Somos Padres is a parenting podcast where husband and wife duo, Paulo and Yesenia, talk about and share information about parenting AND also embrace parenting as the vehicle thru which we can recognize the places where we need to do some work on ourselves. Yesenia would call it healing, Paulo would call it evolve and others would call it something else, but it doesnt matter what anyone calls it. It is the recognition that our children are our mirrors that reflect back to us the places where we need to grow as human beings, and talking about parenting thru this lens is what Paulo and Yesenia are passionate about. Podcasts drop as often as this mom and dad are able to release. 


  • Episode 50: Final Episode

    Episode 50: Final Episode

    09/05/2020 Duração: 36min

    In this final episode of the Somos Padres Podcast, Paulo and Yesenia sign off from what has been an incredible three year journey.  Listen in on how they came to this decision and listen to them reflect on some of their most cherished memories and what this podcast has meant for them.  You will also hear about what is next for them.    We want to express our gratitude to everyone who joined us on this journey.  It has been an incredible honor to know that we have been, even a small part, of your parenting evolution.  Thank you.  ¡Que viva la evolución!

  • Episode 49: COVID Proof Your Relationship

    Episode 49: COVID Proof Your Relationship

    16/04/2020 Duração: 55min

    In this episode, Paulo and Yesenia welcome Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Yanira Pena, to the podcast to talk about how to COVID-Proof our relationships.  Recently the news has highlighted that one of the highest googled topics during quarantine is “how to get a divorce” so when Yesenia came across Yanira and her colleague's webinar on this very topic, she knew that we could all benefit from having Yanira on the show.Get ready to hear some hard truths and incredibly sound guidance to help our relationships make it through this stressful time.   You can find Yanira Pena on Instagram at @nbcounselingtc_105 and on her website at

  • Episode 48: Life at Home

    Episode 48: Life at Home

    30/03/2020 Duração: 32min

    New Podcast Episode!  True story,  we started recording this episode multiple times because we didn’t agree on whether or not to start by saying "AGAIN, that we are back after a long hiatus".   It wasn’t until the fourth or fifth time that we finally realized that our not recording was a manifestation of how we were living our lives; putting things off that we cared about because we were “too busy” or “too tired”.  While talking we realized that the current pandemic experience can be an offering from the universe.  Paulo and Yesenia offer a glimpse of where they currently are in processing their quarantine experience and share what they are currently struggling with and how they are looking at things differently while at home.   Thanks for tuning in!

  • Episode 47: In Honor of My Dad

    Episode 47: In Honor of My Dad

    11/02/2020 Duração: 56min

    Paulo and Yesenia are back to Somos Padres with a new podcast intro, new podcast cover art and an update on their life!  The year started with the health decline and eventual passing of Paulo’s father and in this episode Paulo and Yesenia talk about the experience.  Paulo shares how he is coping, what he has been learning about himself thru this process and how he ultimately approached writing the eulogy for his father’s funeral service.   The eulogy is shared at the end of the podcast episode. 

  • Episode 46: A Marriage Story

    Episode 46: A Marriage Story

    10/12/2019 Duração: 57min

    In this episode Paulo and Yesenia offer their immediate and raw reaction after having watched the movie recently released on Netflix, The Marriage Story.  They each had various moments that they connected with and they share it all.  Spoiler alert, if you have not watched the movie, wait until after watching the movie to listen to this episode as Paulo and Yesenia talk about the entire movie. 

  • Episode 45: Paulos Vipassana Experience

    Episode 45: Paulo's Vipassana Experience


    In this episode we welcome back Paulo to the podcast and he finally shares his Vipassana 10-day silent meditation experience.  He shares what the most challenging part of the experience was for him and also his breakthroughs.  Yesenia also shares what she has seen as the major difference in his behavior since returning from the retreat.  For more information on Vipassana meditation please visit

  • Episode 44: Summer Series 2019- Ep.6: The Work Does Not End

    Episode 44: Summer Series 2019- Ep.6: "The Work" Does Not End


    In this next installment of the Somos Padres Summer Series, Yesenia reflects on a recent post on Instagram that came across her feed.  The post insinuated that the passing of generational trauma (or patterns) could be controlled.  This idea reminded Yesenia of a personal story that Dr. Shefali Tsabary shared during the Evolve Conference in 2018 which contradicts that idea.  Listen to the episode and let us know what you think?   

