My goal is to open peoples minds to find their own success.Mindset is a weekly podcast by Alex Hayes. Expressing raw, intimate and intuitive thoughts with the goal of inspiring and motivating people to face their fears with an open mind. I look forward to learning more with you each episode as I go on a new journey of mindset discovery.If you have any questions or a situation, email me [email protected]


  • Sam Evans chats social media amp overcoming the low times

    Sam Evans chats social media & overcoming the low times

    24/12/2019 Duração: 49min

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  • Had a shit day yesterday

    Had a shit day yesterday

    06/11/2019 Duração: 20min

    whaddup everyone! super random podcast today but I hope you enjoy.Really appreciate the feedback I am getting from you guys It means the I the link to stephs podcast I was on -

  • I ran a marathon

    I ran a marathon

    27/09/2019 Duração: 19min

    excuse the croaky voicesend questions to @alexhayes on IG

  • not so serious chat with Cooper chapman

    not so serious chat with Cooper chapman

    17/09/2019 Duração: 18min

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  • Chats with my friends

    Chats with my friends

    16/08/2019 Duração: 01h22min

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  • Quick questions

    Quick questions

    16/07/2019 Duração: 13min

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  • Long time no speak

    Long time no speak

    20/06/2019 Duração: 16min

    Hey Podcast family,sorry i have been MIA haha.2 Podcasts monthly, who's [email protected]

  • partying with no alcohol

    partying with no alcohol

    07/12/2018 Duração: 15min

    Today I touched a little on partying with no alcohol, the past 4 months have taught me if you're open about what you're gonna do, it makes it a lot easier to do it.Subscribe for [email protected]

  • 3 Books you should read

    3 Books you should read

    27/11/2018 Duração: 09min

    Welcome back to the podcast!Start your morning right with a virtual phone call from Alex Hayes.Thank you so much for subscribing & if you have left a review, I love you.I am having a so much fun with these, Leave a comment with who I should have on the show and topics to talk about!AlsoFollow me on instagram for More content! @AlexhayesPeace

  • We are all going to die

    We are all going to die

    24/11/2018 Duração: 08min

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  • Im back

    Im back

    18/11/2018 Duração: 20min

    wanted to touch on some things and update you guys! I kept this one brief - please ask me some questions and I will respond next one!

  • Juggling school and your passions

    Juggling school and your passions

    18/06/2018 Duração: 33min

    Called Ben up this morning and wanted to do my first podcast speaking with someone else.Ben is a 17 year old still hustling through schools while maintaining and working towards his dreams and absolutely killing it!longest podcast yet, but enjoyed it a lot. let me know what you [email protected]

  • A Quick Rant

    A Quick Rant

    24/05/2018 Duração: 12min

    Hey Guys!Quick little impulse rant today. got off the phone to my friend and wanted to document my current thoughts! there was no real direction, but thats why i like podcasting.summary-Just follow what you want to do, have RESPECT for your parents always, but understand that sometimes only you know whats best for you in terms of following your passions. its a crazy world nowadays and no-one can tell the future. so do what feels right and see where it takes you!

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone

    Stepping out of your comfort zone

    09/05/2018 Duração: 08min

    Whats up guys!back with another random podcast.had these thoughts as i was sitting in the Maldives and thought i should share!i hope everyone is having a great day and can't wait to hear from you guys after watching [email protected]

  • I - The Beginning

    I - The Beginning

    18/04/2018 Duração: 09min

    On this episode, I face my fear and try something new - to be honest I was scared about doing this but I believe by doing it, I will discover more about myself while helping people in the process