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  • Moonshots Episode 14: Buckets Lists and Food Rules

    Moonshots Episode 14: Buckets Lists and Food Rules

    16/06/2017 Duração: 35min

    "Jess Kleinschmidt and Alex Kolodziej are two peas in a pod, they would be a 7.1/10 couple," one anonymous source said of Moonshots. That actually didn't happen, but we're glad you're here to listen to Episode 14. Before the episode even starts, is there anything more irritating than being heckled for money by homeless people? The answer is no, and you can see the Triggered Meter raises to new levels in the first few minutes of the show. Everyone has things they want to do before they die. Dying isn't fun. Which sporting events would you want to witness before being buried? We give ours. Next time you prepare a meal, take notes of what you do differently. We give our OCD mannerisms when it comes to food, including do's and don't and golden rules. Apparently Hot or Not was a thing back in the day before Facebook (or something). Anyways, Jess was a mean average of 9 and we may need some pics as evidence because I don't buy it (she's a 10, love her, prototypical mom figure). Let's die alone as we mull ove

  • Moonshots Episode 13: Stadium Food and Facebook Statuses

    Moonshots Episode 13: Stadium Food and Facebook Statuses

    09/06/2017 Duração: 32min

    Do you like baseball and food? Great, because that's essentially all we talk about on Episode 13 of Moonshots. Jess and Alex return to the show, kicking it off with MLB players they wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. Jess is also very short and there are a lot of players that could break her with two fingers but it's okay because she has a player (hint: It's Jose Altuve) who she could potentially be a good matchup for. Remember when baseball stadiums had hot dogs and pretzels and Lemon Chill sherbet? Now we have toasted grasshoppers and bacon-wrapped, cheese-smothered filet mignon that comes with chocolate-drizzled, baked pie with a pound of vanilla ice cream. Anyway, what's the best food to get when you're at the diamond? We dig into that. 2007 Facebook: "She liked my status, she definitely wants to kiss after fourth period." 2017 Facebook: *POLITICAL RANT* The worst. Let's talk about that. Actually, we did. You can listen! Baseball and romance? They mix, but not really. Find out why baseball is ae

  • Moonshots Episode 12: Minor-League Promotions and Meeting Parents

    Moonshots Episode 12: Minor-League Promotions and Meeting Parents

    24/05/2017 Duração: 33min

    "The one thing I love about Moonshots is that they give minor-league baseball tons of love," one living human probably said at one point. It's true: Jess and Alex adore the small ball and all the quirky things that come with the farm systems. Except the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp may have taken it too far with their latest promotion. Or did they? From shrimp to wings, it's a true fact that Jess is the buffalo wings taste-tester for the state of Nevada (or something like that). Whatever, she likes wings; so she gives us her take on when it's appropriate to eat boneless vs. when you should eat regular. The Bacholerette -- it's terrible. That's it. Meeting the parents can be tough, especially when you have a pair of uptight parents who don't want you to rob their children's heart. When Alex was in grade school his classmates' parents liked him more than they liked their own kid, and Jess talks about drinking wine at the dinner table with her significant other's parents because she's a rebel like that. Sing

  • Moonshots Episode 11: Alternates And Attire

    Moonshots Episode 11: Alternates And Attire

    17/05/2017 Duração: 49min

    Moonshots Episode 11 kicks off in the best possible way as Jess continues to rile up the Twittersphere and get people mad, because, well, Twitter. After things settle down, though, it's back to the basics: sports, pop culture and dating (or lack thereof) stuff. It's a little-known fact that the reason baseball ratings are down (this may or may not be true) is because teams aren't wearing their throwback jerseys enough. Which organization has the best? Jess and Alex discuss why teams need to get back to the old threads, and why anything powder blue is good for at least 10+ runs per game. It's also true that once you reach the age of 24, nobody drinks vodka anymore. The two co-hosts talk about the evolution of alcohol, as well as why Fireball is a no-go because there may or may not be anti-freeze in it. What's acceptable to wear on a date? Jess has to primp when she goes to Walmart and Alex's closet won't be short of MLB alternate t-shirts anytime soon. Speaking of baseball, make college baseball great aga

