Are you overwhelmed? On auto-pilot? Feeling burdened by clutter and kids? Feeling restless with your life? Simple Saturdays is a coffee break with your Nerdy Girlfriend and mom of three, Shawna from Simple on Purpose. She is here to give you tips, encouragement and insights into decluttering, minimalism, simple living, and living life on purpose (aka intentional living). Shawna is a writer and life coach who wants to inspire busy moms to simplify their home and life, as well as live the life they envision for themselves and live it with passion and purpose. @shawnascafe


  • 69. Will a simpler home bring me peace?

    69. Will a simpler home bring me peace?

    20/08/2020 Duração: 13min

    Will a clear and simple house bring me peace? There is a lot of evidence out there that decluttered, clutter-free home is a peaceful home. There are a lot of studies about the mental burden of clutter. There’s research to tell us that an ordered home helps us to FEEL calmer.  And I believe this is true.    A clear home CAN bring you peace.  But will it? I coach moms on this. Especially moms who label themselves as perfectionists. They have standards and expectations about how their home should be. They want it clear and tidy because of how they think it will make them feel.  They want this, and in order to get it it can come at a cost, the cost is peace in their home. Over the years of decluttering, organizing, doing chores, teaching my kids to do chores I have learned that it can make my space feel peaceful but it is UP TO ME how I show up every step of the way. I have to bring the peace into it.  Have you ever been to a beautiful place but the atmosphere in it stinks? It isn't as simple as how orga

  • 68. Mindful eating for moms (Interview with Jessica Penner)

    68. Mindful eating for moms (Interview with Jessica Penner)

    08/08/2020 Duração: 42min

    We all have a relationship with food.  It can go from one extreme of food is simply fuel we need to survive, all the way to food is a constant way to experience a pleasure.  In my life, I think I have swung to both sides of this spectrum. I have been paying attention to my relationship with food. What I eat, why I eat, how I feel when I eat and how I feel after. I am learning a lot, and I know I have more to learn.  Paying attention leads us to the subject of MINDFUL EATING. This is something I've been interested in because I don't think it came naturally to me. It is also something I've been wanting to teach my kids more about.  I asked Jessica Penner to come and teach us more about this topic.  Jessica is a Registered Dietitian from Smart Nutrition and the creator of the I Quit Overeating program. We covered so many great issues on mindful eating that mamas can relate to: Regaining control and being confident in what we are eating Food freedom in making choices around food. Let me say it again:

  • 67. Making motherhood harder than it needs to be (Mom Martyr)

    67. Making motherhood harder than it needs to be (Mom Martyr)

    31/07/2020 Duração: 14min

    Motherhood is hard, but sometimes we make it harder than it needs to be by becoming a Mom Martyr.  I would know, I was one.  I was knee-deep in the work and struggles of motherhood and I needed everyone to know it. However, the way I was showing up and handling life and motherhood was actually making my life harder (cue the marriage counselling!) Reflecting back on where I was at, what I see I actually needed was to address my own personal doubts and fears and lack of enjoyment in motherhood.  I am sharing 15 ways that mom martyrdom can show up for you. As you are listening keep in mind that these are extreme examples and I don't think everyone will be doing all these things - though I felt like I sure way. These points may be hard to hear and that is ok, I felt the same way when these things were pointed out to me.  But, I want to encourage you that there are steps you can take if you want to try something new.  Read the related blog post: How to know if you are a Mom Martyr and what you can do about i

  • 66. How to Be Happy

    66. How to Be Happy

    25/07/2020 Duração: 16min

    Should we be happy all the time? What does it mean if you aren’t happy? What are you doing in an effort to get happy and stay happy? This podcast episode has been on my heart for a while.  I knew I wanted to talk about what I call THE HUSTLE FOR HAPPINESS. This has been one of my harder lessons in life - a lesson that came to me through parenting and feeling like I was losing the race for happiness way too often.  It is also a lesson I have the pleasure of teaching other women in life coaching.  I call the episode ‘How to Be Happy’ but as you will hear, it is about something so much better than happiness.  One of the biggest parenting myths I’ve had to unlearn is that if your kids are happy it means you are doing it right. Other related myths include - ‘happiness is what we should feel’ or ‘when we aren’t happy we are doing it wrong.’ On today’s episode, I want to unpack these happiness myths and share some of the things I’ve learned about happiness along my years of motherhood and womanhood.    Here

