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All the latest episodes of the Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast, a weekly actual play podcast following a group of comedians as they play original, extended, table-top Role-Playing Games. Expect epic battles, critical misses and the occasional special guest as the party strive for fame and glory whilst cracking wise and trying not to kill one another.


  • RQG/STL Halloween Crossover Special 2020 - Part 2

    RQG/STL Halloween Crossover Special 2020 - Part 2

    28/10/2020 Duração: 59min

    Join Helen, Ben, Lydia, Tim and Imogen as they explore a haunted space station in Grant Howitt's Beautiful Space Pirates.This week Erogenous shoots a ceiling robot, the Countess finds a window, Bathin conquers a strange pyramid, and Spinglewald strikes a pose.Content Notes: - Sexual references- Spiders- Mild body horror- Gun violence (inc SFX)- Blood / GoreEditing this week by Lowri Ann Davies, Marisa Ewing & Alexander J Newall.SFX this week by Werra, michael_grinnell, kafokafo, MSB099, Tdude9000, with contributions from Soundly and previously credited artists via Beautiful Space Pirates by Grant Howitt, available at out our merchandise available at our community:WEBSITE: rustyquill.comFACEBOOK: @therustyquillREDDIT: [email protected] Quill Gaming is a podcast distribut

  • RQG/STL Halloween Crossover Special 2020 - Part 1

    RQG/STL Halloween Crossover Special 2020 - Part 1

    21/10/2020 Duração: 52min

    Join Helen, Ben, Lydia and special guests Tim Meredith and Imogen Harris as they band together to survive a haunting adventure in Grant Howitt's Beautiful Space Pirates. This week we meet an eclectic and extensive cast of characters including Spinglewald Tasethorp, Erogenous Rakewell, Countess Underscore Starcluster and a familiar Stellar Firma character...Content Notes: - Innuendo- Spiders- Mild body horrorEditing this week by Lowri Ann Davies, Marisa Ewing & Alexander J Newall SFX this week by CuddleNucks, Werra, megmcduffee, kwahmah_02, Velvorn, kyles, harrietniamh, satanicupsman, InspectorJ, GoodListener, 3bagbrew, luffy, 32cheeseman32, plasterbrain, wolfey1923, DrMinky, miguelab, cmusounddesign, bennychico11, leszek_Szary, Chanhun, WIM, cjfilmmaker, qubodup, caquet, YleArkisto, gleith, dav0r, jessepash, EricSoundschmiede, HerbertBoland, afirlam, Sirkoto51, frankum, ValentinSositskiy, with contributions from Soundly and previously credited artists via Play Beautiful S

  • RQG 174 - Impact

    RQG 174 - Impact

    14/10/2020 Duração: 01h25s

    Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia, and Ben as the Vengeance touches down.This week Hamid digs, Azu searches, Zolf keeps busy, and Cel finds a way.NOTE: This is a heavy episode, but we strongly urge listening to the episode fully as the ending is very important to the context.Content Notes:FallingAircraft failure (inc SFX)Graphic injuryCharacter deathsGrief / LossTraumaThanks to this week's Patrons: Laurel Buchanan, Maria Maksimova, Nikki, Seren Mist, Vince Nguyen, Asha Perry, DamienandFishGreco, Haberdasher, Jay Palmer, John Anglo, Jose Manuel Santiago Yepes, Katherine Bullen, Kyden Lundquist, Leah Higginbotham, lmx_v3point3, Melody Landrum, Mia, Moira Haney, Paravellex, Ray McKenzie, Rebecca Frederick, Rebekka B., Robin Dauster, Rowan Lorne, snowpossum, wrongsocks, Yo Mama', Zoke Miyama, Al LaBarrie, Ares Crowley, Calamari Matahari, E Kennedy, Kayla, Keelee, Lauga, Lena Klambauer, Lucia Kelly, QuizzicalQuibbler, sydney, Isabel Velasco, Vague Coffeecup, Kaela Woolsey, Morgan Short, Ahgbri Kanatist, WinglessWolf,

