Pokkéncast is a podcast brought to you by the members and staff of Pokkén Arena, hosted by Azoth, to talk about news and information for Pokkén Tournament. Anything from tournament results, to new tech and player spotlights to new characters. We will be bringing in top tournament players, commentators, and prominent figures in the community as guests.


  • Darkrai: The Pitch Black Pokemon

    Darkrai: The Pitch Black Pokemon

    27/07/2016 Duração: 01h28min

    Welcome to the first episode of PokkénArena's Pokkéncast. In the first episode Azoth(@AzothAlkahest) is joined by guests Milln(@FSMillnable), TheAppleBoom(@TheAppleBoom), Six(@mr6tennis), and Cat Fight(@Circa_Catfight) where they discuss the latest fighter announced for Pokkén Tournament, Darkrai.