Chris Lynam interviews people from the world of business, pop culture, and more to examine the journey of learning, following a process, and pursuing your passion from a slightly different vantage point. From Off the Floor.


  • Weird Proof of a Powerful Bias - Ep. 36 Solo

    Weird Proof of a Powerful Bias - Ep. 36 Solo

    26/11/2018 Duração: 14min

    There's a confession of an old crime and a new current understanding of how it all happened. Nothing major crime-wise, but definitely some eye-opening ideas for how we are all primed to make decisions, how easily we can lose track of our process, and focus intently on recent events. Which can be, as you will hear, a crime against progress.

  • The Business Explorer with Rob Rawson

    The Business Explorer with Rob Rawson

    23/10/2018 Duração: 29min

    Rob Rawson is a serial entrepreneur by definition. The founder of he's on a quest that will inspire anyone to push past the limits of your comfort zone or your perception of available time.

  • Bet On Yourself with Dave Chesson

    Bet On Yourself with Dave Chesson

    26/09/2018 Duração: 34min

    Dave Chesson was never the best writer... just ask his English teacher. But Dave decided to challenge the safety of his comfort zone to try to create a better life for him and his family. You don't have to strive to become a self-published success story to learn a lot from Dave's story, you just have to love the idea of making a little bet on yourself to expand your comfort zone. This episode is LOADED with fantastic takeaways for any motivated person to learn from. For more on Dave Chesson, check out: To learn more about turning your website into a marketing machine, visit our show's sponsor, Hubspot:

  • Lessons from a Navy Seal with Brent Gleeson

    Lessons from a Navy Seal with Brent Gleeson

    18/09/2018 Duração: 42min

    Brent Gleeson is an Ex-Navy SEAL, keynote speaker, and author of the best selling book, "Taking Point: A Navy SEAL's 10 Fail Safe Principles for Leading Through Change" While the Navy SEAL part of this interview may grab your attention, Brent Gleeson is also a highly successful entrepreneur and his unique combination of skills make this an episode of Off The Floor you don't want to miss. If you are a manager or business owner that has to lead a team through change, or if you're trying to take that next step outside of your comfort zone, pay close attention to the tips and advice that Brent has to offer from someone with an occupation that utilized increasing amounts of pressure to develop the most elite unit of soldiers in the world. For more on Brent Gleeson, his book, and speaking engagements, visit: To take your marketing to the next level, please visit our show sponsor, Hubspot at:

  • Omar Sayyed: Shot Caller

    Omar Sayyed: Shot Caller

    10/09/2018 Duração: 01h02min

    Omar Sayyed is the co-founder of and is the textbook definition of "serial entrepreneur". On today's episode of Off The Floor, we talk about his origins story, the bold steps that he's taken to reach this point in his career, and advice that every future entrepreneur needs to hear. *This episode pulls no punches and that's exactly what you can expect when you're talking to a someone like Omar Sayyed, an entrepreneurial shot caller. For more on Omar, check out:

  • Dont Let Perfection Stop Your Start featuring author Honoree Corder

    Don't Let Perfection Stop Your Start featuring author Honoree Corder

    03/09/2018 Duração: 49min

    Honoree Corder had a chance encounter with a famous author and a 7 minute conversation changed everything for her. Today, she shares her story of entering into the world of writing based on her years as a business consultant. You don't need to have sold over a million books to appreciate the parallels to any business, hobby, or quest for personal development. For more on Honoree Corder, check out her website:

  • Fire Your Inner-Critic: How to Improve Without the Self-Sabotage

    Fire Your Inner-Critic: How to Improve Without the Self-Sabotage

    02/09/2018 Duração: 13min

    If self-sabotage was not an issue, how much do you think you could accomplish? In this solo episode of Off The Floor, we look at how to lower the volume of your inner-critic. Using principles from dance instruction, you'll learn the tips and strategies high level dancers and teachers use to keep the inner-critic from being the star of the show.