  • Moonshots Episode 10: Movies and Direct Messages

    Moonshots Episode 10: Movies and Direct Messages

    09/05/2017 Duração: 40min

    After a two-week hiatus due to the NFL Draft causing mass hysteria around FanRag headquarters, Moonshots is back with Alex and Jess. Buckle up for Episode 10, because it's a good one. After Alex falsely claims that Moonshots has been praised by Forbes and the New York Times, the two finally kick off the show to talk about the best sports-movie characters of all time. It's actually a shame that Jess forgot about D2: Mighty Ducks, aka one of the best featured films to ever be played on television. It's cool to eat healthy, just don't be the person that lets everyone know you do! So while Jess's love for wings may be parlayed with a salad, and Alex splits his day up in two, it brings up the emphasis of the segment: Balance is key! Finally, the segment we've all been waiting for: Jess reads all the creepy and mean things that people message her! Let's go! By the way, it's cool to shot your shot, just don't be a weirdo, you know? Fasten your seat belt and take a stroll alongside paradise lane aka Moonshots,

  • Moonshots Episode 9: Pizza and Postseasons

    Moonshots Episode 9: Pizza and Postseasons

    19/04/2017 Duração: 45min

    The NHL and NBA Playoffs are currently going on, which has everyone losing their minds and causing tons of drama. What better way to kick off Episode 9 of Moonshots than making fun of all of you people and your favorite sport? Jess and Alex delve into which sport has the best postseason, and why the NFL has a loophole when it comes to this rule. Alex is from Chicago aka the pinnacle post for pizza (great alliteration) while Jess is from Reno, where apparently cops wear short shorts. Is pizza from chain restaurants even pizza? Is deep dish actually lasagna? Why does Jess love Dominos so much? All those questions will be answered, friends. No, it's not wedding season, but being in your mid-20s calls for knot-tying aplenty. Find out why being invited to a wedding is 37x better than actually being in a wedding. In regards to all the brain-melting television that MTV produces, there are some really good guilty pleasure ones -- Two-a-Days, Jersey Shore and Teen Mom. Oh, and Catfish, which is the hands-down best

  • Moonshots Episode 8: Donuts and Long Distance

    Moonshots Episode 8: Donuts and Long Distance

    12/04/2017 Duração: 44min

    Congratulations to all the MLB teams with winning records after nine games of the season. Welcome to overreaction week of baseball season, where everyone's assumptions turns to ash by July. On Episode 8 of Moonshots, Alex and Jess open up the podcast by discussing their early-season baseball antics that people are going crazy about. Who wants to talk about food? We do. There are some popular donut opinions on Episode 8 -- from Munchkins, to Long Johns, to why anything red velvet is pure garbage. Don't drink and drive! Unless you're planning to play Mario Kart 64, that is. Jess and Alex talk about their favorite drivers, Sega Genesis, Halo, Tony Hawk and why playing N64 is a good excuse to open up the alcohol cabinet. Finally, are long-distance relationships good? Do they work? Are they garbage? Find out, friends! The two round out the show -- in a seamless transition -- by talking about why they're single. Enjoy Moonshots and launch your first-world problems 700 feet into the triple deck.

  • Moonshots Episode 7: Sherseys and Shopping

    Moonshots Episode 7: Sherseys and Shopping

    05/04/2017 Duração: 43min

    Moonshots invites you to enjoy all things sports, especially baseball. However, you can't just go waltzing around with a Bryce Harper or Giancarlo Stanton shersey. Those guys are good, but Jess and Alex return for Episode 7 to give you all the ins and outs of purchasing MLB t-shirt jerseys while giving a brief background of the ones they already own. Welcome to adulthood, AKA having to go grocery shopping. Is it fun, or is it dreadful? The two give their opinions on food shopping, but please, do not think that the supermarket is a place to just go around and start talking to people. Oh, and speaking of people, baseball players are humans, too. Which is why Jess and Alex pick MLB players who they would want to be best friends with. Before Alex can close out with the "why are you single?" segment, Jess peeps up with tattoos, in which the two discuss the current ones they have, what they want, and what's attractive regarding them and the opposite sex. Come launch your first-world problems into the upper-dec

