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Exploring life, productivity, random thoughts, and business ideas. I love to get out there and create. Make something new and try new things hence why I am finally trying podcasting. What will this be? First, it's a challenge to step out of my comfort zone, and hopefully, that can already inspire.


  • No. 5 / Contemplations About Building Homebases

    24/06/2018 Duração: 10min
  • No. 4 / Giving Felt Small Yet Significant

    21/06/2018 Duração: 06min
  • No. 3 / Creating for Myself

    02/05/2018 Duração: 10min
  • No. 2 / Sometimes Not the Boss

    26/03/2018 Duração: 09min
  • No. 1 / Let's Get the Ball Rolling

    19/03/2018 Duração: 06min