This Used To Be The Place is a fiction podcast series exploring how New York Citys past collides with its present. Season One centers around Anna who, after emerging from her apartment for the first time in three days, finds a notebook with an intriguing list of names. Each episode, she tracks down one person on the list to try to determine how theyre all connected. Coming up with creative excuses, lies, and even schemes verging on criminal, Anna manages to insert herself into their lives in order to uncover their stories, or perhaps just to break the lonely monotony of her own life. As she ventures throughout New York, Anna discovers not only what the list means, but how the city isolates and connects us, and how the people who live here hide and reveal their secrets. Driven by a renewed sense of purpose as she investigates the list, Anna begins to move forward from a tragic past, navigating her struggles with mental health while dealing with the universal issues of finding your place in the world and coming to terms with who you are.


  • Chapter Eight (Hannah, Grandmother)

    Chapter Eight (Hannah, Grandmother)


    Anna tracks down one last person: the owner of the notebook. Additional voice work provided by Ellis Rodenas and Ramya Hipp   Advertisements

  • Chapter Seven (Julius Kramer, Budapest)

    Chapter Seven (Julius Kramer, Budapest)


    Anna’s visit to Alana’s shop has sent her reeling back into a heavy bout of depression. Struggling with whether or not to continue on her quest with the notebook, she eventually decides she could use some human connection and arranges to meet Julius Kramer, an old man who keeps pigeons in Inwood. Additional voice work … Continue reading Chapter Seven (Julius Kramer, Budapest) →

  • Chapter Six (Alana, 1986)

    Chapter Six (Alana, 1986)


    Now that Anna knows what the list is, she wants to find out why it is. She figures the best way to do so is to meet Alana, who owns an esoteric shop in Bushwick, and visit her for a psychic reading. Additional voice work provided by Ellis Rodenas.

  • Chapter Five (Gale Cohen, Brighton Beach)

    Chapter Five (Gale Cohen, Brighton Beach)


    Anna encounters two religious women on her way to find Gale Cohen, an old woman living in Brighton Beach, who leave her feeling guilty about the trickery she’s been up to. This guilt overwhelms her when she arrives at Gale’s apartment to find a shocking discovery, and learns a crucial piece of information about the … Continue reading Chapter Five (Gale Cohen, Brighton Beach) →

  • Chapter Four (Sarah, Artist, TriBeCa)

    Chapter Four (Sarah, Artist, TriBeCa)


    Anna arranges a studio visit with Sarah, an artist living in TriBeCa. They bond over the struggles of living a creative life, and both end up revealing far more than they planned. Additional voice work provided by Ellis Rodenas.

  • Chapter Three (Ira Baum, Museum of Natural History)

    Chapter Three (Ira Baum, Museum of Natural History)


    Anna heads to the Museum of Natural History to try and meet Ira Baum, a scientist who works in their research department. As she contemplates what his connection may be to Rachel, she gets a text from a long-term on-again-off-again love interest. Additional voice work provided by Xavier Holland, Robert Douthat, John Toon, Andrea Giacobbe, … Continue reading Chapter Three (Ira Baum, Museum of Natural History) →

  • Chapter Two (Rachel, Park Slope)

    Chapter Two (Rachel, Park Slope)


    Under the guise of being a food blogger, Anna meets Rachel, who has recently opened a café in Park Slope. Unexpectedly taken with Rachel, Anna ends up asking for a job in the café. This all may be too much too soon for Anna, however, as her anxiety flares, culminating in a frightening encounter with … Continue reading Chapter Two (Rachel, Park Slope) →

  • Chapter One (Anna, Protagonist)

    Chapter One (Anna, Protagonist)


    We meet Anna at the tail-end of a depressive slump that has caused her to not leave her apartment in three days. She goes to the library to pick up some new books, and finds a notebook with a list of names inside.