  • Moonshots Episode 6: Breakfast and Bold Predictions

    Moonshots Episode 6: Breakfast and Bold Predictions

    29/03/2017 Duração: 40min

    Moonshots. Episode 6. Welcome back to the party, friend. Will the Orioles have four players with more than 40 home runs? Will the World Series be decided on a replay? Probably not, but Alex and Jess get into their extra bold predictions as we gear up for Opening Day 2017. Everyone is crazy. If you're reading this, you're crazy. But it's acceptable to be -- it's just a matter of when. Tip: Don't be all that crazy. Gee, Jess is high maintenance when it comes to breakfast food? Who would have thunk it. Get all the breakfast hot takes, and find out why people who go out of their way to tell you they enjoy brunch can't be trusted. We all have shows that we love to watch, but hate to tell people we watch. Get the scoop on what the two watch when it's time to put on some guilty pleasure television shows. Lastly, as always, the single life. Let's die alone together on Moonshots and crush first-world problems 600 feet into the upper deck.

  • Moonshots Episode 5: Gleam Season and Starbucks

    Moonshots Episode 5: Gleam Season and Starbucks

    22/03/2017 Duração: 48min

    Episode 5 of Moonshots gets underway with Jess and Alex talking about St. Patrick's Day, the weekend and a return of the 'mems life.' Jess didn't want to dive into any antics, but Alex did, and he tells some tales from the weekend, as well as why Gleam Season is an important stretch of time over the calendar year. Reporting has become second-nature, so the pair of hosts talk about being in clubhouses, who they'd want to interview, and the job in itself. Coffee snobs? You bet. Alex passionately vouches for Dunkin, and Jess only prefers hers to be all dressed up. Things get a bit heated. Here's a tip: Don't be awkward. Jess and Alex also discuss the most awkward dating moments they've experienced. Spoiler alert: Jess's are great.

  • Episode 4: Pop-Tarts and Roommates

    Episode 4: Pop-Tarts and Roommates

    15/03/2017 Duração: 52min

    Alex Kolodziej and Jessica Kleinschmidt return for Episode 4 of Moonshots, and are joined by FanRag MLB editor and Alex's roommate, Alex Smolokoff. The two Alex's discuss living situations, while Smolokoff admits that he's a bad roommate. Jess hates living in Reno, while Kolodziej harps on why buying houses is only for adults who want to die as quick as possible. The Pop-Tart debate is one that stretches back all the way to the 1300s; still, nobody has been able to properly rank them in proper order. The three try to do such that. Save the date! No, nobody is getting married, don't worry. But MLB The Show 17 is set to release on March 28, so the the trio talks about which teams they would and wouldn't want to get drafted by once they create their respective players. And as always, the podcast concludes with why everyone on the show is single.

  • Moonshots Episode 3: Combine and Candy Bars

    Moonshots Episode 3: Combine and Candy Bars

    07/03/2017 Duração: 47min

    In Episode 3 of Moonshots, Jess Kleinschmidt and Alex Kolodziej return to give each other scouting reports in wake of the NFL Combine, and later talk about the best and worst candy bars that the grocery shelves have to offer. After picking the ideal fictional significant other, the two round back to offer their respective walk-up songs for when they get drafted in the MLB. Lastly, as always, both will outline why they're still single.

  • Moonshots Episode 2: The Mems Life

    Moonshots Episode 2: The Mems Life

    01/03/2017 Duração: 39min

    Jess and Alex return for Episode 2 of Moonshots to get into other first-world problems. A week after talking about minor league baseball, overrated foods and the golden rules of Tinder, the two discuss appetizers, why making memories with your friends is ideal, how to construct the best flippy cup teams comprised of MLB players, and more. Sit back, relax, and launch your problems 800 feet out of the galaxy.

  • Episode One: Lift Off

    Episode One: Lift Off

    21/02/2017 Duração: 42min

    On Episode one of Moonshots, Jess Kleinschmidt and Alex Kolodziej talk about the possibility of kids, the best minor league baseball team names, the do's and dont's of Tinder, and more.