  • RQG 173 - Mixed Blessings

    RQG 173 - Mixed Blessings

    07/10/2020 Duração: 01h02min

    Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia, and Ben as they plunge once more into Wild Magic.This week Cel checks the engine, Hamid dives, Azu keeps an eye out, and Zolf finds some cheerful party decorations!Content Notes: - Dysmorphia / Dysphoria- Mind / Body swappingThanks to this week's Patrons: demoneyes nightkiller, Gray Dodgen, Jessica Rowden, Katharine Brinker, Lina Vargas, Morgan Souza, Myoungjin, Zooglemoof, 10_a_knut, Alexandra Iles, Andrew Kornfeld, artisticProgram, Bonnie Pryor, Charlibug, chomp, Clara Joe Bailey, cuddlykraken, Dare, Dis-Aster, Evangeline, FriendlyCybird, grfailure, Joan Flyvholm, Jordan Graham, Kaitlyn Cottrell, Kale, kleffy, Lisa Stafford, Lisel, Mark A. Little II, Marta L, Mea Holloway, MothPrincess, Nora Sabban, Robin, Tsuki Mitsukai, useastory, Abby Norling-Ruggles, AbeTrve, Adrienne Gillevet, Breanna Schaeffer, Brynne Clouse, Cara, Caroline Seidman, Crowley, Emma Armstrong, Jessica and Anthony Moltisanti, Kelwyn Brennan, Kit.If you'd like to join them, visit

  • RQG 172 - Back in the Box!

    RQG 172 - Back in the Box!

    30/09/2020 Duração: 50min

    Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia and Ben as they prepare to re-enter the aurora.This week Hamid learns to sound authoritative, Azu wards off trouble, and Zolf and Cel have a heart-to-heart.Content Notes: - Mind / Body swapping- Dysmorphia / DysphoriaThanks to this week's Patrons: Michael Sebba, Ally Miller, Ben Milne, Quill, Mari Long, Angela Walters, Anna Piskadlo, Carolyn Thraves, Clara, Felix Kaisar, Jennifer Haskell, Skoegul, sophieZbx, AlexandraThePosh, Ali Melody McGowan, Andrew Huffman, Anna Smidebush, beck, Brenna Haney, Carly Baxter, Dez, hannah d, Margaret Rigotti, Marijayne, Polina Cedric, 0, Alexzandreta Ravenor, Fantasy Costco, Kiera Brook, Miranda Stevens, Petra, roxy hale, Stella Paradise, Ashley, Ashten Lucael Ezra Rose, Ben Mabee, Emma Moesen, hana, Hannah McCarthy, Harry Barnard, lady of the labyrinth, Magie Fotovatian-Calderon, Michael Shelley boi, Morgan#1997, Six Rudolph, Aerasani, Amanda-Marie Goode, Armored Victory, Caeruleum.   If you'd like to join them, visit www.pat

  • RQG 171 - The Bow Bar

    RQG 171 - The Bow Bar

    23/09/2020 Duração: 56min

    Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia and Ben as they take a break from all the chaos to experience Wilde's latest project.This week Hamid designs a red carpet outfit, Zolf looks for a sponge, Cel outlines some scientific plans, and Azu becomes a bowling ball of death.Content Notes:- Body / Mind swapping- Dysmorphia / Dysphoria- Disorientation- Innuendo- Alcoholism / Addiction / Withdrawal Thanks to this week's Patrons: Laura Berry, Serena DeRosa, Dalia Quiroz, Vaughn S, Hannah Aroni, Sydni Zastre, Maia Montenegro, Ash, Jamy Eun, Faustina Pauwels, Ryan Mulgrew, Sarah Houghton, Sabrina B., Tristen, Just a girl, Gretal McCurdy, Eddie Sourboy, Jean, Ash Craig, mandabot, Lindsay Woodcock, Nick Ball, Emily Lalande, SternStundenSpirale, Max Sellers, Gale Love, C W, desiderius, Samantha Grant, Michael Lynn, Chani Mores, Paperweight Jellyfish, Kate, jasper, Ayu, Djorkus Day, CJ Craig, Norea Besman, iota, Gwen S., R. L Moses, Roggepan, Adrian Gergler, Agneskissme, Oliver Loupe, Katie Collins, Mika Stavropoulos, Lucas Bea

