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  • Episode 22 | Why Everything Gotta Be Me

    Episode 22 | Why Everything Gotta Be Me

    05/02/2019 Duração: 01h17min

    On this episode, The Bunch really breakdown the Netflix Show "You" (2:51), and not everyone agrees with who the victim was (SPOILERS). They also go over Killer Mikes "Trigger Warning" and his statement towards Private v. Public schooling for black children(21:30). The guys also give their thoughts on the news that Tekashi 69 is indeed working with the feds (35:38), AND the breaking news that 21 Savage is British and being sent back (52:21). The Bunch end with a discussion about paying Child Support, No one here has a kid..... that we know of (1:02:10). Twitter: (Follow) Youtube: (Follow) Spotify: (Listen)

  • Episode 21 | God Is Gravity

    Episode 21 | God Is Gravity

    30/01/2019 Duração: 54min

    On this weeks episode, the bunch breakdown the first episode of The Magicians new season (8:45), Supergirl (17:25), and Deadly class (19:23). The guys dive into dangerous waters when breaking down the Netflix documentaries Abducted in Plain Sight (24:36) and the Ted Bundy tapes (35:49). Everyone gives their pick on the Super Bowl (38:12) and they break down their new theory that God is Gravity (46:48). Twitter: (Follow) Youtube: (Follow) Spotify: (Listen)

  • Episode 20 | Violated the Banana

    Episode 20 | Violated the Banana

    22/01/2019 Duração: 01h15min

    On this week's episode, the bunch give their SPOILER filled reviews and reactions for Netflix's The Punisher (2:25) and Sex Education (20:47), Young Justice (11:49), Reign of the Supermen (15:42), The Flash (30:44), and Dragon Ball Super Broly (35:17). The guys also give their take on the famous debate of whether both Rose and Jack could've gotten on the floating door and survived The Titanic (46:22). Twitter: (Follow) Youtube: (Follow) Spotify: (Listen)

  • Slanging the Tacos | Episode 19

    Slanging the Tacos | Episode 19

    08/01/2019 Duração: 01h15min

    The NDCNT Bunch is back and this week we kick off with a Coach Taco update and his run in with racial profiling (2:09). The Surviving R. Kelly docuseries aired and everyone gives their thoughts on the whole nasty situation (17:10). Taco is not as excited for the US movie after watching the trailer as the others and he explains why he doesn't think it will live up to the hype (41:27). Both Taco and Jamal breakdown and review the Netflix movie "What Happened to Monday" (45:51), and Emmanuel gives his show suggestion for " El Diablero" (54:30). Ending with Taco's explanation as to why he would like Harry Potter to be the fictional he would kill off (1:05:52). Twitter: (Follow) Youtube: (Follow) Spotify: (Listen)

  • Shut Your Bitchass Up | Episode 18

    Shut Your Bitchass Up | Episode 18

    25/12/2018 Duração: 01h17min

    Got a Holiday episode for yall and we kick off with a Coach Taco update on his basketball team(1:30). Tory Lanez still getting in beefs but this time it is with Royce da 5'9, even though they resolved it (4:07). Jamal takes us down memory lane with the times he paid for Taco's and Emmanuel's food, he still not happy bout it (22:07.5). The guys give their thoughts on the Aladdin live action movie releasing a movie poster showing Will Smith as the genie (30:30). Breakdown of Top 5 Shows (35:46), Top 5 Movies (49:28.5), and who had the best beef of 2018 (53:40). The Bunch give some holiday advice ahead of the holiday season that could come in handy for alot of yall (1:16:39.5). Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays!

  • Im Sensitive Bro | Episode 17

    I'm Sensitive Bro | Episode 17

    18/12/2018 Duração: 01h33min

    Taco is back and he coming back a little spicy towards the rest of the Bunch, but he does breakdown his first coaching experience (1:39). They give their input on if Offset is doing too much to win Cardi B back (7:43) and whether or not Drake is coming for Kanye West in the Calabasas beef (22:46.5). Jacquees was talking reckless claiming the King of R&B crown, tuh, so the guys give their picks for the true King of R&B (41:39). While recapping the CW Crossover of Elseworlds (1:04:02.5) the bunch also jump into discussing Titans (1:09:16). The new Godzilla trailer had everyone, mostly the Lil N***a, very hyped and everyone picks their winner between King Kong v. Godzilla (1:17:28.5). Wrapping up with the question of What was the wildest show to have in the background while having sex (1:27:54)? Twitter: (Follow) Youtube: (Follow) Spotify: (Listen)

