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Freedom in a Cage is the official Western Bulldogs podcast. If youre looking for a straight footy podcast, youve come to the wrong place. Hosted by former captain Bob Murphy, and Australian basketball royalty (and Bulldog tragic) Chris Anstey, Freedom is recorded weekly from Footscray Caravan Park, a place which may or may not exist. Come for the freedom, stay for the claustrophobia; Freedom in a Cage is about the nuances and the eccentricities of our great game.


  • Ep 22. Finals Time, Dale Morris

    Ep 22. Finals Time, Dale Morris

    29/09/2020 Duração: 31min

    The familiar smell of jasmine in the Melbourne air usually means AFL finals are around the corner.For the Bulldogs players up north, there might not be that traditional scent, but finals fever is well and truly in their conscious.And what better three gentlemen to chat about the business end an AFL season than Bob Murphy, Marcus Bontempelli and Dale Morris.Bob and Bont catch up for the 22nd episode of The Barkly Street podcast to discuss the build-up to Saturday’s Elimination Final clash with St Kilda, reflect on the career of Tory Dickson and recognise the Dogs’ three All-Australian representatives.They also cover off the fitness of Aaron Naughton and Mitch Wallis, and give their take on the pre-finals bye week.Premiership hero Morris jumps onto the Zoom call from Melbourne to talk about his year so far, which included being unfortunately stood down as a development coach, before recently accepting a role in the Club’s commercial department.‘Moz’ also outlines how he rediscovered his academic skills as a rem

  • Ep 21. Barkly Street | Mitch Wallis

    Ep 21. Barkly Street | Mitch Wallis

    17/09/2020 Duração: 30min

    Son of a Western Bulldogs gun, new dad and goalkicking extraordinaire Mitch Wallis was the special guest on another must-listen-to edition of the Barkly Street podcast this week.Wallis has not only tamed the Sherrin this year with 23 goals in the forward 50 for the Dogs, but alongside partner Emily, he’s also mastered the early stages of parenthood.Joining Bob Murphy and Marcus Bontempelli on Zoom from the Gold Coast hub, Wallis explains that despite venturing to Queensland just 13 days after being born, baby Charlotte is already sleeping through the night.While that may be enough to send the iPods of young parents flying into their living room walls, it’s surely helping the Bulldogs star put together a brilliant 2020 season.Wallis explains the origins of his move to the midfield to the forward line, how he’s getting used to being ‘tagged’ every week, the honour of being a father-son selection, and the special place the Bulldogs have in his heart as he prepares for his 150th game in the red, white and blue.Be

  • Ep 20. Barkly Street | Crossy, A Captains Goal and NFL Fantasy

    Ep 20. Barkly Street | 'Crossy', A Captain's Goal and NFL Fantasy

    10/09/2020 Duração: 37min

    Some Bulldog royalty wandered onto Barkly Street for episode 20 of the Club’s official podcast this week.Daniel Cross was the special guest of regular co-hosts Bob Murphy and Marcus Bontempelli, as the trio remembered the best moments of the 200-game Bulldog warrior’s career.The trio ponders how Cross would excel in a footy hub with a compressed fixture, how he still hasn’t shaken the itch to play local football, his skills as a home-school teacher, and his craving to tackle an Ironman race one day.They also spin some yarns from Cross’ time as a player for the Dogs, including a memorable high intensity running challenge against his good mate Matthew Boyd, and how his time trial winning streak was halted at the hands of Ed Barlow.Bob and Bont also chat about NFL fantasy drafts, the vibe around the Queensland hub, the run home towards the finals, Bont’s match-winning goal against the Eagles, and much more.Edited

