Lifes Tool Box with Kenny Brixey teaches tools that can be used in everyday life enabling you to live a more conscious, empowered and authentic life. Each week Kenny and his guests will chat about a new tool, how it can positively impact your life and how you can use it right now to assist you as you move towards your dreams. Life does not have to be so hard. It can be easier and more effortless when you have a toolbox full of tools that work for you.


  •  		Defining Essence

    Defining Essence


    We are taking the first steps on a beautiful journey to defining essence. We are opening awareness and understanding to what essence is and what it is not. We all have an eternal, ever expanding essence within that can be tapped into to guide our thoughts, beliefs and actions. Even if we cannot see it within us, it is there and we need only realize the truth that we are right here, right now, to know it exists. As we become aware of the brilliance, strength and lovingness of our essence, we can experience and express it in each moment of our lives. We can choose to perceive all of our experiences and expressions from this most sacred space within. Join us on this episode and begin your journey to truth, awareness; your essence.

  •  		Let Your Unique Shine

    Let Your Unique Shine


    It takes more energy to conform to what we believe others want us to be than it does to stand true in our own Uniqueness. What prevents you from expressing the beauty of your uniqueness? What do you have to offer yourself and the world that no one else can offer? Whether you believe it or not, you have a unique presence that deserves to be shared. When we experience our own unique truth and express it in all we do, judgments subside, comparison of self to others is no longer necessary, and we find a life of ease and love. On this episode of Life’s Tool Box, we discover that we are all unique and need only recognize and express as our unique selves. We explore the barriers to understanding our uniqueness and why we do not always express our truth. We also look at the benefits of experiencing and expressing as our authentic and unique selves. Learn how to recognize your own unique qualities and talents and share them with the world.

  •  		Embrace Kindness with Jan Lundy

    Embrace Kindness with Jan Lundy


    Embracing the flow of kindness to and from ourselves allows us to create a kinder and gentler experience of life. Knowing kindness within opens us further to express kindness to others, and, also to more fully receive kindness from others. When we embrace kindness within our own hearts, we more fully realize the kindness that is present all around us. Jan Lundy is back with us on this episode to discuss Embracing Kindness. We will take a look at self-kindness, what it is, how we can be more kind to ourselves and the relationship between self-kindness and being kind to others.

  •  		Move Forward with Positivity

    Move Forward with Positivity


    On this show, we talk about the power of “Moving Forward with Positivity.” We all move forward in life, it is the only way to go. The energy we express is what determines whether we move into a life of possibility or struggle. The wonderful news is, We Have A Choice… We can choose the energy we experience and express in our lives. We can choose where to place our focus and we can choose to open the door to a life that creates all we desire.

  •  		Reflect, Release, Renew

    Reflect, Release, Renew


    The New Year invites us to look forward with hope for a better life. We look at improving things in some areas and expanding things in others. Some of us want to be rid of some things and leave behind others. Before we can move forward, though, we must look at what worked and what limited us from the past. Our tool for today invites us to reflect on that which did not serve us from the past, release the things that no longer serve our higher good and renew our life, our perceptions and our beliefs. We are transforming or replacing old thoughts and beliefs with new empowering ones. We are letting go of habits that hindered our progress with ones that serve us and lift us throughout this life experience. We are renewing our view, experience and expression of life. Join us on this episode and enjoy the opportunity to look within and see the amazing and empowering traits within you. These traits serve your journey of life by elevating your experience and expression, and they open you to deepen your positive se

  •  		Mind Map Your 2019

    Mind Map Your 2019


    We have access to maps on our phones, our GPS devices and the old school printed maps that lead us nearly anywhere we want to go. How cool would it be to have a map to your intentions and goals for the new year? How much more likely are you to succeed in reaching those goals and intentions if you had a map to follow? Today we are talking about mapping out the new year. We are taking goal and intention setting to a new level by using the process of mind mapping. This tool will add clarity, empowerment, creativity and enjoyment to the journey towards our intentions. The beauty of this tool is that we create our own path and in the creation, we can make it fun and exciting. We not only set our intentions for the new year, we map out the way to those intentions. Join us on the show and mind map your 2019. Manifest your intentions and goals for 2019.

  •  		Expand Your Experience of Christmas

    Expand Your Experience of Christmas


    Whether you absolutely love the holidays or dread them, you can expand your experience of the holidays by being fully present. On this episode, we talk about the importance of being present and mindful, releasing the stress, and finding joy. No matter your typical experience of this season, join us and discover how you can find joy and happiness through all of the activities and dramas.

  •  		Four Holiday Gifts

    Four Holiday Gifts


    Today we are exploring the four most wonderful gifts that we can receive and give. Love, Peace, Gratitude and Oneness. As we look within and realize these gifts within us, we express them more fully into every situation we experience. As we express them out to the world, we gift the world beauty and kindness. The more we express these four gifts out to others, the more we feel them grow within our own hearts.

  •  		Create Your Christmas Wish List

    Create Your Christmas Wish List


    On this episode of Life’s Tool Box, we are talking about rekindling one of the greatest joys of our childhood; creating a Christmas Wish List. We will discuss the benefits of creating a list, and those benefits go far beyond a list of things to purchase. We explore the journey of creating the list. We acknowledge the childlike joy found in the curiosity required to make the list. We look at the meanings each item holds for us on the heart level. We discover the benefits of making the list in our everyday lives. And, we open our realization to how the heart desires that lead us to each item on the list serve our well-being. Allow your inner child a chance to explore, get curious and have fun as you Create Your Christmas Wish List.