  • First Gate, Second Gate, Third Gate, Home Plate | Episode 16

    First Gate, Second Gate, Third Gate, Home Plate | Episode 16

    11/12/2018 Duração: 01h10min

    Down a member, Taco, the rest of the bunch pick up the slack and start off with the news of MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch coming back (7:46.3). The bunch give their thoughts on a 120 lbs man dying from suffocation from his 300 lbs girlfriend (19:41). The CW Annual Superhero Crossover Elseworlds has finally arrived and everyone has high expectations (26:59/ 32:18.7). Also the trailer for both Avengers: Endgame (45:53.5)and Captain Marvel (51:40.5) dropped and the bunch give their thoughts on how it will all play out. Ending off with everyone answering what is the most painful thing they would allow a woman to do to them (1:01:18.3). Spotify: (Listen) Twitter: (Follow)

  • The Luigi Board | Episode 15

    The Luigi Board | Episode 15

    27/11/2018 Duração: 01h02min

    The guys get right into the shits by starting off with Snapchat premium women getting audited by the IRS (.40). The bunch breakdown and pick who they believe won the Tory Lanez v. Joyner Lucas "beef" (8:48.5). With the Lion King live action trailer everyone but 1 of the bunch are looking forward to it (29:58.7). Choosing the winner between Sabrina v. the Charmed witches (43:10) brought the bunch into talking about witchcraft (45:18). Jamal shares one of his fantasies (54:10.6) and TV Spoilers/Breakdown of Titans (34:28) and The Flash (38:49.5). Spotify: (Listen) Twitter: (Follow)

  • Can You Feel That | Episode 14

    Can You Feel That | Episode 14

    20/11/2018 Duração: 01h18min

    Getting right into it the guys discuss who is hotter in New York Cardi B or Tekashi 6'9 (.32). The bunch get wild when asked if they would have sex with a woman in a wheelchair and if so what position (8:55.80)? The topic of the Migos carpool karaoke (49:24) brings up the discussion of what makes a legendary artist (50:34:80). The bunch take a fun trip down memory lane of major drunk fuck ups (57:24.30). Finishing up this weeks episode with some TV show reviews of Titans (1:08:58.20), How to Get Away With Murder (1:09:27.70), and Chicago PD (1:11:11.80). Spotify: (Listen) Twitter: (Follow)

  • Fo Fo Fo | Episode 13

    Fo Fo Fo | Episode 13

    13/11/2018 Duração: 01h17min

    The Bunch kick off this weeks episode by sharing the reason as to why they did not put out an episode last week (1:12). Discussing Jamals theory that aliens live among us leads the guys to talk about the 7'7" high school Basketball player (9:23.5). The guys begin to dive into an STD talk (15:54.5) which then transitions into the question of who peaks more in high school, guys or girls (31:20.6)? TV Show Spoilers: Mayans Season Finale (51:15.5), How to Get Away With Murder (53:56.8), and Arrow (1:00:34). Ending this week with the NDCNT Topics (1:03:04.7) (1:15:06.9). Spotify: (Listen) Twitter: (Follow)

  • Im A Minor Too... A Minority | Episode 12

    I'm A Minor Too... A Minority | Episode 12

    30/10/2018 Duração: 01h19min

    Starting this week's episode the guys open up with a story of an incident on Halloween weekend night. After getting their shit off the focus switches to the picture of a lonely kid at a pizza place for his birthday (12:50). After speaking on 50 cents pettiness Emmanuel asks the bunch what the pettiest thing they've ever done (16:31). Chic-fil-a surprised everyone with their huge delivery announcement and the bunch give their thoughts on it (36:15) SPOILERS! TV show breakdowns for the following shows: Titans (44:02), MayansMC (45:29), Chicago PD (56:24.5), Flash (1:02:07), Arrow (1:04:13), and Supergirl (1:06:06). The guys end with the NDCNT Topic talking about WILD SHIT(1:13:43.2). Twitter: (Follow) Youtube: (Follow)

