Megane Podcast is an "I decide when I post" podcast that tackles anything the author find fancy, but it will mostly cater to tech, anime and anime events.


  • Megane Podcast Pilot: Let’s Get To Know Each Other

    Megane Podcast Pilot: Let’s Get To Know Each Other

    08/05/2018 Duração: 34min

    Greetings! This recording is my first ever podcast for this website, and also my first solo recording in a long while. That is why I aim to keep my podcasts short, at least when I'm doing solo. So yeah, half an hour yapping and getting things warmed up. Starting, of course, talking about who I am and what I do and I did do as far as online presence is concerned. Did a small talk about Idols, one of the few instances that I will talk about in the show because I am not an Idol fan. Then talk about what's different this time around and what cool bells and whistles I bring to the table. Then lastly, smalltalk about Ozine and what I will do when it comes to event coverages. I'll be refining and doing more shows in the future. I'll also publish this one on since they seem to have a feature of publishing podcast content through all of the known aggregators that is relevant in the webs. Oh, did I tell you that this podcast is 99.9% English? Who could've thought, right?