  • RQG 170 - Checking In

    RQG 170 - Checking In

    16/09/2020 Duração: 54min

    Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia and Ben as they adjust to their new normal aboard the Vengeance.This week Hamid has a moment of clarity, Azu feels tall again, Cel keeps an eye on Carter, and Zolf has a discussion with the captain. Content Notes:- Mind/body swapping- Dysmorphia/dysphoria- Disorientation- Innuendo- Self-loathing- Comedic violence- Alcoholism/addiction/withdrawal- Second-hand embarrassment / awkward conversationsThanks to this week's Patrons: Mahum Farhan, Snerful, Jordan J, Wil Holmes-Roys, Cashi, 4ReasonsUnknown, Mila, MuddyHippy, Ori rokah, Allison M, Diana Raphael Cameron, haunted moon, Orionne, Tim, Grace Lang, Avi Critz, Pipe Zellin, Will 'Wouldn't It Be Nice' Casey, Kai, Beppa, Mat Stogner, Aallst ., InsideAcesHead, Alexander Jiggles Newall, Mo Dooley, Juliette, Pasticche Candioli, Creagh Dorman, Victoria Taylor, Badgerhat, Jwatta, lewis mac, Lydia Obenshain, Red McKinnley, Lindsey Bradford, justsimplegabby, Victorystorms, urbanforaging, Morgan Gillaspie, Shelbie, Ashlee Duarte, Diana

  • RQG 169 - Airships and Ground Rules

    RQG 169 - Airships and Ground Rules

    09/09/2020 Duração: 47min

    Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia and Ben as they come to terms with their new situation. This week Hamid doesn't know his own strength, Zolf needs to meditate, Azu practices the art of stillness, and Cel offers Wilde some lessons.Content Notes: - Dysmorphia / dysphoria- Mind / body swapping- DisorientationThanks to this week's Patrons: Pioup Pioup, Anna Sprout, impressionistcowboy, Frank Voss, JURGEN! WAS! RIGHT!, Prince, Kyra Munroe, Cait2209, Jennifer Williams, freshly, Madeline, Werner, Kendal, Yarrow T. Leef, Rebecca Adamson, A.C. Reynard, Kathleen Arnett, Latitude Brown, Oscaron, Courtney McCann, Stef Aprile, TheGoodHeathen, Cheyenne Morse, Jagoda Lisak, Henry Cooke, Llyl, Transmasc King Trexel, Kirsten Wright, Fanny Baudraz, Honesty Zahnd, Jeff Boggs, Emma Stelter, Kelly Conrad, E.A. Fleming, Alex Friedman, Minnie, kelly, Mj Gonzalez, Alison Wilgus, Jessica Ma, Arthur, Jordy, Hexer Hypathia, Joyia, Jennifer Recchio, Jenna, Mads England, Jay S. Breham, DJDembo13, Steven Remington.If you'd like to

  • RQG 168 - Its OK, But Its Complicated...

    RQG 168 - It's OK, But It's Complicated...

    02/09/2020 Duração: 51min

    Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia and Ben as they make some progress and take a nice nap.This week Zolf wrestles an airship, Cel makes some friends, Hamid gives an extra-strong hug, and Azu has a new perspective on things. Content Notes: - Dysmorphia / DysphoriaThanks to this week's Patrons: Lily Magee, Bruna Thomas, muzbutch, Bridget Smith, Kayla Young, Roblin, Deanna Smit, Whitney Reynolds, Indigo Prince, Jeremiah Ochoa, Elsa Bouchard-Lukas, Olivia MacRae, Harrison Standley, Amanda Giesler, Tatum Hedrick, Nero, Romilly, ProtectMaHtinSquad, Judith Buxade (pronounced Bouchade), Emma Furth, Tori, Alex Dempsey, kate shipley, Courtney Dietz, Heli Claire, mimescreaming, MacKenzie Dodd, Erin Leisure, Jay Kunn, Aubree, Mikaela Kristianous, Micah Rak, Garrett M Beeg, Flynn, Christy Abraham, Lindsay Lutz, Dri Snow, Currie, Benjamin Horne, Lauren HP, Just Heather, Claire Brnjac, Ellis Gallagher, Kit Mitton, Raphael Hawke, mia cm, Leo9roar, Nick Welker, Molly Rose, Daisy Bell.   If you'd like

  • RQG 167 - Fun and Games

    RQG 167 - Fun and Games

    26/08/2020 Duração: 40min

    Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia and Ben as they weather a peculiar storm.This week Azu makes an unspoken pinky swear, Cel tries to improve things, Zolf experiences some drift, and Hamid suggests a way to pass the time.Content Notes: - Anxiety/Panic AttackThanks to this week's Patrons: Chris Pawlus, Hope Landers, Natasha Lamont, Brad Bradley, Lindsay Mayer, India Jane Boeckh, Anna Williams, Rook Mogavero, Stephanie, Andrea Hernandez, Ashley Martinez, Chekhov, fig, Rory Teej, Tess, Sumi Coal, Samantha Robie, Molly Young, jaimedraw, gabi, Rebecca Compton, elkwoods, Ursula Brimson, Saoirse, Gabrielle Cathie, Eleanor Carroll, Sasha Aretti, Jehan Keziere, Bevinwrath, Caitlin, Si, Emma Schindler, Klara Boz, Rowan Monk, eliot, Victoria Toomajian, Madeline Knight, Maya, Jess McLean, wovenwillows, Emily Moyer, Vicky Gitre, Elijah Tomshack, Kate Hosack, Siobhan, Aus, Emory Kjelsberg, Ali, Krista Goalby, Katherine Rose.   If you'd like to join them, visit this week by