  • Shaq Toes | Episode 11

    Shaq Toes | Episode 11

    23/10/2018 Duração: 01h20min

    Diving straight into the bullshit this week, the guys start off by giving their thoughts on the Rondo - CP3 altercation during the Lakers-Rockets game (34.5). The bunch give their thoughts after Pusha T confirmed that he got his Drake news from a woman that sleeps with his producer 40 (4:54.6) and whether or not their are rules in rap beef (6:06.7). Since Netflix cancelled Luke Cage and Iron Fist the Lil N***a gives his thoughts on what will happen next with both of heroes (16:05). CW announced that they are making a new Superman TV show and Jamal is not too happy about it (17:26.5), however he does look forward to seeing a Alfred Pennyworth TV show that is being rumored (19:57). The Bunch each give their own TV episode breakdown & SPOILERS for Arrow (29:44), The Flash (36:18), Mayans MC (39:25.2), and The Purge (1:00:52). Just like every week the guys end the episode with the NDCNT Topic of the Week. Twitter: (Follow) Youtube: (Follow)

  • Im Batman | Episode 10

    I'm Batman | Episode 10

    16/10/2018 Duração: 57min

    To start off with this week the guys give a quick review of the previous night's adventures. The Bunch discuss whether or not they would attend the Slut Walk with their girlfriends. They all discuss their own way of coping with certain situations. Speaking on Katt Williams and Kevin Hart the guys rank their favorite comedians of all time. With the announcement that the former director and writer of Guardians of the Galaxy might be taking over for Suicide Squad 2, the guys decide if this could be the step in the right direction for DC Movies? They also give their own opinions on who should takeover as Batman. SPOILERS for Mayans MC and The Flash with a quick breakdown and of course ending it with The NDCNT Topic! Twitter: (Follow) Youtube: (Follow)

  • Hold On | Episode 9

    Hold On | Episode 9

    09/10/2018 Duração: 01h05min

    New week means new foolishness on the podcast, and the guys start off by giving their thoughts on the Connor McGregor - Khabib fight/ post fight (3:27). Nextflix announced their interactive shows for viewers and some of the guys are not into it (14:15). Jamal, Lil N****a, and Emmanuel discuss Designated Survivor and theories heading into season 3 (17:52). Emmanuel gets clarification on The Flash's new villain (38:50) and the plot for the DC CW shows crossover is talked about as well (39:54). American Horror Story has its 1 man fan club in the Lil N***a and tells the rest of the group about the story line for this season(45:29). Discussing the new show Manifest (51:05) brings up the question of which had a worst ending, Lost or How I Met Your Mother (54:05). Of course we end with the NDCNT topics of self fellatio (56:53) and if any of the guys would date a sex worker (59:11) Twitter: (Follow) Youtube: (Follow)

  • Cochina Things | Episode 8

    Cochina Things | Episode 8

    02/10/2018 Duração: 01h13min

    Kicking off this week's episode with some music breakdown of both Young Thug's EP (On the Rvn) (1:54) and Lil Wayne's Carter 5 album (4:15). Jamal asks if any of the guys are open to having an open relationship in future relationships (1854). After the news that Bill Cosby is heading to prison the bunch predicts if he will serve his entire sentence (27:58) and react to Amber Rose's statement regarding his sentence (29:10). Venom is right around the corner for its theater release and the Lil N***a gives his reasons why he believes the movie isn't as good as its being hyped up to be (41:16). Michael Myers is making a come back in his new Halloween movie so the guys rank their top Halloween villains (44:04). Episode breakdowns for this week include Mayans MC (46:36.5), The Gifted (49:10),Chicago PD (51:38), and How to Get Away With Murder (55:22). Lastly this weeks NDCNT Topic is two parts, Part 1 talks about split tongues (1:03:36) and Part 2 is women enjoying eating hairy man ass (1:06:34).

  • S.B.E. | Episode 7

    S.B.E. | Episode 7

    26/09/2018 Duração: 01h11min

    New week means new topics and the guys start off by giving their thoughts on the Super Bowl Halftime show with Maroon 5 and Cardi B (5:14). Kanye has been on the news cycle talking about his new project with Chance the Rapper which could be Throne 2 without Jay Z (12:57). Jamal breaks down the issue he has with people on IG that get their validation from an app (28:13.8). Marvel seems to have outdone itself again with the Captain Marvel trailer (36:22) and the Lil N***a gives us his Avengers 4 theory (37:19.5). Snowfall's season 2 finale finally happened and the guys give their opinions on the finale and whole season (41:50.8). Taco, Jamal, and the Lil N***a talk about their updated take on The Purge TV show (47:41). Netflix put out the announcement that they will be doing a live action Avatar: The Last Airbender series which does not go over too well with 2 of the guys (57:08.6). And of course we give you the NDCNT Topic of the week (1:04:33)! Twitter:

