In each episode our host Jemma Cawood will be talking to people from the world of software, quality and testing and asking them to share their stories and wisdom on topics ranging from agile, test automation, digital, AI, machine learning, and lots more.


  • Seven Ingredients to Software Releases

    Seven Ingredients to Software Releases

    31/07/2018 Duração: 18min

    Host Jemma Cawood is joined by ROQ co-founder Mark Bargh to discuss the seven ingredients to successful software releases. Mark suggests that these areas have been ever-present for most people within the industry for a long time, but there seems to be little structure around them. He worked with his team to come up with seven questions which should be being asked by the person at the top prior to a project going live – giving us seven areas to focus on throughout the project and ensures that nothing surprises us at the last minute. The areas which he suggests should be focused on throughout the project to ensure stakeholders will have enough information to make a go live decisions are; functional readiness, performance, security, business readiness, operational readiness, data migration and implementation planning. Mark shares stories where a lack of attention in these areas has caused difficulties for the project as well as tips for success. He suggests that as testing professionals we need to lift our head