  • RQG 166 - Smooth Sailing

    RQG 166 - Smooth Sailing

    19/08/2020 Duração: 51min

    Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia and Ben as they and the crew face a difficult decision.This week Zolf proposes a vote, Hamid talks magic, Cel might have a solution, and Azu... "takes a break."Thanks to this week's Patrons: NicoleK, Micheala Poppell, Rebecca Rutherford, Mira Morning, freesnakepoems, Lind Berget, Erica Eagles, Max, Lucy Jansen, Ray Morello, Amanda F., the war over pineapple on pizza is a distraction from the elder gods, TimonTomato, Aroara N, Morgan, Nadeem Cassander, Fiona Cartwright, Meg Petz, LocalDogMom, Alana Haber, Emily Peterson, Sam Blackman, bluehatted, Sam Toby, man door hand hook car door, Lindsey Johnson, Marg McGinnis, Arthur Stjerne, Sam Vest, Jessi Pitts, Emily Apples, Maria Lund, timkonbart, Shell Stowell, fromgloriousjupiter, indiana elepaio, Cerulean Cheesecake, Eli Davis, Sophie Sloane, Laura, Aiden Parziani, Angela Spatz, Simon Panitpakdi Jones, Ian Doherty, Amy Wain, braxxyn, Feather, Kira S, Stag. If you'd like to join them, visit  

  • RQG 165 - Hide the Fang

    RQG 165 - Hide the Fang

    12/08/2020 Duração: 48min

    Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia and Ben as they enter the treacherous Northern Wastes.This week Hamid does a bit of gossiping, Cel plays a new game, Azu hears a mysterious ticking noise, and Zolf should really come take a look at this...Content Notes: - innuendoThanks to this week's Patrons: Katie McLean, incorrigible_worksop, Sam Lueke, Delta Psy, Tired Naiad, Yael Zombie, Elizabeth Almasy, Angelika Agbayani, David Niemczyk, Harmoni Kauffman, Layne Woodward, Jacc, N, Rahlly, Michelle Scarcella, connanro, Diego Henriquez, Erica  Julie Fricker apthemagician  Zacharias Buchanan, Kathryn Sullivan, LYJun, Jordan Patton,Sophia Stasevic, Dominic Moffchiedoytiss, Liz McAnder, Juliana Scherzer, Jojoiter, 104 Tarsiers, Jara257, kendal, Kiwisheep, Renata, Devin Taylor, Emily Tucker, I should be asleep, melekinh, Kaley Bales, Vincent & Amelia, Emma Baker, Emily, here's how Web!Martin can still win, TheFool, Liv Stormborn, Nicole Just Kidding, M

  • RQG 164 - Lets Talk

    RQG 164 - Let's Talk

    05/08/2020 Duração: 57min

    Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia and Ben as they continue to navigate the skies toward Svalbard.This week Azu breaks hearts, Hamid has a chat with Wilde, Cel comes to the rescue, and Zolf discovers a secret.Content Notes: - discussion of global disaster- unwanted romantic interest- vicarious embarrassment- emetophobia (spitting)Thanks to this week's Patrons: Emmie Knobloch, ludmila schmidt, Matt1344, C-J Saunders, Myshe, Katie Stonestreet, Zoe Payne, Rebecca Field, Taga, Tamsin Myers, Conrad Schaffer Vignati, Jelka Dirksen, sleepy pigeon, Leona Maron, mo, officialspec, Maria x Zhao, Eb Mitchell, Isabel Taylor, cecilfae, Heather Cartwright, Zoe Prescott, Grace Holsten, Jessica Willmore, Beth Carter, Sarah, Null Strolight, Crystal Wang, Noah S Brown, Laura A., Dave, Trinkit, it is a mystery, Ashley S., Anna Laurie, Corina Bantum, flipwizardmcgay, Alexi Bailey, Mikki S., Emma Scrivens, Ebeth, Jordan Whiteley, Jane, Vee, Katherine Carlsrud, Wizard Perry, Abigail Bokun, Leanne Payson, MAX, Ingeborg Pedersen