  • Ep 19. Barkly Street | Gia: Super Sub, Runner and Coach

    Ep 19. Barkly Street | Gia: Super Sub, Runner and Coach

    01/09/2020 Duração: 44min

    Conspiracy theories abound about the correlation between recordings of The Barkly Street Podcast and Bulldogs victories.Dogs fans are buying into the suspicion that the Dogs seem to play their best footy when their club’s official podcast, co-hosted by Bob Murphy and Marcus Bontempelli, hits the airwaves in the lead-up to a match.After all, a mid-season podcast hiatus resulted in three straight Bulldogs losses, and again it seemed to be the missing ingredient as the Club suffered a heart-breaking loss to Geelong last Friday night.It meant it was priority one for Bob and Bont to jump straight back on zoom this week to record episode 19 of Barkly Street, and they brought Club champion Daniel Giansiracusa along for the ride for good measure.The trio discusses Gia’s form on the golf course, his experiences as the Dogs’ AFL runner (including how successful he is at delivering messages to the Bont), coaching the Club’s scratch matches in their Queensland hub, and what it was like wearing the green vest as the subst

  • Ep 18. Barkly Street | Magic McLean

    Ep 18. Barkly Street | 'Magic' McLean

    19/08/2020 Duração: 34min

    Michael ‘Magic’ McLean gives Bulldogs fans a fascinating insight into his football life on this week’s episode of The Barkly Street Podcast.In the lead-up to the annual Sir Doug Nicholls Round, the Bulldogs’ most accomplished Aboriginal player joins Bob Murphy and Marcus Bontempelli to recount his incredible playing career across two decades, and two clubs.McLean’s journey includes leaving Darwin as a teenager, making his name at the Bulldogs, tackling racism head-on, dealing with debilitating injuries, reinvigorating his career at Brisbane and captaining the Indigenous All-Stars.Now back in the Northern Territory, McLean also recalls the key role he played in taking a stand against racism in sport, which later led to the establishment of the AFL’s Racial Vilification Code.With the Bulldogs’ crucial Round 13 clash with Melbourne around the corner, Bob and Bont also discuss the team’s return to form, Aaron Naughton and Bailey Smith’s influence, and the wash-up of the first ‘Footy Frenzy’ period.

  • Ep 17. Barkly Street | The Great Flood

    Ep 17. Barkly Street | The Great Flood

    13/08/2020 Duração: 40min

    ‘That goal’ against Essendon in the year 2000 is the subject of a Barkly Street deep dive on this week’s Western Bulldogs podcast.After a short hiatus during the AFL’s ‘Footy Frenzy’, Barkly Street is back this week with co-hosts Bob Murphy and Marcus Bontempelli uniting on Zoom from Melbourne and Queensland respectively.They’re joined by Bulldog royalty, in the form of Club legend and current Director of Football, Chris Grant, to recall that famous moment 20 years ago when his incredible snap from the boundary handed the Bombers their only defeat of an otherwise dominant 2000 season.‘The great flood’, as it’s come to be known, was a piece of coaching genius by Terry Wallace, with Grant and a teenage Murphy right in the think of the action.The trio discusses the week leading into that match, how Bob was forced to keep the revolutionary game plan a secret from his school mates, Wallace’s brutal honesty about the Dogs’ chances against the all-conquering Bombers, the frantic minutes leading up to the moment of t

  • Ep 16. Barkly Street | Footy, Fifa  Josh Dunkley

    Ep 16. Barkly Street | Footy, Fifa & Josh Dunkley

    20/07/2020 Duração: 35min

    Hub life continues for Bulldogs skipper Marcus Bontempelli, while home-schooling recommences for his Barkly Street co-host, Bob Murphy on the 16th zoom edition of the Bulldogs’ weekly podcast.Bob and Bont collaborate from different parts of the country as the coronavirus continues to grip Victoria and the football pilgrimage settles in Queensland.High on the agenda for this week’s episode is what the players are getting up to when they’re not training or playing, including the in-house FIFA video game competition, what’s on the activity hit list as the two-week quarantine period comes to a close, and who fancies themselves with a golf club in hand.The boys also discuss last week’s impressive win over Essendon, focussing on Cody Weightman’s debut and Tim English’s emergence, including a breakdown of his ‘royal wave’ hitout.Dogs’ young gun Josh Dunkley also joins the zoom call to discuss his recovery from a syndesmosis injury, the emergence of amateur hairdressing in the hub and why he’s being accused of packin

