years has been in Sarasota, FL buying, holding, and flipping real estate. His company also has a full-service real estate brokerage, property management, and a training center. [2:35] He has gained financial and time freedom by setting goals early on, and following the path one day at a time to achieve his vision. It didn’t happen in a day, but over time with persistent and consistent action. It starts with a thought that transfers to a goal and you have to shape your mindset around that. [5:20] One of the first things you can do to get on the path is to find a mentor — someone who has been in the business and

  • REIX 113 - October Market Update

    REIX 113 - October Market Update

    20/10/2019 Duração: 16min

    Brian and Rob are back for another episode of the Birmingham area market update. For cash-flowing properties or advice on the Birmingham market, contact Rob Drum at [email protected]

  • 146: Why Contractors Take Advantage of You

    146: Why Contractors Take Advantage of You

    15/10/2019 Duração: 39min

    Contractor-turned-teacher Ryan Garcilazo joins Brian on the show to talk about fostering good relationships with contractors. Many investors dislike working with contractors, and Ryan’s business has set out to change the relationship between investors and contractors. In today’s episode, he shares four things to do before you ever start demo or groundbreaking on a property. These steps help the investor take control of the project and create favor for both parties.   Key Takeaways:   [1:05] Investors don’t generally like working with contractors, and it is often because they don’t understand what contractors do. Sometimes contractors take advantage of investors, and Ryan has set out to change the game for investors and help show them the game. [2:34] Ryan has been in real estate for 15 years. He was a contractor who primarily flipped houses for investors in the first ten years. After several hundred flips, he made the switch to start teaching people how to change the way they rehab. His credibility from both

  • 145: Cash Flow: The Name of the Game

    145: Cash Flow: The Name of the Game

    08/10/2019 Duração: 26min

    Today’s guest is Andrew Lucas, host of REI Live Columbia and cash flow expert. He joins Brian on the show today to talk about his real estate journey, and how he and his wife were able to quit their jobs and do real estate full-time. He talks about how the importance of cash flow and how they use other projects to create cash flow.   Key Takeaways:   [1:00] Andrew is based out of Columbia, SC, and does wholesaling, rentals, rehabbing, creative deals, and also runs the most successful meetup group in the city. The core business is to hold cash flow rentals to make money passively. The other aspects of their real estate venture are to make more money for more rentals, financing, or lending. [3:20] Andrew talks about knowing when too much is too much, and how he was able to transition to real estate full-time. Once he was able to quit his day job and really got into the business, it got easier to tackle everything without all the time and thought being sucked into it. [5:05] Andrew got started in real estate bac

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