  • Avoiding Missteps with Managers featuring Jonathan Raymond

    Avoiding Missteps with Managers featuring Jonathan Raymond

    28/08/2018 Duração: 40min

    Why is "middle management" a euphemism for overworked, overbearing, and totally uncool? As easy as it is to see management as a doormat in favor of great leadership, what if it's the leadership that's creating the problem? Jonathan Raymond is the CEO and President of Refound, a company creating resources for training and developing managers, and the author of the book, Good Authority: How to become the Leader your Team is Waiting For. On today's episode, we talk all things management. Hopefully it can become a catalyst in your organization, whether you're an aspiring manager, current manager, chief executive, or owner. For more on Refound: For more on Jonathan:

  • The Real Problem with No Regrets - Solo Show

    The Real Problem with No Regrets - Solo Show

    24/08/2018 Duração: 14min

    Regret seems to be the villain of every motivational post, keynote, and mindset coaching session. We've all heard that "the pain of hard work hurts less than the pain of regret" but what if we've got it all wrong? What if we've miscast regret as the villain in our hero's journey? That's the subject we explore in this solo episode of Off The Floor with Chris Lynam. For more Chris Lynam content, be sure to check out his daily posts and live videos on Instagram & Twitter: @arthurmurrayusa Or subscribe to his blog

  • Kelli Richards the Talent Engineer

    Kelli Richards the Talent Engineer

    20/08/2018 Duração: 35min

    What if you had a chance to have Steve Jobs as your mentor? My guest today is Kelli Richards and in addition to being the President and CEO of The All Access Group, a company helping to make connections between the worlds of Music, Entertainment, and technology, Kelli was responsible for the music initiatives at Apple - yes, the same Apple that is now a Trillion dollar company. In addition to her time there, we cover her love of music, the mastery of behind the scenes production, and how that can help you take the next step in your endeavors. For more on Kelli Richards, check out her website:

  • Lets Talk About Practice - Chris Lynam Solo Show

    Let's Talk About Practice - Chris Lynam Solo Show

    17/08/2018 Duração: 16min

    In the words of modern American philosopher, Alan Iverson, we're talking about practice. As much as our brains our like sponges, sometimes we get oversaturated. Here is a solo episode where we'll look at why it's safe to choose information over application and what we can do make the adjustment.

  • How To Stay Cool Through Trial and Error with Author Craig Martelle

    How To Stay Cool Through Trial and Error with Author Craig Martelle

    13/08/2018 Duração: 32min

    Trial and Error. You can't do anything great without it. As an author, Craig Martelle had to be willing to "kill his darlings", scrap what wasn't working, and that was all fine by him. He's living his dream. Every great story has a hero that is a daydreamer - wondering what else is out there for them. Craig Martelle certainly fits the bill. He’s taken a path that started with the military, to a law degree, business consulting, and now writing every day. He's a best selling indie author with tips for anyone, Alaskan author or not, that wants to take the next step in their own Hero's Journey. For more on Craig Martelle, check out his website:

  • Finding Balance Through Disaster

    Finding Balance Through Disaster

    06/08/2018 Duração: 11min

    The only way to build balance is to challenge it. So in this episode, I'll share the most challenging and destructive thing that ever happened to our business. It was the thing that nearly broke us and yet, it became the catalyst to show us the areas we needed to address. We'll also look at how these learning lessons could have helped a famous business that opted to stay the course, to avoid the challenges it required, only to lead to their downfall. It's a solo episode perfect to start off your week, or your next meeting, with the right frame of mind.

