Health, Wealth And The Pursuit Of Happiness


Health, Wealth and the Pursuit of Happiness will explore topics relating to planning, building, and living out your best life. Each episode Mark Dale Mazur and Aries Jimenez discuss best life practices that will: Help you crack the code to live every day in a state of well-being; Empower you to live life with an abundant mindset; Enable you to experience true freedom that is foundational for the happiness of every human being. Please join us on this journey!


  • Your Heroic Journey

    Your Heroic Journey

    08/01/2020 Duração: 01h16min

    Everyone in this life is on, what can be referred to as, a journey.Let’s assume in this context, that one’s journey starts at point A and ends at point B, with many stops and stays along the way. In this episode we explore Joseph Campbell’s take on this through his “Hero’s Journey” work. We interview Marion Moss Hubbard, Ph.D., founder of Heroic Journey Consulting which helps individuals and organizational leaders facilitate personal, organizational and global transformation through human consciousness development.What that means for the listener of this week’s podcast episode, is the opportunity to reframe one’s life in the context of a powerful story about courageously facing life’s challenges with heart and grit, in order to live fully and authentically. When we are able to do this, we come from a different consciousness about ourselves that results in contributing to the world from a more evolved state of being. That shift brings out the best version of us and that positively impacts, not only ourselves,

  • Do You Accept Yourself?

    Do You Accept Yourself?

    04/12/2019 Duração: 42min

    We continue the conversation around another of the 14 constructs of well-being as presented by Psychology Today.The importance of well-being has been widely acknowledged over the past twenty years by psychologists. But the concept itself is surprisingly complex.In a recent study which aimed to bring some order to the confusion, Dr Ylenio Longo at the University of Nottingham, in England, examined the similarities and differences in the six most widely used theoretical perspectives on well-being.Looking for similarities and differences across the six theoretical perspectives in how they defined well-being, he identified fourteen distinct and recurring constructs that are used to describe well-being: happiness, vitality, calmness, optimism, involvement, self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-worth, competence, development, purpose, significance, congruence, and connection.Here we tackle self-acceptance as defined as “accepting yourself the way you are.” What does that mean? How do we that? Can we fully accept ou

  • Are You Living Congruently?

    Are You Living Congruently?

    14/11/2019 Duração: 45min

    There are many facets of living a life of well-being. A lot goes into that recipe. One often overlooked, but key ingredient is congruency. What does it mean to be congruent, and how does it contribute to one’s state of well-being?Congruency in this context is all about alignment. It is living and being fully aligned with what is true for each of us. That is, in alignment with who we are as our human persona as well as living in alignment with our spiritual persona.Behaving, speaking, thinking… and living each moment in congruency with one’s beliefs and values will almost assure one of a sense of being well. Look at your life. How are you living? Do you know what is and what isn’t congruent for you? To your life of well-being!Mark What We Discuss:A little back story from Mark’s battle with self-worth after what he felt was an embarrassing experience Defining congruencyHow do we see ourselves?What tools can we use to better understand ourselves?Who are we?Are we our name? Are we our body? Is there a duality of

  • Measuring Your Self Worth!

    Measuring Your Self Worth!

    30/10/2019 Duração: 54min

    In our last episode, we defined and shared the body of work on the subject of self-worth.In this episode, we get down to the nitty-gritty. What happens when we find ourselves at the intersection of theory and real-life. Aries and I share our own experiences when life throws a “self-worth” test at us.The first half of the episode I share a recent experience in which I found myself in a situation that challenged that me at the core of my self-worth. Thoughts of measuring up and comparing myself with others reared its ugly head and sent me spiraling down to my smallest self. Discovering old, deep childhood-like feelings of insecurity that led to embarrassing behavior and then further self-loathing and judgement. Not a pretty picture, but it brought an awareness of a true read on my self-worth barometer. In the second half, Aries shares his experiences at this intersection. First as a young child going through comparing himself with others and how his peers dressed. Then other interesting challenges with self-wor

  • What’s Your Self Worth?

