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Practical Recordz is a free digital-only label for Neuro and Liquid Drum & Bass and some other subgenres. It is located in Porto


  • Practical Podcast ep 02 with Neurotoxin

    Practical Podcast ep 02 with Neurotoxin

    04/02/2011 Duração: 01h21min

    PRACTICAL RECORDZ PODCAST : NEUROTOXIN __________________________________________ Neurotoxin is a project founded by Gonçalo Silva, known as Real Phase in the portuguese underground drum'n'bass scene since 2001, and Pedro Lopes. Former metal musicians, they get together in the project Lokomotive Station back in 2007, exploring a range of electronic sounds, from techno-pop to d'n'b. After the band split up in 2009, they decide to take their creative output to more introspective soundscapes, exploring deeper atmospheres, while still maintaining parallel projects in metal. Inspired by the emerging minimal scene, and a greater openness to various different electronic music styles, slowly the first tracks start to see the light of day, capturing the attention of DJs such as Sleepz, Main Shift and Loxy, who already played two tracks in his CX podcasts. They are currently working on several tracks in different styles and tempos, that will be revealed in time. For the moment, we are preparing the release of Dronel

  • Practical Podcast ep 01 with Cruz

    Practical Podcast ep 01 with Cruz

    04/02/2011 Duração: 01h04min

    PRACTICAL RECORDZ PODCAST : CRUZ __________________________________________ Cruz is a Drum & Bass dj and podcast host mostly playing liquidfunk, minimal and neurofunk, yet showing a bit of everything and supporting many underground artist and producers such as Deep Focus, Wintermute, Angel&Spider, XentriX, MONSTABeat, TomekN, Clarity and others. Having played some gigs for some years in the past he's been building up an image through his podcast, that's been up for more than a year and having guest mixes on DnbRadio and other places. Being part of the Practical Crew for the last year he has been gathering new artists and producers for the label and will be the host dj of upcoming podcasts and events. 01. Sabre - The Crest 02. dBridge, Instra:mental & Skream - Acacia Avenue 03. Subwave - First Time 04. Alix Perez - Behind Time 05. Spectrasoul - Mimic 06. Phace - Interplay 07. A