  • 65. When your kids don’t play with their toys anymore

    65. When your kids don’t play with their toys anymore

    10/07/2020 Duração: 23min

    Why have toys if your kids aren't playing with them? Sure an option is to declutter the toys they don't enjoy or seem to use. We can declutter the excess. But still, our kids aren't always interested in playing with their toys. At least not as interested as they are in following us around the house whining that they are bored.  Do you feel like your kids have a lot of toys but don’t seem to be interested in them like they used to? To a kid, the logical option is to buy a new toy - but we all know how excited they get when they find their old toy under the couch and how they suddenly never want to part with it when we talk about decluttering. July On Purpose This month we're doing July On Purpose. It's a free challenge where we're focusing on four areas of your life. And each week, we are working on a way to kind of simplify and clear space and get really purposeful in this area of our life. This week in the first week of July when I'm recording this, we're doing something around the home, something to f

  • 64. Restlessness in motherhood (July, on Purpose)

    64. Restlessness in motherhood (July, on Purpose)

    20/06/2020 Duração: 18min

    Restlessness, we all have felt it in our lives and especially motherhood. Because it is this weird mix of waiting, mundane chores, and mental chatter around relaxing. I asked the Facebook community what we should work on as a challenge for the month of July and there were great ideas around this general uplifting in our lives. As I talked with my besties, Sophie and Rae, about it they told me they were feeling restless lately. Restless! Exactly! That is what I was feeling too and when I looked back on all the suggestions I thought we could all use a general uplifting whether from restlessness or just the desire to get more intentional with how we are showing up in our homes, for ourselves and for our families this summer.  Restless: “the inability to rest or relax as a result of anxiety or boredom.” Doesn't that feel too accurate of a description of motherhood?  There are three components I want to touch on when it comes to restlessness: Permission to rest Why we have anxiety in our day, what to d

  • 63. Why it is hard to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, and what to do about it

    63. Why it is hard to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, and what to do about it

    12/06/2020 Duração: 18min

    We know there is power in enjoying the simple components that make up our day to day life. When we can enjoy these simple things, we have so much more ability to enjoy our actual life. But often the 'shine wears off' and the things/people/experiences we wanted and enjoyed fall flat. That happiness we experienced is gone. From a life coaching point of view, it is because we still bring our brain with us wherever we go. Our brain, and all it’s thoughts and stories and autopilot and subconscious thinking. That brain is still there thinking it’s thoughts and those thoughts create our emotional experience.  However, when we feel like this isn't normal. We tell ourselves, 'I thought this would make me happy, why am I not happy?' It can cause us to think something is wrong with us, or our lives, or the people in our lives. But now it's time to lay that story to rest.  The hurdle to enjoying the simple pleasures of life is that we all return to this baseline, emotionally speaking. The shine does wear off. But

  • 62. Marriage, Love Languages, Emotional Outsourcing

    62. Marriage, Love Languages, Emotional Outsourcing

    22/05/2020 Duração: 11min

    Today’s bonus episode comes after I showed pictures of my pantry on Instagram and mentioned love languages and got a lot of comments about it.    While we're in isolation, my wonderful husband, when he's home from work for the week, has been doing the grocery shopping and the meal prep while I work. But when he puts away the groceries, he does not appreciate my pantry system at all. There's onions and potatoes together. There's nuts in the grain section. It's just madness!   I could get upset or I could choose to see it another way.    Prefer to read this episode? See the blog post for it right here.  There are five main ways that we like to receive love and that we like to express love. The way you receive and express love can be different. Same thing goes for your spouse. Having different love languages means having different expectations of love.    So often we tie our emotions to our expectations of our spouses. When we're outsourcing that job of meeting our emotional needs to others, it sets us u