    What’s Your Self Worth?

    10/10/2019 Duração: 53min

    In financial planning we talk about a client’s net worth and we create net worth Statements as snapshots of what they are worth financially. More importantly though is our self-worth and the resulting self-worth statement we create for ourselves and then reflect back out to world around us.In this episode Aries and I take a break from the interview format and discuss some key contributors to our well-being. At the top of our list is self-worth. We share what noted sages and authors have said about self-worth along with its role in our overall happiness and well-being. We get into the nitty gritty and the effect a positive and a negative self-worth can have on the quality of our lives.Most notable is how many people struggle with their worthiness. It’s plagued humankind for as long as recorded history, but is not addressed directly and talked about in the mainstream.Here we explore the subject more deeply to help bring some awareness to your understanding and sense of your own self-worth. Join us down the rabb

  • True Money Alignment

    True Money Alignment

    25/09/2019 Duração: 42min

    Intentionally living from your heart comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes. When it comes to your money, intentionally spending, saving and investing should also be from your heart. That means to be congruent with who you are and how you intend to live authentically. Sounds simple, but for many it’s not so easy.You have to know your true self … your true nature ... the essence of who you are. When you know this, be sure you are living your fullest life in alignment with that; including how you are investing your money. There are many ways to do this. One often overlooked or unknown option is investing your money with companies that are doing things in the world that align with the changes you want to see in the world. There are many great companies, B Companies for example, that are on a mission to not only grow profitably, but effect great change in the world as well.In this episode, we interview Kathleen Lindquist, CFP®, who has built a niche through Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) to help clients ali

  • Yoga Will change Your Life

    Yoga Will change Your Life

    04/09/2019 Duração: 56min

    In this episode we interview, Catherine Anne Mazur, my wife and life partner of 45 years. I’ve watched her yoga journey and have been a personal witness to her health, well-being and personal growth as a result of her teaching and practicing two major types of yoga. For me, the practice of yoga over the past 16 years has had a profound effect my own health, well-being and spiritual growth. I call it a “system” because it’s more than just poses and “exercises.” It’s a whole system of movement, breath, mental focus and mindfulness, that’s centuries old, that works to integrate mind, body and soul. There is a science and technology to it that is unmatched. If you practice yoga, this episode will be interesting, educational and entertaining. If you don’t practice yoga, you don’t know what you are missing. If anything resonates with you, check out a studio or online class to experience the magic. For some, give it 90-days of regular practice before you decide if it’s for you. For others, you know instantly that it

  • Facing Challenges: Larry Stein Interview

    Facing Challenges: Larry Stein Interview

    21/08/2019 Duração: 55min

    This week’s episode is unique and dedicated to our “Health” series. I’m on the road interviewing a friend and colleague about his journey of triumph over a very challenging speak impediment: Stuttering. It’s a story so inspiring that I decided this would make a great episode with a great lesson in hope, determination and resolve to never quit on your dreams to live the life you’ve always wanted to live. This idea is central to the podcast and the work Aries and I do in the world. About 3 million people in the US stutter. They do so silently in jobs that don’t require much talking. Research suggests that after the age of 10, only about 5% of people who stutter, actually overcome it. This fact makes Larry’s story all the more remarkable. In his story you will learn how he creatively sought, not so much a solution initially, but simply a way forward. And through that way forward, one small step at a time, he ultimately found his cure and solution. Listen here to learn how at the tender age of 57, Larry triumphed