  • Ep 15. Barkly Street | Gold Coast Hub Life

    Ep 15. Barkly Street | Gold Coast Hub Life

    08/07/2020 Duração: 33min

    Get taken right inside the Bulldogs’ new Queensland home in the football hub edition of the Barkly Street podcast this week.Bob Murphy, co-hosting from Melbourne, is joined by Marcus Bontempelli from the Mercure Resort on the Gold Coast.Dogs’ dashing defender Caleb Daniel also ‘zooms’ in (from the room next to Bont’s) to have a chat about adjusting to a new home away from home, and the team’s recent run of good form.Bob and Bont discuss the frantic few days leading into the Victorian teams vacating the state for their new temporary accommodation, developing ‘isolation fitness’, and the empathy they feel for their fellow Victorians doing it tough ahead of the next phase of Stage 3 lockdown restrictions.When Daniel jumps into the conversation, the crew drills down on what hub life is like, including the “cruisy” shared flight with Richmond on the way to the Gold Coast, the ‘Mercure Cup’ between the three tenants of the resort (the Dogs, Blues and Kangaroos), and the joys of living around babies and young childr

  • Ep 14. Barkly Street | Farren Ray: The King of Cauliflower

    Ep 14. Barkly Street | Farren Ray: The King of Cauliflower

    30/06/2020 Duração: 38min

    The ‘King of Cauliflower’, former Dog, Saint and Roo Farren Ray, is the latest big-name guest to venture down Barkly Street this season.As chaos reigns with the re-emergence of the coronavirus pandemic in Victoria, Ray joins Bob and Bont for a Zoom chat about his 209-game career, and where life has taken him since.Ray remembers his extraordinary first day as an AFL player after a post-draft trip to ‘Schoolies’, the origins of the name Farren, his journey from the Bulldogs to the Saints, and finally the Kangaroos, and creating his own business, Curiously Cauli.Bob and Bont also catch up about the current state of affairs in the AFL, discussing the Bont’s aerial ability, the win over the Swans, Tim English’s hot form, covering the loss of Aaron Naughton and Sam Lloyd, and the uncertain immediate future of the AFL competition.

  • Ep 13. Barkly Street | A Giant win, Libba and Oscar

    Ep 13. Barkly Street | A Giant win, Libba and Oscar

    22/06/2020 Duração: 22min

    Barkly Street’s first ever baby guest makes an on-screen appearance on episode 13 of the Western Bulldogs’ official podcast this week.Oscar Liberatore gets introduced to the Dogs’ faithful via Zoom, as his father Tom joins Bob and Bont to discuss the weekend that was.‘Libba’ made a triumphant return to the footy field in last Friday night’s win over GWS, and is on hand to chat about how his knee pulled up, resisting the urge to join in the three-quarter-time ‘fracas’ before he took his free kick, watching overnight soccer with Oscar and much more.As the show roars to life, Bont gives an insight into last week’s pressure-packed week at the Kennel, the rivalry with the Giants, and what was going through his mind when he tossed the coin on Friday night.

  • Ep 12. Barkly Street | Brucey, Penalty Shootouts and Footys back!

    Ep 12. Barkly Street | Brucey, Penalty Shootouts and Footy's back!

    12/06/2020 Duração: 25min

    For the Barkly Street podcast, zoom calls in isolation are still the flavour of the day, but the discussion in this week’s episode had a point of difference – footy is finally back!After months of football nostalgia, puppy tales and Netflix discussion, Bob and Bont catch up for a good old fashioned chat about the footy issues of the day, fresh from the competition’s resumption.The boys discuss the first game of the long-awaited Round 2 between the Tigers and Magpies, the impact of the shortened quarters, and Bob suggests a ‘set shot off’ to determine the winner in a drawn game.Saint-turned-Bulldog Josh Bruce then jumps on the call to talk about facing his old side, avoiding the ‘bronx’ cheers of the crowd this weekend, who St Kilda’s ‘chief of the chat’ might be, building chemistry with the Dogs’ forwards, and that developing moustache.And there’s team selection news, with Bont and ‘Brucey’ giving an insight into the character of debutant Laitham Vandermeer, and the triumphant return of fan favourite Lin Jong

