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  • My


    10/06/2018 Duração: 03min
  • Hello


    28/04/2018 Duração: 40s


  • My man playing his guitar

    My man playing his guitar

    25/04/2018 Duração: 03min

    Pre country musician

  • When he come home

    When he come home

    11/04/2018 Duração: 02min

    He don't get horny till he come home

  • Its real

    It's real

    11/04/2018 Duração: 04min

    If you can make it through the night there's a brighter day love peace and happiness

  • Melodies with my man

    Melodies with my man

    04/04/2018 Duração: 04min

    Capture the real feelings love

  • King and Queen

    King and Queen

    04/04/2018 Duração: 02min


  • Reap and rest in his arms

    Reap and rest in his arms

    04/04/2018 Duração: 03min

    Galatians 6:9 also Matthew 11:28

  • Nephew preaching

    Nephew preaching

    31/03/2018 Duração: 02min
  • Mar 28, 2018

    Mar 28, 2018

    28/03/2018 Duração: 03min

    Cuzz hair salon with love

  • Love yourself

    Love yourself

    23/03/2018 Duração: 01min

    In Jesus name amen

  • Morning


    23/03/2018 Duração: 01min

    Free style song and guitar

  • Your not alone

    Your not alone

    21/03/2018 Duração: 03min

    God will never leave you or forsake you amen

  • No one is the blame

    No one is the blame

    21/03/2018 Duração: 03min

    One of my many thoughts and I listen when God talk amen

  • Introducion


    19/03/2018 Duração: 02min

    Passion Rae introduction