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  • Episode 68: Sleep Deprived News?

    Episode 68: Sleep Deprived News?

    27/06/2020 Duração: 38min

    Tristan and Drew return, and Tristan literally just reads the twitter headlines. He has only slept 2 hours a lot nights, let's see how is goes!

  • Episode 67: Lonesome

    Episode 67: Lonesome

    22/06/2020 Duração: 38min

    Tristan returns to the podcast ship alone... let's hear what he has to say....

  • Episode 66: Car Seats

    Episode 66: Car Seats

    13/06/2020 Duração: 37min

    Tristan and Drew talk about the empowerment behind the idea of car seats, and how to properly utilize the powers for good AND evil. Check it out!

  • Episode 65: Bathroom Etiquette

    Episode 65: Bathroom Etiquette

    08/06/2020 Duração: 45min

    Tristan and Drew are back but for the first time recording OVER THE AIRWAVES. Does it work out? Kinda, but no spoilers!..yeah, it does, go listen!

  • Episode 64: Deep Dive

    Episode 64: Deep Dive

    27/05/2020 Duração: 50min

    In this episode of SHENANIGANS Tristan and Drew have a deep dive in depth conversation about all things stupid, dreams, snacks, other random crap. Give it a go!

  • Episode 63: Not Bad

    Episode 63: Not Bad

    20/05/2020 Duração: 50min

    In the newest funniest episode of SHENANIGANS ever, Tristan and Drew put their best foot forward, and make some great solid content...foorrrr suurreee.. Check it out!

  • Episode 62: X Æ A-12 NOOOO!!!

    Episode 62: X Æ A-12 NOOOO!!!

    13/05/2020 Duração: 50min

    In this episode of THHHEEEE SHENANIGANS podcast, Tristan and Drew talk about fake children, Mike Tyson, burning houses, Mother Day, and all kinds of craziness! Join in! and take this free laugh, before Kyle comes for your grandma!

  • Episode 61: Manifest This!

    Episode 61: Manifest This!

    06/05/2020 Duração: 50min

    In this manifestation of SHENANIGANS, Tristan and Drew go completely off the rails and improvise their whole way through. Never getting to their notes, but jamming nonetheless! Check it out!

  • Episode 60: James Campbell.. Hes 32..

    Episode 60: James Campbell.. He's 32..

    29/04/2020 Duração: 53min

    Tristan and Drew return from their weirdest episode yet with an absolute road house of slam dunks! Notes upon notes in a time of quarantine? You bet!! Check it out, and experience the magic! Or... whatever this is. BOOM!

  • Episode 59: Weird and Sorry

    Episode 59: Weird and Sorry

    22/04/2020 Duração: 49min

    Tristan and Drew try to bring you the best they can offer under the influence of insanity. It gets odd, and weird, and might not make any sense, but.. they showed up! They're still learning to podcast!

  • Episode 58: No Weak Hands Allowed

    Episode 58: No Weak Hands Allowed

    15/04/2020 Duração: 55min

    Tristan and Drew remain strong in the face of pure evil. As the lengthy quarantine continues, they talk about the random bits of interest in their lives currently. and just some regular good ole fashion woohoo shenanigans!! Enjoy! (ESPECIALLY YOU ROBERT)

  • Episode 57: Were Doctors

    Episode 57: We're Doctors

    08/04/2020 Duração: 46min

    In this quarantined sleep deprived episode of the SHENANIGANS podcast, Tristan and Drew stumble their way across a variety of small topics, just barely surviving. but! It could be interesting? Who knows! Good luck!

  • Episode 56: TroubleSchoolers 2 -Back On The Bus

    Episode 56: TroubleSchoolers 2 -Back On The Bus

    01/04/2020 Duração: 55min

    After their grand April Fools prank, Tristan and Drew return to give you an awesome episode full of their worst stories from the days of education. Enjoy the weird, wacky, and nonsense of these two young reckless bucks! It is indeed SHENANIGANS!

  • Episode 55 (1/2): Top 10 Worst Dolphin Movies of All Time

    Episode 55 (1/2): Top 10 Worst Dolphin Movies of All Time

    01/04/2020 Duração: 49s

    In this tragic episode of the podcast, Tristan and Drew tell their final stories before shutting their doors forever.. tune in, and enjoy....

  • Episode 55: TroubleSchoolers

    Episode 55: TroubleSchoolers

    25/03/2020 Duração: 52min

    In dark times of the world, two idiots return to the stage, to bring laughter, and smiles. However, in their preparation they did not. So, it is an hour of improvised SHENANIGANS just like mother used to make! If you're not down with that.. then please cut them some slacks.

  • Episode 54: Just Relax

    Episode 54: Just Relax

    18/03/2020 Duração: 01h31s

    Tristan and Drew break down their general knowledge and opinions on the current events of the world. Right or wrong, probably the latter.. they go through it, have fun, and make silly commentary. Ignorant? or Optimistic? If you have any problems with this episode, please contact [email protected] and we will take your messages, and feedback considerately. Thank you! :)

  • Episode 53: The Healthiest Podcast Ever

    Episode 53: The Healthiest Podcast Ever

    12/03/2020 Duração: 50min

    Tristan and Drew return for this episode to singlehandedly defeat the coronavirus With witt charm comedy love and dream dreams Listen in and supposedly be cured

  • Episode 52: Dream On

    Episode 52: Dream On

    04/03/2020 Duração: 53min

    In this episode Tristan and Drew get a little lost but ramble on anyways Full of dreams work milkshakes fathers and MORE Give it a listen and you enjoy a free laugh

  • Episode 51: Tales of The Pastors Son

    Episode 51: Tales of The Pastor's Son

    26/02/2020 Duração: 52min

    This episode contains the triumph and victory over the early years in Tristan and Drews lives Gets silly stupid and fun give it a listen

  • Episode 50: Oh.

    Episode 50: Oh.

    19/02/2020 Duração: 54min

    In this episode of the SHENANIGANS PODCAST Tristan and Drew come back to reach their self proclaimed HIGH of episode 4 and go hard in the paint They laugh ramble make some dark commentary sorry and make fun of a lot of people not sorry but if you are feeling up for the ride of insanity join in on this episode of THE SHENANIGANS PODCAST

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