  • Episode 43: Summer Series 2019- Ep.5: Authentic Power

    Episode 43: Summer Series 2019- Ep.5: Authentic Power


    In this episode Yesenia talks about authentic power.  She shares how we can begin to reflect on our parenting interactions, and analyze whether we are coming from an authentically empowered place or we are reacting from a disempowered place.  If you haven’t ever stopped to think about parenting interactions this way, this may be an enlightening episode.  Yesenia also shares some exciting news about her conscious parent coaching journey! 

  • Episode 42: Summer Series 2019- Ep.4: Reclaiming Our Power Thru Love

    Episode 42: Summer Series 2019- Ep.4: Reclaiming Our Power Thru Love


    Yesenia is back this week for the fourth installment of the Summer Series.  Last week was a hard one with back to back mass shootings and the immigration raid.  It felt like a heavy load upon the Mexican and immigrant community.  But in the middle of all of this darkness, some light began to peak thru and this week Yesenia shares the different pieces of information that illuminated the way back to her inner power.  The answer is always love.  Below are the videos that were a part of her journey this week.

  • Episode 41: Summer Series 2019- Ep.3: Can we evolve on our own?

    Episode 41: Summer Series 2019- Ep.3: Can we evolve on our own?


    In this weeks episode of the summer series Yesenia asks the question of whether or not we can evolve along our parenting journey on our own.  The answer is probably obvious.  No, we cannot, but this conversation is still incredibly personal and heartfelt as Yesenia shares her personal journey to seek out help, the internalized judgement and stigma surrounding seeking help and the way in which nature teaches us that we all need each other.  Yesenia also shares how the episode is in synchronicity with the recent return of Paulo from completing his first Vipassana meditation retreat and the important lesson that this brought her and shaped the message of the episode.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your parenting evolution!  May we all be happy and free.

  • Episode 40: Summer Series 2019- Ep.2: Is Parenting a Natural Instinct?

    Episode 40: Summer Series 2019- Ep.2: Is Parenting a Natural Instinct?


    In this episode Yesenia gets into the first topic of the summer series and asks if parenting is a natural instinct or if it is actually something that we learn? The answer may or may not surprise you.  She ends the conversation with an exercise that you can try throughout the week to connect and/or begin to reconnect with your intuition and nurture that connection in your little humans.

  • Episode 39: Summer Series 2019- Ep.1

    Episode 39: Summer Series 2019- Ep.1


    The Somos Padres Summer Series returns!  In this kick off episode Yesenia gives an overview of the series logistics and the intention of the series.  She also gives a brief overview of the first summer series 2018 in order to ground us moving forward into this second series.  The work of analyzing generational patterns and taking off those pieces that no longer serve our highest good is not easy.  But together we can support each other on this journey to evolve.   That is what this next series is all about!  

  • Episode 38: We are finally back!

    Episode 38: We are finally back!


    In this episode Paulo and Yesenia are finally back from an extended hiatus.  They talk about what they have been up to during this extended break.  What happened?  They talk about their recent trip to New York City and the major "aha!" moment that Yesenia had while she was there and the hard conversation that happened afterwards.  It has not been smooth sailing over the past few months but they are ready to talk about it.  Lastly, they are filled with gratitude for your patience and continued support of the podcast!  Onward! Podcasts mentioned in this episode: Let There Be Luz Podcast Podcasts mentioned in this episode: Better Work B*tch Podcast

  • Episode 37: Thoughts on the College Cheating Scandal

    Episode 37: Thoughts on the College Cheating Scandal


    © Carolina Adame In this episode Paulo and Yesenia start off by sharing an update on their whereabouts these past few weeks and in particular their key takeaways after going to see Marianne Williamson and Eckhart Tolle last weekend.  But Yesenia and Paulo quickly get to the topic at hand which is to reflect on the recent College Cheating Scandal involving about 50 people including parents, ACT/SAT exam proctors, college coaches, to name a few.  Paulo and Yesenia talk about their initial reaction to the scandal in the news and then how their thoughts about the situation began to shift as they began to see it from other angles, ultimately leading them to think about the education system itself and question their own parenting choices. 

