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Tim Cowlishawis the lead columnist in Dallas Ft Worth for SportsDay in the Dallas Morning News, where he has been since 1989. In that time he has covered the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Stars on a daily basis and the other local teams the Texas Rangers and Dallas Mavericks, Texas Motor Speedway and the PGA events extensively. Tim has been a regular panelist on ESPN TVs daily Around the Horn program for the past 7 years. He will continue his association with ESPN TV on Around the Horn in addition to his daily radio duties on ESPN 103.3 FM
Steve Dennis knew he wanted to be a Sports Broadcaster ever since he was 14 years old.
Now 33 years later, Steve has done it all, including 17 years at KTVT Ch 11/KTXA Ch 21 as a reporter and anchor. Working inside the walls of Valley Ranch on Dallas Cowboys TV and Internet projects as well extensive radio experience on 103.3 FM ESPN. Hes gone from Joplin, Mo to Altus, OK, Kansas, K State and even had a stint in Wichita KS calling Wranglers and Wings games.
And this is his second stint on the ESPN Radio in Dallas, he co hosted a show on the station in 05-06 on. Add up all the years of making contacts, working sources, asking questions, writing and telling stories, anchoring sportscasts, giving opinions, calling games and I hope it equals a radio talk show host properly equipped to handle ALL discussions. And that is what I love most about my career in sports broadcasting. Steve required his bio include the fact that he graduated with a Journalism degree in 1982 from the School of Arts and Sciences from THE Ohio St. University.
Add it all up and it equals a radio talk show host that is properly equipped to handle all discussions that come up on the air.


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