  • 61. Saturday Morning Chores( housework for kids)

    61. Saturday Morning Chores( housework for kids)

    15/05/2020 Duração: 17min

    I was asked to share some of our experience with kids doing chores.  I think it is a great subject because a lot of us want to raise kids who know the discipline and skill of chores, but we don't want it to be this big huge fight that ends up creating a tense and stressful situation for us and our kids.  In this episode, I'm sharing our strategies, tips and mindset for how we handle kid chores in our home. It doesn't mean it is always happy, or easy - but we are focussing on the process more than the outcome and it makes a difference.   Some main points we covered: we need to let go of the need to make our kids constantly happy  know you why - why do you want your kids to do chores? how we got started with Saturday Morning Chores how we have built on starting with one task introducing chores, delivery matters helping kids through the overwhelm motivating kids to do chores that fulfill their vision teaching the attitude and culture of chores in the home  enjoying it thought traps you mi

  • 60. Doing Chores You Want to Avoid (how I life coached myself to do the dishes)

    60. Doing Chores You Want to Avoid (how I life coached myself to do the dishes)

    15/05/2020 Duração: 13min

    Raise your hand if you think dishes are dumb. And maybe you've googled 'disposable clothing for kids' in a desperate hope you could avoid the constant laundry. I know that there are women out there who are rocking chores, and there are women who aren't', and there are a lot of us between.  We know that a clean house makes us FEEL peaceful and happy. But we also know that we have more motivation to click 'keep watching' than we do to get on the third load of dishes for the day.  If this has been you, then this episode is for you.  I've always been tidy, but I would definitely be someone to put off chores for far longer than necessary.  About a year ago I decided I wanted to become a 'CHORE DOER' and I life coached myself through the mindset and strategy to become someone who does chores without the emotional negativity I had attached to it over the years Life coaching myself to become a chore doer Here are the topics covered in this episode: my scientific analysis of what Pinterest says will give you a

  • 59. What are we really in control of? (Concern, influence, control) BONUS EPISODE

    59. What are we really in control of? (Concern, influence, control) BONUS EPISODE

    11/05/2020 Duração: 14min

    What would make your life better right now?  It is a wonderful thing to long for change, we can listen closely to that part of us that sees room to explore another way, maybe a better way.  We all have change in our lives - some of it is a change we don't want, some change we do want, some changes we want but we don't know how to accomplish.  Our relationship to change can look a lot of ways but it will always be met by this hurdle: knowing and accepting what is in our POWER to change?    THE MAKING CHANGE CHALLENGE Today’s bonus episode is part of the free Making Change Challenge that I started in February. You can still join in at any time and get those lessons emailed right out to you. There’s a lesson emailed each week for four weeks. This lesson is on what you can control, what you can influence and what is your concern. It's really important that we pay attention to the things we're trying to change, but we actually don’t have control over. A huge hurdle many women have every single day is that

  • 58. Isolation life vs simple on purpose life (marriage, motherhood, working from home, mental health)

    58. Isolation life vs simple on purpose life (marriage, motherhood, working from home, mental health)

    01/05/2020 Duração: 14min

    We have all been taking stock of what isolation life looks like in comparison on how our life used to look. Sometimes this experience can be painful and disempower us as we move through these days of staying at home.  Going through a lot of things we 'don't want to' can really highlight the things that we DO want and crave.  This episode is part two about the things I'm learning while in isolation and how I'm contrasting my current experience with what I want to move into in my post-pandemic life.  This conversation will help you see some different mindsets and habits you might be having as a mom in isolation and give you some space to consider what it tells you about what you want your simple on purpose life to look like.    In the last episode, we talked about this topic in the beauty, wellness, shopping, friendships, routines parts of life.  In this episode we cover: Working from home, remember the days when we could spend part of our workday online window shopping kitchen appliances and creeping o

  • 57. What Isolation is Teaching Me About My Simple on Purpose Life (shopping, wellness, friends, routine)

