Why don't you come over here, take about 20 minutes of your time and listen to me rant about news outlets or, really anything?


  • Episode 9 - Gucci Rant

    Episode 9 - Gucci Rant


    Here is a rant about Gucci. Enjoy **NOTE** Sorry it is so late..

  • Episode 8 - Donald Trump Rant

    Episode 8 - Donald Trump Rant


    Hello everyone! Sorry for the bad episode, wasn't feeling well. But here it is, a Donald Trump Rant. Enjoy!

  • Episode 7 - Google Rant

    Episode 7 - Google Rant


    Today, you get to hear me rant about the wonderful google and all of its products (e.g. Youtube, Google play music). Enjoy!

  • Episode 6 - Netflix Rant

    Episode 6 - Netflix Rant


    Hello. Today's podcast is going to be about Netflix and how I don't like them. Enjoy!

  • Episode 5 - Apple Rant

    Episode 5 - Apple Rant


    I know, I am late uploading. Here is the rant of one of the biggest companies EVER!! Apple. Yes, Apple, I am ranting about you on your own podcast service. Enjoy!

  • Episode 4 - Filofax Rant

    Episode 4 - Filofax Rant


    Here is episode 4! Enjoy, we have switched it to Company Rants now instead of News rants because yeah, why not. Enjoy!!!

  • Episode 3 - NBC Rant

    Episode 3 - NBC Rant


    Here it is, listen to me ranting about NBC News... Enjoy

  • Episode 2 - CP24 Rant

    Episode 2 - CP24 Rant


    **NOTE** I didn't Mae this on a Tuesday like I said, it was a Monday.Hello. In this episode of News Rant, you will get to hear me rant about CP24 and why I personally, do not like them.

  • Episode 1 - CNN Rant

    Episode 1 - CNN Rant


    1st podcast! So excited for people to hear it!!