  • Rusty Quill Company Chat

    Rusty Quill Company Chat

    30/07/2020 Duração: 55min

    Take a peek behind the curtain at Rusty Towers as Alex sits down with various members of Rusty Quill Ltd for insight into what we do and the values we work towards as a company.  Featuring:- Alexander J Newall- Jonathan Sims- Helen Gould- Tim Meredith- Mike LeBeau- April Sumner- Hannah Brankin- Anil GodigamuweEdited by Maddy Searle and Alexander J Newall Music: Wholesome by Kevin MacLeodLink: out our merchandise at can subscribe to this podcast using your podcast software of choice, or by visiting rate and review on your software of choice, it really helps us to spread the podcast to new listeners, so share the fear.Join our community:WEBSITE: rustyquill.comFACEBOOK: @therustyquillREDDIT: https://dis

  • RQG 163 - Friend or Foe

    RQG 163 - Friend or Foe

    29/07/2020 Duração: 50min

    Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia and Ben as they begin their voyage north!This week Hamid gets to know the crew, Cel wants juicy backstories, Zolf considers a self-care mutiny, and Azu does the weather.Thanks to this week's Patrons: Ron Dempsey, Ashlee Coles, Cassafrassaian, Pawpotato, Inga Iversen, Grace Tallman, mikey reid-cain, Francesca Monti, Bailey Moore, Katie Dibb, Algie, Julia R., skeetpost, Aline Bischof, Ilse van der Kemp, Valerie Sizemore, Karnessa, quinnntastic, Erin Kemmery, Ldsz, Ciara McGuigan, Danielle Rutkowski, Angel, Sydney Wood, Kaylee Rowena, Ania Trzoch, Murrey uwu, Jay, xpityx, Seb Ponce, Grace Francese, Jemma A., Alexander Nicholas, Bridget Beatty, S Pollock, Basil, Kara Somberg, Jess Marie, Binthibub, Stephanie Anne Sorter, Charlie, Bailey Wind, Tanya Aingeal, Charlotte Hassell, Eli, Maia Cousins, Kris Tuohy, KristinC.If you'd like to join them, visit this week by Lowri Ann Davies, Tessa Vroom & Alexander J Newall.SFX this week by mikewest, slumber

  • RQG 162 - Flying High

    RQG 162 - Flying High

    22/07/2020 Duração: 50min

    Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia and Ben as they get to building!This week Azu has opinions about chairs, Cel is chill, Zolf breaks the news to Amelia, and Hamid gets crafty!Content Notes: - recreational drug useThanks to this week's Patrons: Jessica Specht, Natalie Logan, Emily Simmons, Paige Morgan, Clarissa Olivares, Lana Roberts, Emma, Rhiannon Thomas Bourne, Malibustacy, Regan Sanders, Christina, Sir Prahlegod, Trixie McGee, A Brain In A Bucket, Esther Phillips, Annie Shoes, Natasha Tomecek, Maglor, Saturn '- Lynnette, Amaranta Petty, Allison Perrone, Ari Shenanigans, PumkinMilk, McKensie Schepers, Anneka V. Brighton, Jasmine Zeelfreund, Ludo, Marguerite Coles, Katharine Forman, hellotrickster, Riley Alexandre, Rose Johnson, reubenpax, what if you were defenseless, Tara, Biff, The Thing Lurking In The Dirt Under The Streets Of Alexandria, Sarah Anderson, [tips fedora] J'archivist, logan austin, Jem strongeststars Malak, OnaDacora, alex, skyber

  • RQG 161 - Terms and Conditions

    RQG 161 - Terms and Conditions

    15/07/2020 Duração: 39min

    Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia and Ben as they navigate difficult arrangements before taking flight.This week Hamid outfits the kobolds, Azu's got ALL the marbles, Cel shows off their model kit, & Zolf takes up the new mantle of chief mediator.Content Notes:- racism / biological essentialism- depression- arguments - recreational drug useThanks to this week's Patrons:Dakota Hardy, Julie Forsberg, Haven, Michael Pankowski, glyphsinateacup, Grace Moraca, Felicity, Alex Quitevis, Crystal Hoover, Dylan Robinson, Andrew Jones, Timb58, Griffin Irradiatedsnakes, Fearmonger, Lina Biryukov, Sara M Dozier, Aft, R.T. North, Klara, Lee!, Adam Salem, Stephanie Hedge, Dmitri Molotov, Tucker Rossman, belated, jonathan simps, Riley Lulich, Lily N, Lucy Snow, Carolina Orihuela, Genia ZC, Cyd Troupe, Angusbef, Vanessa Chang, String_and_bone, steve martin, Ferris the Wheel, Ariel Murawski, peony foxburr, Ariel Fisher, Mikmed13, Mary Angela Rowe, ourdivineashes, Natasha Kavina, Caroline, MorteLise, Elisar Haydar, Alexandra Dav