    57. What Isolation is Teaching Me About My Simple on Purpose Life (shopping, wellness, friends, routine)

    01/05/2020 Duração: 14min

    I've been hearing this sentiment a lot lately: when we all get back to normal, decide what you want your 'normal' to be.  Even if you are someone who pays attention to your life and tries to make it intentional and simple, this time in isolation has changed our routines and patterns enough that we are able to learn new things about how we had been showing up for our lives.  In these next two episodes, I am going to run through the different areas of my life that I am paying attention to right now. In terms of how I am showing up during COVID isolation and what I mindsets/learnings I want to bring with me into my post-pandemic life. In this episode, I talk about Routines, is it worth keeping Saturday morning chores and Friday Night Treats? Beauty, is anyone else still wearing the good eyeliner with their sweats? Wellness, the truth as told by my FitBit Shopping, is isolation a good time to buy a bra to replace the one you have been wearing almost daily for the past five years? Homemaking, if a mo

  • 56. How to make a daily routine that works for you + your family

    56. How to make a daily routine that works for you + your family

    18/04/2020 Duração: 11min

    What day is it anymore? We don't know. But we know we are hungry.....probably...I'm pretty sure. Or bored. Maybe. What day is it again? Imagine this conversation being had by every person in your home. Cause our brain is melting a little bit without some sort of schedule and agenda.  Rather than stay in this fog of wiping chip crumbs off our devices and smelling which sweats are clean enough to wear, perhaps it might help to give your day some framework that works for you and your kids at home. After all, isolation has created this blank space that is being filled with homeschooling (crisis schooling), meals on repeat and tiger king memes. Let's take command of things we CAN control, like when snacks happen and when we binge-watch tv.  *controlling the things you CAN!*, like Olaf said, and maybe Jesus, definitely Steven Covey.  Here are some tips on how to schedule out your daily routine in a way that works for you and your family.  Make the mega list Theme your days Apply a framework, as vague or

  • 55. Tips to move out of the stress response and into resilience

    55. Tips to move out of the stress response and into resilience

    04/04/2020 Duração: 18min

    I've had requests to talk about resilience and endurance during this time where moms are home with their kids in isolation.  ENDURANCE Endurance is responding to stress for a duration of time. We can endure a certain amount of stress but eventually we burn out.  RESILIENCE Then we turn to resilience: the ability to bounce back from stress. I think this is the place a lot of us moms are in right now.  We have endured the first two weeks of isolation and now we realize that this is how things will stay for a while. Now we need to move out of stress mode and into a more intentional mode.  Resilience has three steps: Recover How can you take care of yourself rather than comfort yourself? (self-care vs self-comfort) Recenter What are your values and how can you make a plan for yourself? The importance of compassion and acceptance Gifts in Disguise from The Usable Life by Leslie Broseh Family Culture (blog post and worksheets) Live your Values (blog post and worksheets) Tips to schedule a daily plan for y

  • 54. 7 Tips for dealing with anxiety

    54. 7 Tips for dealing with anxiety

    23/03/2020 Duração: 11min

    Stepping back to look at your anxiety from a life coaching point of view and tools to help you accept and work through it. Advice from a life coach and mom of three.   What is anxiety? What causes it? The way we react to it, and how it makes the struggle even harder How can we react to it instead: acknowledge it is there  accept that it is with you, without running off with it calm the nervous system unpack the mental narration unburden the mental clutter decide how you want to show up (with your own values) start paying attention to what is in your control and what is not Mentioned in this episode Colleen from Lemon Thistle A Minute to Be Mindful (free pdf of mindfulness questions) Episode on being mindful in marriage Brain Dump Live your Values (free worksheets) Live your Vision (free worksheets) The Making Change Challenge The Freebies Library John Mayer IGTV, The Gentle Hours (the first 15 minutes and last 5 minutes are packed full of great insight on anxiety) The Life on Purpo