  • Ep 11. Barkly Street | Harrys miss, Big Poppa Pump

    Ep 11. Barkly Street | Harry's miss, Big Poppa Pump

    04/06/2020 Duração: 31min

    Episode 11 of the Western Bulldogs’ Barkly Street podcast is all about celebrating some recent glories of the red, white and blue past.First, Bob and Bont go back in time to the unforgettable moment at Marvel Stadium in 2018 when Harry Taylor’s post-siren miss gifted the Dogs their first win over the Cats after 11 failed attempts.The boys sit back and enjoy those frantic last few moments as Bont tries to explain why 12 Bulldogs players were on the mark with their fingers crossed, hoping with all their might that big Harry’s kick would sail wide.The Dogs’ hard-running, high-flyer Matthew Robbins, better known to his former team-mates as ‘Big Poppa Pump’, joins the Zoom call to re-live his 146-game career and what’s happened since.Robbins chats to the boys about his post-career ankle injuries, home-schooling five kids, being traded to the Dogs from Geelong while in Bali, and the time he tried in vain to cash an oversized novelty cheque at Chasers Nightclub.Of course, there’s time to replay Robbins’ extraordinar

  • Ep 10. Barkly Street | Mullets, Superstitions and Iso life with Bazlenka

    Ep 10. Barkly Street | Mullets, Superstitions and Iso life with 'Bazlenka'

    28/05/2020 Duração: 32min

    The Western Bulldogs’ mullet-wearing young gun Bailey Smith joins Bob and the Bont for episode 10 of the Barkly Street podcast this week.Fresh from accepting the challenge to participate in ‘Big Freeze 6’, Smith joins the current and former Dogs’ stars to work through the serious - and not-so-serious - issues of the day.‘Baz’ gives an insight into his isolation period spent with Laitham Vandermeer, the ‘family reunion’ when the players returned to training last week, his 90’s-inspired dress sense, that famous mullet, and a long-standing superstition relating to his fridge!Before Smith enters the Zoom call, Bob quizzes Bont on the mood in the locker room, the importance of injury prevention as training loads increase, players in the competition who have a natural aura.Bontempelli also recalls the time he had to cover the space in front of Lance Franklin as a youngster…

  • Ep 9. Barkly Street | Three Captains on a Zoom call

    Ep 9. Barkly Street | Three Captains on a Zoom call

    21/05/2020 Duração: 30min

    It’s a Bulldogs captain smorgasbord on this week’s isolation episode of the Barkly Street podcast.Regular co-hosts Bob Murphy and Marcus Bontempelli, current and former skippers of the red, white and blue, are joined on Zoom by premiership captain Easton Wood.And there’s plenty to talk about, given it’s nearing the end of the first week back on the training track for AFL players, and the 2020 season restart is just around the corner.Bob and Bont delve into the hot topics of the day, including the new players’ world of temperature checks and COVID-19 protocols, what a normal day of training looks like, and if Clubs are going out of their way to separate the ‘stars’ of the team in their smaller groups.Wood then enters the call and the trio discusses the AFL’s ‘intimacy policy’, Bob’s tendency to send playing clips of himself to his former team-mates, his infamous last kick in AFL football, and much more.

  • Ep 8. Barkly Street | Nathan Brown zooms in, Iso life easing

    Ep 8. Barkly Street | Nathan Brown zooms in, Iso life easing

    12/05/2020 Duração: 36min

    As far as Barkly Street podcast guests go, Nathan Brown is just about the perfect fit to talk footy with Bob Murphy and Marcus Bontempelli. Brown, the star 219-gamer who booted 349 goals, played seven seasons at Whitten Oval before crossing to the Tigers, the club of choice for the Bulldogs podcast’s co-hosts. Top of the agenda for discussion is Brown’s role in the frenetic finish to the Dogs vs Tigers game of Round 5, 2008 – the drawn game in which he celebrated as if his team had triumphed. Brown also recalls his early years in the game, being given a ‘bath’ by Simon Goodwin as a youngster, needing to back up a double-page Herald Sun spread, and how he still regrets the nature of his exit from the Western Bulldogs. Brown also outlines the impact of his horrific leg injury, and nominates Chris Grant’s match-winning goal in 2000 against Essendon as one of his favourite football memories. Elsewhere on this week’s edition of Barkly Street, Bob and Bont chat through footy’s imminent return, how the Dogs players