  •  		Respond From Essence

    Respond From Essence


    Life is full of situations that invite us to react in some way or another. Many times, we are tempted to react with a knee-jerk reaction with little or no consideration of our actions. Today we are talking about the tool, “Respond From Essence.” This requires us to go within, connect with our essence and then respond with consciousness of our truth. When we respond from essence, we are not changed by the situation, we change the situation. Respond with love and kindness and live your truth.

  •  		Deepen Consciousness

    Deepen Consciousness


    On this episode, we talk about deepening our consciousness beyond the awareness of what we are experiencing in the moment. As we deepen our consciousness even further, we see truth, we see the love and peace that is present in every moment. Deepening Consciousness to the level of love, we realize the oneness with all and all is well.

  •  		Overcome Excuses

    Overcome Excuses


    Overcome excuses in your life and open the pathways to living the life you desire. Today we are talking about how excuses prevent us from accomplishing much in life, how they create beliefs about ourselves, and how they limit our experience. While, on this episode, we focus on excuses that are common around elections, we see how they roll over into other areas of life, as well. Join us and learn how to identify and overcome excuses that you may use.

  •  		Be Kind

    Be Kind


    With all the turmoil, hate and anger being expressed into the world these days, it is time for us to stand in the strength of peace. It is time for us to Be Kind. There are many kind acts we can offer, such as, smiles, holding the door open for someone, buying coffee for the person behind us in line at the coffee shop, offering hugs and many others. While these are beautiful expressions of our heart into the world, let us take kindness to new levels. On this episode, we talk about being kind in our thoughts and beliefs. We talk about standing in our kindness and transforming the negative energy into the light of love. We revisit some of our life tools that will assist us in shifting more fully to kindness. Join us and transform the energy in your world.

  •  		Elevate Your Mindset

    Elevate Your Mindset


    When you look at your life, are you thrilled with what you see? Have you accomplished all you set out to do and are you excited for what is yet to come? Or, do you feel that you have settled for the life you live? Do you feel life has dealt you a fixed set of circumstances and talents that you must deal with? Do you dread what is yet to come? Whether you are happy with your life, regret your life or feel that fate will determine your future, you can elevate life. Life is changed, expanded and/or elevated when we adopt a mindset that supports our desires. Your experience of life is determined by your mindset. Join us on this episode as we discus mindsets; what they are, how they can be transcended and how they serve you. Join us to find out how you can be more self-compassionate and how this behavior benefits all of life.

  •  		Living Gently with Yourself with Jan Lundy

    Living Gently with Yourself with Jan Lundy


    We often push ourselves to do more. We judge and critique ourselves harshly and rarely take time to treat ourselves with gentleness and kindness. Life becomes chaotic. Issues seem to pile up on us and overwhelm is not far in the future. Jan Lundy joins us today to talk about what it means to live gently. She shares a bit about her own journey of living gently with herself and we will discuss a 30-day journey she has created that will assist us all in being gentler and kinder to ourselves. Join us to find out how you can be more self-compassionate and how this behavior benefits all of life.

  •  		The Illusion of Loss

    The Illusion of Loss


    The death of a loved one or celebrity brings a since of loss. The fear of never again feeling what that person provided in our life creates a hole we often cannot imagine being filled again. The sadness and sorrow can be over-whelming and can often consume us for quite a while. On this episode, we talk about feeling the feelings, moving through those feelings and opening awareness to the true connection with that person that is never broken. In holding our loved ones in our heart and memories, we honor them and the relationship. Through our loving thoughts, we nurture and expand the love that will never subside. Loss is an illusion.

  •  		Have Fun

    Have Fun


    For many of us, when we became adults, life became serious, we left behind the fun. For some, the first career invited seriousness in. For others, when they became parents, life became serious. For those who still have fun, there are probably specific times that you allow fun and other times that you move back to serious. For most of us, when we find ourselves in a difficult situation in life, we get serious and leave fun out of the situation. We have been taught that a serious situation requires us to be serious which, for many of us, takes on a somber aspect. We move into areas that are somewhat dark and match our emotions to the situation we are facing. Fun is one of the most empowering tools we can add into life situations. When fun is present, we are more able to expand our awareness of the options available to us. We are more free to experience the situation with love and peace. We expand and elevate all of life. Join us on this episode as we discuss the power of Fun.

  •  		You Matter

    You Matter


    Did you know that you matter? You matter more than you may know. You are vital to the healing of this world and you are capable of being a catalyst for positive change. Join us as we talk about seeing the light within and illuminating the world with your beautiful truth. Our world needs great healing and you hold a key within you to ignite that healing. Your expression into the world can elevate love and peace. You do not need a huge platform from which to share your gifts before making a difference; you make a difference when your express your love and gifts in all you do.

  •  		Stay True To You

    Stay True To You


    We can change the world when we stay true to our own inner truth. When we discover the traits of our essence and express them into the world, we infuse the world with love, peace, authentic strength and goodness. Our perceptions of all that is occurring around us shifts and allows us to see goodness and light. Join us on this episode to learn more about identifying the beautiful qualities within that allow you to be a catalyst for positive change in your own heart and all experiences you face. You can change the world and it all begins within.

  •  		Be Your Own Greatest Ally

    Be Your Own Greatest Ally


    Do you now have, or have you ever had situations in your life that are difficult to face? Do you feel alone as you consider the situation and how to handle it? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to face those situations with an ally, a friend, a supporter? Have you ever considered that you can be your own greatest ally? When we connect with our inner truth and focus on our heart’s messages, we become our own greatest ally, even in times we are led to seek help from others. Tuning into our essence, we are never alone in our life journey. Join us as we discus the importance of being our own greatest ally and how to make the heart connection that serves our greatest good.

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