  • RQG 160 - A Fixer Upper

    RQG 160 - A Fixer Upper

    08/07/2020 Duração: 52min

    Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia and Ben as they find an old acquaintance in bad shape... This week Azu makes a bunch of people cry, Hamid gets domestic, Cel has the best build team, & Zolf is not great at this...Content Notes:- Loud, high-frequency SFX- Trauma- Depression- Alcoholism- Malnutrition- Grief / Discussion of death- Self-recrimination- Unhealthy coping mechanisms Thanks to this week's Patrons:Nicole Perlman, Devon, Cayleigh Latimer, Little King Trash Mouth, Joseph P Legander III, Qwenivere, Zsófia M, IRQ, Anna Godfrey, Tony Jasper, Obscura Noxia, Blair Riddle, Agatha Bird, ContestSylveon, Bianca Sofia Ricci, Carly Johnson, Ace Gifford, Emily Mundidyke, Samantha A., Cortue, Kathryn Blair, Hugh Smith, Marianna Jones, Jo, Kasserine, Elizabeth H., Kendra, Isabella Silva, Nuka96, Shy Magpie, Katie Nelson, Sam Quiche, TJ Hummel, SDD, Hannah McGinty, Socket saintdominicci, Elyssa, Haley, Lane Dolberg, Jamie, Maxwell McCandless, LCR, Samrath Kaur, Emily Of The Beef, Maddie Christie, Jess McKni

  • RQG 159 - Hiroshima

    RQG 159 - Hiroshima

    01/07/2020 Duração: 01h10s

    Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia and Ben as they actually get some R & R and explore the city!This week Zolf goes shopping for Wilde, Hamid heads to the bank, Azu finally gets to enjoy space her size, & Cel has eyes on a new project!Thanks to this week's Patrons:theflyingpiano, Ana, Christian Nabli, thisistrashking, Catherine N., Shane Crowley, Robert Johnson, catsandbolts, Sarah Kitchen, schneefink, Spookyghostboy, Lyssie, Indigo Lee, Kait Sanchez, TheCookieOfDoom, Dana Milligan, David Michalek, XBFNoodles, .vouivre, Caisey Robertson, Kris Tsvirkun, Amelia Ford, Mistodon, Mia Cong, Alice Erebus, Nine, Alice Kneipp, HoloXam, Aaron Mitchell, Christina Connolly, Emily Brooks-Martin, Caroline Schmitt, Rebecca Bonomi, Falcolmreynolds, Kirsty Proctor, Parker, salem helgadóttir, Rebecca Burrows, A.C., Amber, Eternitarian, Buffmothman, Stuart Platt, Michael Goulish, Lauren Fisher, A Grue, Daine, ilikecetaceans, scp2521 If you'd like to join them visit this week

  • RQG 158 - On the Road Again

    RQG 158 - On the Road Again

    24/06/2020 Duração: 49min

    Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia and Ben as they pack up and get ready for another high flying adventure!This week Azu carefully lurks, Hamid tries to make everyone cozier, Zolf mopes and Hopes, and Cel changes and un-changes their plansThanks to this week's Patrons:L Lunovick, Clay Cameron, Krisp Dreemurr, Robert Hubert, Zoe Dapore, Lindy McLosin' It, Moriah Day, Shay Topaz, Ida Karoliussen, Patrick Lusk, Frood, Bella Choy, Daniela, Johnathan, Lauren Smithwick, Gill, Taro, Desiree Certain, Maggie Benson, Mundetiam, Ruth Harris, Abel Strictly, Neeley, Chiara Di Filippo, Beau, Molly Bushby-Medlen, Bee Murray, Van Bedard, Harrison Regan, space-gh0sts, M Whalen, seven goblins in a trench coat, escherzo, Kiah Benedict, Destiny Rivers, Dani Urbina, lare Nick Gilbert, pj bradley, cinderrain, Eliot Bonetto, Amanda Boltz, Monica, Rhys Whittemore, levee!, Cliffe, Sarah Bensch, Ellen Mcloughlin, Sirka, Leah, Allie, and JekaraIf youd like to jojin them visit this week by Lowri Ann Davies,

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