  • 53. Change your motherhood experience by changing how you make memories

    53. Change your motherhood experience by changing how you make memories

    21/03/2020 Duração: 16min

    Think back on this past week, what kind of memories do you have from your motherhood experience? I recently listened to Meik Wiking talk about the Art of Making Memories and it got me thinking about how we treat our memories and how they can impact our motherhood experience in positive or negative ways.  RELATED LINKS Read this episode as a blog post When did I stop enjoying my kids (podcast episode) (blog post) Life on Purpose Workbook The Perfect Moments Project Posts on hygge The Art of Making Memories Meik Wiking on the Ultimate Health Podcast Episode 330 How we view ourselves Mom Martyr Mom on Purpose Posts the Life on Purpose Academy (monthly life coaching membership) Sign up for Simple Saturdays The Simple on Purpose Facebook community Simple on Purpose on Instagram   Studies related to this episode:

  • 52. How minimalism changed my marriage, homemaking and life

    52. How minimalism changed my marriage, homemaking and life

    07/03/2020 Duração: 14min

    A look at the before and after of how minimalism changed my marriage, my homemaking and my life.  In the last episode (#51) I shared specifically how minimalism changed my motherhood.    IN THIS EPISODE How minimalism has changed my marriage: respect + responsibility, shared vision for our home, being at home How minimalism has changed my homemaking: more manageable, better 'flow' for homemaking, calmer, reclaimed my role as Homemaker How minimalism has changed my life: more proactive. doing things I enjoy, more mindful, more secure, becoming the editor of my life.  READ THE FULL POST HERE   THE STEPS THAT GOT ME HERE (relevant links) (type nine reference) What is the Enneagram  Life on Purpose with Conor Bring hygge into your everyday life Organization mistakes I made  the Life on Purpose Page Identity Clutter the Simplify Your Home Page I stopped calling myself a lazy mom The quickest way to simplify your life The perfect moments project Why minimalism works at changing your life   O

  • 51. How Minimalism Changed My Motherhood (+ weird stuff I’m googling)

    51. How Minimalism Changed My Motherhood (+ weird stuff I’m googling)

    07/03/2020 Duração: 10min

    What is different in my mothering since I have decluttered my home.  A reader (Hi Melissa!) asked me to share on this topic. In this episode I'll share FOUR WAYS minimalism has changed my motherhood.  (In the next one I'll share how it has changed my marriage, homemaking and life).    IN THIS EPISODE Weird things I am googling: fancy coffees, hot 90s country, celebrity family trees, the contestants from extreme makeover and currency inflation How minimalism has changed my mothering: a family culture of creativity vs consumption, being a mom who does stuff, creating their childhood home, having space to DO LIFe together, making memories instead of buying more stuff.  READ THE FULL POST HERE   THE STEPS THAT GOT ME HERE (relevant links) The habit of consumption Family culture On being a mom who tries new things Restless in motherhood Basement playroom BEFORE + AFTER Fun family stuff Giving experiences instead of gifts What happened when I took half my kids' toys away   OTHER LINKS  Vitamin wat

  • 50. Things I never thought I would do, until I became a parent (also, cheese)

    50. Things I never thought I would do, until I became a parent (also, cheese)

    22/02/2020 Duração: 24min

    This is a super FUN episode!  I asked the FB group and Instagram friends for the topics they want to hear me talk about on the 50th episode. I have a couple of great topics I'll be sharing on today.  The first, and major one, is the topic of things I have done as a mom that I never expected to do. I think we all have those 'WHAT IS MY ACTUAL LIFE??? moments' as moms where we are wiping up pee with our sock and rolling out to the grocery store with a head full of kid barrettes.  So, I rolled through a lot of these moments in my own years of mothering smaller kids.  I was also asked to talk about CHEESE, so I share a few of my fave ways to eat my fave cheeses.    Here are the links I've mentioned in the episode: Style for the reluctant mom That time I took away half of my kids' toys What moms of toddlers need to hear God's grace through difficult parenting  Mom on purpose My c-section and the feelings I was ashamed to admit A mom no matter what (for the mom who has had a hard labour, delivery and ea

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