  • Get Your House in Order with Lisa Woodruff

    Get Your House in Order with Lisa Woodruff

    30/07/2018 Duração: 28min

    If the organization of your home is a metaphor for your life, then what is it saying? This is both the challenge and opportunity that I have in interviewing organizational guru, author, and podcaster, Lisa Woodruff. As with anything, it all starts with our mentality. What are the thoughts, feelings, and fears that are standing in the way from haivng a more organized living or workspace? What do the collection of junk drawers say about us? What are the steps to getting to a better, and more organized, place? What are the life tie-ins that we can learn from these lessons? I hope you enjoy this episode and even if you have a junk drawer or two within arms reach, there are no judgements here. For more on Lisa Woodruff, check out her website:

  • The Connectivity of a Cuddle with Samantha Hess

    The Connectivity of a Cuddle with Samantha Hess

    23/07/2018 Duração: 29min

    How important is human contact? As humans, we are social animals that crave contact, yet why is it that any trip through a coffee shop or company headquarters seems to contradict that. Today's guest is Samantha Hess. She is an expert in cuddling. In fact, she's literally a professional at it. Her business is designed to deliver physical contact, helping people of all varieties to make a human connection, in a platonic and professional fashion. While her occupation may not be normal, her story is something anyone can benefit from. She's an author, founder, was a cuddling contestant on America's Got Talent, and is on Off The Floor Episode 22, "The Connectivity of a Cuddle". Read more about Samantha Hess:

  • Setbacks, Anchors, and the Discovery of Value

    Setbacks, Anchors, and the Discovery of Value

    19/07/2018 Duração: 26min

    This story was so important to my career that this episode was created in two different segments, in two different states, on two different microphones, but with one critical message: You can't borrow someone else's value. Price may be what you pay, but value is what you feel and receive. In my case, I had a history when it came to the price of dance lessons but it took a special student, after a rocky start as a teacher, for me to truly discover why my assessments were off, and just how valuable dance lessons can be.

  • Sales Legend, Tom Hopkins

    Sales Legend, Tom Hopkins

    10/07/2018 Duração: 41min

    When you hear the term Sales, does it conjure a good feeling or a bad feeling? Some people hear it and cringe, thinking of some high-pressure car salesman, or that cold caller that interrupts your dinner hawking magazine subscriptions or timeshare properties. But the truth is, selling is an indispensable skill in business and persuasive communication in general. It can help you with your elevator pitch, help you convince a recruiter or client why you ’re the right person for a job, and even with an invitation to dance. Whatever level you ’re at in your selling game, keep listening, for my conversation with one of the greatest sales and communication legends of the last 40 years, Tom Hopkins. For more on Tom Hopkins, from books to speaking engagements, check out his website:

  • Tofe Evans the Marathon Man

    Tofe Evans the Marathon Man

    02/07/2018 Duração: 33min

    While we've all run away from our problems at some point, but this episode is about running towards a new identity. Tofe Evans is an ultra-marathon runner, keynote speaker, and has just released the book, "Everyone Has a Plan Until Sh!t Hits the Fan". He's an advocate for grit and endurance in the workplace and helps organizations discover those all too important traits. Enjoy Tofe Evans on Off The Floor, Episode 19.

  • Lucky Breaks and Elephant Threats - Chris Lynam shares near-death career moments in year 1

    Lucky Breaks and Elephant Threats - Chris Lynam shares near-death career moments in year 1

    19/06/2018 Duração: 28min

    "When I think back on my first year as a professional... I wonder how I survived." If you've ever suffered from acute procrastination, this is your episode.

  • Nic Walton Backflip Your Life

    Nic Walton Backflip Your Life

    10/06/2018 Duração: 28min

    Nic Walton can fly... and that's not even the best part of his story. Nic was born with a disfigurement in his legs and a surgery to repair them left him paralyzed. He was told he'd never walk again. He told the doctor he would backflip the next time they saw each other. One person got the diagnosis right. Today Nic Walton is one of the most exciting freerunners to follow on Instagram using a blend of incredible physical skill, bravery, modeling, dance, and creativity to create a completely new look to his athleticism. He's turned it into an art. Most importantly, Nic is a perfect lesson for anyone that has ever received bad news and what can happen when your attitude and work ethic overpowers it. You may not be able to fly like Nic Walton but there's no reason why you can't believe in yourself like he does. Episode 17 of Off The Floor: Backflip Your Life with Nic Walton

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