  • Episode 36: The inner child

    Episode 36: The "inner child"


    © LilyRo In this episode Paulo and Yesenia give us an update on their family life.  Paulo lets us know how his dad is doing health-wise and Yesenia talks about a recent awakening in her spiritual life.  After the updates Paulo and Yesenia get straight into discussing the “inner child”.  They share their understanding of the inner child and provide a recent example where they both became aware of how they were triggering each other’s inner child.

  • Episode 35: Interview with Mimi amp Junior Magaña Part 2

    Episode 35: Interview with Mimi & Junior Magaña Part 2


    In this episode Paulo and Yesenia start off by sharing their recent parenting experience while hiking with their children.  Paulo and Yesenia take time to reflect on the moment and Yesenia helps Paulo to realize how his strong reaction was rooted in his own core issues and not a reaction linked to the kids behavior.   Also, Paulo and Yesenia share the second part of the interview with Mimi & Junior Magaña.  In this second part, they dive into Mimi and Junior’s parenting perspective, especially their take on parenting teenager’s.  Mimi and Junior each share the core values that they are instilling in their kids as well as their favorite podcasts and books!  If you want to follow our compadres, here are their handles. @[email protected]@forced_rep

  • Episode 34: Interview with Mimi  Junior Magaña

    Episode 34: Interview with Mimi & Junior Magaña


    Welcome to this episode of Somos Padres.  This episode is incredibly special for Paulo and Yesenia as they interview one of their favorite couples, Junior and Mimi Magaña, who are also their compadres.   Mimi and Junior have been married for 17 years and are raising three children, Moose 15, Xavi 11 & Maricruz 8.  Their relationship began 21 years ago when they became high school sweethearts at 17 years old. They describe their household as a chaotic mix of humor, hugs and hustle. Mimi teaches Spanish for her alma mater at Lindhurst High School. Her passions are learning and teaching and she has spent the past 15 years trying to break the cycle of poverty in her community.  Junior’s passion is bodybuilding. He has spent the last decade of his life working at his craft and along the way has been able to help many people through coaching and training.   Mimi & Junior believe that the best thing they can do for their children is to teach them to live a l

  • Episode 33: Reconsidering our intentions

    Episode 33: Reconsidering our intentions


    Somos Padres is back!  In this first episode of 2019 Paulo and Yesenia talk about their experience with manifestation and goal setting.  From this place, they share three perspectives to consider as you move forward with any goals or intentions for the year.  (1) May self-reflection be a part of your process.  (2)  May you be grounded internally versus externally.   (3) Lastly, may you know that whether or not those intentions or goals are reached, none of it is a failure.  The better we understand this for ourselves, the better prepared we will be to help our children along their own path. Recommendations this Week: If you are interested in going deeper into Manifestation:  Podcast - Let There Be LuzIf you are interested in going inward:  Inward by Yung Pueblo @yungpueblo on Instagram

  • Episode 32: Bonus Episode with Áma

    Episode 32: Bonus Episode with Áma


    After Yesenia finished the initial recording with Áma, their conversation switched to talking about the law of attraction and the often misunderstood purpose of strong emotions.  If you have ever been confused about staying in a high vibration while also dealing with blockages, which can seem contradictory, then this episode will offer you great insight into this dilemma.  Áma shares her knowledge and then takes Yesenia thru an inner-child healing process.  As we usher in the new year, may this episode bring you a deeper understanding of what it means to heal, to process and to release.  And if you have been wondering if you can do this work too, may it offer you a glimpse of hope that you most definitely can! 

  • Episode 31: Interview with Áma

    Episode 31: Interview with Áma


    We are excited to welcome Áma to this episode of Somos Padres.  She is a single mother of two beautiful girls in Los Angeles and when she is not working full-time or spending time with her girls, you can find her at Agape International Spiritual Center as a spiritual practitioner or collaborating with spiritual counselor, Suzi Lula.  As you will hear, Áma’s journey is one of constant evolution and incredible resilience.  She has been a spiritual seeker her entire life but as you will hear, even with all of her spiritual knowing, she felt lost when it came time to deal with all of the emotions that her daughters brought up for her.  This is a great episode for those of us that are working to connect our spiritual evolution with our parenting evolution. [themify_layout_part id=2694]

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