  • Barkly Street Happy Hour | Jarrad Grant

    Barkly Street Happy Hour | Jarrad Grant

    08/05/2020 Duração: 23min

    Which best describes the one and only, Jarrad ‘Spindleshanks’ Grant? However you view him, Grant oozes character and entertainment factor, which makes him an ideal guest for the Happy Hour edition of Barkly Street with Bob Murphy and Marcus Bontempelli. ‘Spindles’, a podcaster himself, spends some ‘Zoom’ time with Bob and Bont, his former Bulldog team-mates, in the third episode of the isolation series. Grant was a fan favourite over an 81-game, seven-year stint at VU Whitten Oval, and he has lost none of his quick wit and cheeky demeanour since hanging up the boots. Tune in to find out about the origins of the Bulldogs’ ‘dice game’, Grant’s career path post footy, why his nickname was ‘microphone head’, how he was perfectly pranked by Barry Hall and his trademark one-finger goal celebration.

  • Ep 7. Barkly Street | Aaron Naughton, Dog Tales vs Sydney

    Ep 7. Barkly Street | Aaron Naughton, Dog Tales vs Sydney

    05/05/2020 Duração: 40min

    Rising star key forward Aaron Naughton is this week’s special guest on the Barkly Street podcast with Bob and Bont, fresh from his isolation period back home with his family in Western Australia. ‘Naughty’ talks to the boys about reacquainting himself with his childhood bedroom, fishing trips, and his ‘rev-head’ days at Bathurst with his dad. On the field, he talks through his breakout performance against Richmond a year ago, his toughest opponents so far and how he can continue to improve. In this week’s ‘Dog Tales’ segment, Bob and Bont break down the dying seconds of the Bulldogs’ incredible away win against Sydney in 2015.

  • Ep 6. Barkly Street | Luke Beveridge, Dog Tales

    Ep 6. Barkly Street | Luke Beveridge, 'Dog Tales'

    28/04/2020 Duração: 34min

    Luke Beveridge is the latest big name to be lured onto the Barkly Street podcast with regular co-hosts Bob Murphy and Marcus Bontempelli. In the latest isolation edition of the show, ‘Bevo’ chats to the boys about handling the Lachie Hunter situation, AFL hubs and the possibilities of a return to footy, his coaching origins, who has inspired him, the use of metaphors and philosophy in coaching, and life for a senior coach away from the Club. Bob and Bont also introduce ‘Dog Tales’, a new segment which breaks down huge moments in the Bulldogs’ recent history. First up, it was the Bont’s incredible right-foot snap against Melbourne back in 2014.

  • Barkly Street Happy Hour | Matthew Richardson

    Barkly Street Happy Hour | Matthew Richardson

    24/04/2020 Duração: 25min

    On Episode Two of Barkly Street: Happy Hour, Bob and Bont are joined by their childhood hero - none other than 800-goal Richmond Tigers superstar, Matthew Richardson. The pair of Bulldogs champions transport themselves back to their youth to talk to ‘Richo’ about his own childhood hero, state of origin football, surfing, the day he booted 10 goals against the Bulldogs in 2004, and much more.

  • Ep 5. Barkly Street | Lachie Hunter, Jordan, The puppy diaries

    Ep 5. Barkly Street | Lachie Hunter, Jordan, The puppy diaries

    22/04/2020 Duração: 26min

    In this week’s episode of Barkly Street, Bob and Bont delve into the events of the last five days, giving their take on the incident involving Lachie Hunter. They chat about the challenge of leadership when a close friend has made a mistake, and how football clubs support their own while needing to uphold and set of standards. The Bont discusses his tough initiation to the Bulldogs’ captaincy, and the opportunity for Hunter to rebuild trust and emerge as an even strong person and leader. The boys also run the rule over the new Netflix documentary The Last Dance, Bont launches his own segment ‘The Puppy Diaries’ and the call goes out for Dogs fans to recommend significant match moments which can be broken down and analysed on next week’s show.

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