  • Did You All Miss? | Episode 6

    Did You All Miss? | Episode 6

    18/09/2018 Duração: 01h29min

    This week we kickoff by addressing Kurupt and his Breakfast Club interview where he states Suge Knight made a worker at Death Row drink a bucket of piss (6:44). Sticking to Music the bunch discuss the difference between Rappers Vs. Killer MCs (13:25). Lil Wayne had major news about his Young Money Label and the Carter 5 finally dropping (19:37). Eminem finally responds to MGK with his diss track "Killshot" and the guys discuss whether this was a killshot or not (28:07). Jamal came in ready after the break to ask if any of the bunch "missed" (38:35) in their first time with a girl. SPOILERS: Season finale of Queen of the South is broken down and predictions are made for the next season (42:46), as well as Snowfall (49:54) with only 1 episode left in the season. Emmanuel and Taco give Mayans MC a big shout out (55:23) for stepping it up in Episode 2 in a savage way. DC makes another major mistake with their Superman decision(1:08:44) and the bunch try to figure out what DCEU is doing. The NDCNT topic for this

  • Pink Toes | Episode 5

    Pink Toes | Episode 5

    12/09/2018 Duração: 01h23min

    Following the tragic news of the passing of Mac Miller, the guys start off by paying their respects to the young MC (2:38). The bunch give their picks on who they got between Nicki-Cardi B (8:00) after their scuffle at a fashion week event in NYC. Discussing new experiences the Lil n***a tells about his attempt of sleeping nude (12:10) and Jamal explains his willingness to have a woman suck his toes (20:26). Jamal and Emmanuel try to explain to Taco why Joe Budden would beat Eminem in a rap battle (31:22) following Joe's response to Em on his Podcast. This season of Power comes to an end and the guys give their takes on this season and predictions for the following one(35:48). Sticking to TV, Jamal gives his Ozark breakdown (41:55) and everyone tries to rate this show and Snowfall (52:07) overall. New shows such as Mayans and The Purge series is discussed (57:17) and Emmanuel breaks down the Serena Williams meltdown at the US Open Finals(1:11:45). Ending the podcast the NDCNT Topic of the week (1:14:44) take

  • Episode 4 | The YEAH

    Episode 4 | "The YEAH"

    04/09/2018 Duração: 01h10min

    Kicking off this week the bunch discuss Odell Beckham's new record setting contract for a WR. Jamal give his take on whether or not Joe Budden could go toe to toe against Eminem after Em's diss on his surprise album. Sticking to music icons the guys try to figure out what exactly made Prince the MAN! The bunch discuss imagining being homeless and how it can be a motivation. Jamal, Lil n***a, and Emmanuel give their thoughts on the comic theory that the Joker is Batman's long lost brother. Short time after, Emmanuel asks which has the bigger impact, taking a bullet or killing for someone? Jumping into the Entertainment/ TV portion of the show the guys give quick recaps of Snowfall, Queen of the South, and Power while comparing which of the 3 is a better show. Also with The Gifted season 2 premiering in a few weeks predictions are made for the upcoming season and how it will play out for the mutants. Finally, ending this week's show with the WILDEST NDCNT topic by far, males getting their ass ate by women.

  • Episode 3| Bringing Back the Future

    Episode 3| "Bringing Back the Future"

    29/08/2018 Duração: 01h04min

    With Taco on vacation The NDCNT Bunch podcast welcome the lil n***a as a guest this week, and the guys begin talking about how much music/ entertainment influence the world as a whole. ICE and their arresting of an immigrant who was on his way to the hospital with his pregnant wife get a breakdown. With the latest news of Trump the lil n***a would like to know if he will finally be impeached. Fast forwarding through Nicki Minaj the 3 give their thoughts on the video of the shooting in Chicago and how they would have reacted. Emmanuel wonders how the guys would react to walking in on your girlfriend twerking in her panties on IG live. After discussing parents vaccinating their children or not Jamal reminisces on what his dad told him to put on his cuts/scrapes. Ending this weeks podcast with some great TV show recaps and some of The Game of Thrones theories coming into its last season.

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