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  • Episode 3: Apples and Gunpowder

    Episode 3: Apples and Gunpowder

    16/09/2019 Duração: 03h18min
  • Episode 2: Hellfire

    Episode 2: Hellfire

    25/07/2019 Duração: 03h02min

    After our adventurers successfully (to a degree) receive the Storm Key from the not-so-innocent travelling circus, another group of our adventurers set out to acquire a dangerous weapon to aide the cause; a Hellfire Canon, from a sunken wreck on a mysterious island that may lead to a portal to the nine hells. What could go wrong? Things are about to heat up on this episode of Disasters 'n Danger!

  • Episode 1: The Whisper Guests

    Episode 1: The Whisper Guests

    13/07/2019 Duração: 04h25min

    In the first episode of our brand new story arc, a group of new adventurers arrives in town, sent on a mission to retrieve a mysterious key from a not so innocent travelling circus that holds, well, the key to the Free Arcadian Coilition of Knight's success. Join our adventurers lead by Random Encounters fearless Dungeon Master Cody Stone, as they attempt the subtle art of thievery with some not so subtle characters; what coud go wrong?

  • Episode 0: The Story So Far

    Episode 0: The Story So Far

    13/07/2019 Duração: 25min

    Welcome to the world of Disasters 'n Danger! This episode in an introduction to our world; history, npcs, and pcs that you should know. think of it as your fantasy Sparknotes! Meet our fearless Dungeon Master and some of our players as the introduce their characters, and get you ready to dive headfirst into Disasters 'n Danger Our adventurers are members of the Free Arcadian Coalition of Knights (or FACKers) a rebellion that was born on the pirate island of Drym Trosovar. Through their adventures fighting against the corrupt Arcadian Empire, they’ve discovered that the emperor himself is not who he claims to be. Emperor Don Dorian, once a wise and fair leader, has been replaced by a cabal of doppelgängers. But, they haven’t stopped there. It seems even the gods themselves are being thrown out of the pantheon, corrupted and taken over by this group of shapeshifters. In order to restore order to the heavens and the earth, our FACKers must reunite legendary heroes of old, and find a way to free the real emperor