Keeping Up With Christianity


An inside look on what it is to live as a Christian every day. We zoom into the realities and practicalities of Christian living while demystifying common misconceptions about Christians and their faith. "Keeping Up With Christianity" gives you backstage access into the world of Christianity and Christians and their relationship with the rest of the world. This Podcast is produced in a free, funny, practical but yet upfront way.


  • EP04 | Whats Social Media Got To Do With It?

    EP04 | Whats Social Media Got To Do With It?

    17/12/2016 Duração: 46min

    We all use social media. I mean, why wouldn't we?! It helps us connect with people near and far, it makes access to information simple and it gives us the ability to keep up-to- date with the latest trends. Social media is also great because it gives us the opportunity to express ourselves in ways we cannot in other places. Having listed a few positive things about social media can we safely say that it is all good? Are our lives in danger if we use it without moderation? How does social media affect our mental, physical, emotional and most importantly our spiritual health? In this Podcast we touch on this and more. We look at some statistics on social media, its negative and positive contributions to society and how we can use it more wisely especially as Christians today. If what they bible says about us giving an account for everything we've done and everything we've said then we certainly ought to learn how to live in a world where content is king. References: 1: FACTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA http://www.make

  • EP03 | The Issue Of Stress

    EP03 | The Issue Of Stress

    06/12/2016 Duração: 34min

    Stress is a major issue when it comes to our health and success not only as Christians but as people in general. Research reveals that little amounts of stress are good for us as they motivate us to accomplish things but when our stress levels exceed our coping threshold then the effects of stress can be devastating. Stress affects our health in many ways. It ruins us physically, emotionally, psychologically and even behaviorally. If you have ever been stressed for prolonged periods of time you can testify to how it can easily damage any and all types of relationships that you have in your life. Worry is the same. We worry because we look for strength in ourselves. We always want to be in control. To see the future. However, we know that being this omnipotent and omniscient is a power only God has. Due to our inabilities we worry about tomorrow. The Bible has an cure. The answer we've all been searching for- God. Believe it or not. If you have another way, well, try it. I can only speak for myself. God is

  • EP02 | Procrastinate Much?

    EP02 | Procrastinate Much?

    28/11/2016 Duração: 45min

    We all go through a period in time when we procrastinate. For some people it is just a temporary thing (you know like writers block) whilst for some it is a somewhat permanent problem. Despite procrastination having the potential to keep us from achieving success, so very little is taught about it anywhere. It is just brushed of as a temporary setback that can be fixed by just "getting yourself together". The truth is that it isn't that simple. Procrastination has psychological roots. For some people it stems from the type of parenting they received during childhood whilst for some, procrastination has its root in fear of the unknown. Wherever it comes from both psychological science and the word of God perceive it as something that hinders us from achieving our best. In this podcast we zoom into the issue of procrastination- what it is, its symptoms as well as its remedy. We will take a look into some psychological research and then dive into God's inspired word. As a Christian person, as someone trying

  • EP00 | Welcome To Keeping Up With Christianity

    EP00 | Welcome To Keeping Up With Christianity

    19/11/2016 Duração: 11min

    Hello everyone, My name is Alroy Ndhlovu and I want to welcome you to the introduction to the KUWC(Keeping Up With Christianity) podcast. This launch episode is just to let you know what the Podcast is about and what you can expect going forward. Its been a long time coming. I have been planning this Podcast for such a long time and I am finally glad to begin. I still have a lot to learn about podcasting, sound and the equipment used to deliver a great podcast but I can assure you that I will put in my best into each Podcast. In short this podcast is all about Christianity, Christians and how it all makes sense in a modern day world. I honestly think that there is a lot wrong with Christianity. There are different perceptions of what it is or what it means to be a Christian. Though not a perfect human myself, I am a believer in Jesus Christ and His ministry and I also want to believe I love Him and all that stands for Him. I started this podcast in order to give whoever may be interested a backstage pass

  • EP01 | What Is This Christianity Thing Anyway?

    EP01 | What Is This Christianity Thing Anyway?

    19/11/2016 Duração: 36min

    Hello again everyone, Welcome to the first official episode of the KUWC (Keeping Up With Christianity)podcast. My name is Alroy Ndhlovu and I will be the host of this show. So, in the intro episode I just gave you a brief idea of what to expect and what not to expect from this podcast. I also wanted to sort of show you where I want to take this show. There will be a lot of changes and improvements so I hope you continue to walk with me in this journey. Now, in this episode I thought, before we get into any of the other topics we want to talk about on the show, why don't we try to understand what Christianity is or rather what the name Christian means. This is by no means an exhaustion, it is actually far from it. My aim in this episode was to shed some historical light into the name. Where did it come from and why was it given? How is it being used today? What does it mean to the world and what does it mean to those who embrace the name? Most importantly I wanted to share what it means to me. This episod