  • Find Your Freedom Trail: Cory Schmelzer Interview

    Find Your Freedom Trail: Cory Schmelzer Interview

    07/08/2019 Duração: 01h02min

    It’s all about freedom! In this episode, our subject expert on wealth and abundance, Cory Schmelzer, is what I call an “entrepreneurial freedom fighter!” This guy lives and breathes freedom! It’s central to his life and he walks the talk. He brings a fresh perspective on an expanded definition of wealth and abundance through the path of freedom. He talks about the importance of mindset, self-confidence and living without fear. Powerful life lessons for all of us! You will hear a very common theme in this episode. It’s the “entrepreneurial spirit.” George Kinder is his latest brilliant work, A Golden Civilization, defines it as: “The freedom of each individual to live in authenticity and within that to find the passionate purpose they are meant to live by, and then live it!” Take a listen! Come with an open mind and define for yourself what true wealth and abundance is all about for you. And check out the great reads and resources available in our show notes. To your happy and inspired life! Mark Dale Mazur, R

  • Heal Now with Chinese Medicine: Alina Sepeda Interview

    Heal Now with Chinese Medicine: Alina Sepeda Interview

    24/07/2019 Duração: 52min

    Bring on the subject experts! In this week’s episode, we feature Alina Sepeda of Pivotal Acupuncture and Wellness in San Diego. She is a subject expert in the field of health and well-being, schooled in Chinese Medicine and trained under the renowned Robert Levine in the Berkeley California area. Dr. Levine has practiced Tibetan and Chinese medicine, pulse diagnosis, and raw herb formulations for 35 years. In this episode you will learn about the disparity and contrast between the more traditional Eastern and Western practices of healthcare. More glaring differences are brought to light regarding philosophy, education and training. In my own experience, I found the Eastern approach to be far more holistic. It’s more mind, body, soul focused, and the dialogue and relationship formed between the patient and practitioner is deeper with a sense of a shared responsibility for the patient’s well-being on both parties. Begin exploring new paths for your healing and healthcare, or just take your health to the next le

  • Happiness and Prosperity

    Happiness and Prosperity

    10/07/2019 Duração: 55min

    Season 2 is gaining some great momentum! Our first episode set the framework for how we are tackling the subject of health and well-being. In our second episode we are doing the same for the subject of wealth and abundance. Now our third episode we do the same for happiness and prosperity. We start with a historical look at happiness from some of the great minds our world has delivered on the subject of happiness. They provide some pretty cool insights and parallels around meaning, purpose, relationships and generosity. In the spirit of “the unexamined life is not worth living,” where is your happiness level today? In this moment? Are you happy? Are you living a happy life? An inspired life with meaning and purpose? Where ever you find yourself on the happiness scale, I can tell you there is more for you! Begin exploring your happiness now and defining that for yourself. Join the conversation with Aries and me. And thanks for listening! To your happy and inspired life! Mark Dale Mazur, RLP® Registered Life Pl

  • Wealth and Abundance

    Wealth and Abundance

    27/06/2019 Duração: 41min

    We’re off to the races for Season 2! Our previous episode set the framework for how we’re tackling the subject of health and well-being. In this episode we’re doing the same for the subject of wealth and abundance. We make a case that our collective definition for wealth is one that’s been shaped by society, culture and industry. Many are the actors, and each has contributed towards influencing our thinking about how we value and define wealth. Capitalism driven by human behavior has its virtues. But it also has its “dark” side such as greed, dishonesty and manipulation. Take it from a marketing guy; don’t underestimate the power of advertising and marketing to sway our behavior and thinking regarding money and wealth. As we like to quote Socrates, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” We invite you to listen to this episode and examine your definition of wealth. Is it best supporting the essence of who you are at your heart’s core? Are you taking a balanced view? Is the amount of time, energy and focus

  • Health and Well-Being

    Health and Well-Being

    19/06/2019 Duração: 46min

    Now we get down to the business of health, wealth and happiness for you. We open this season with an overview of how we define health. It’s really about answering the question of what’s the framework for living a life in good health with an ongoing sense of well-being. What does that really mean? Is it achievable? And if so, how? It’s actually simple. Simple in that it’s not hard to understand and grasp. Simple in that it’s not rocket science, but it is the science of the how the human mind and body work. The good news is we are also not required to understand at a deep and complex level how it all works. The requirements of the mind body connection to operate at an optimum level is simply a matter of how to practice the basics of living. That is to eat, to drink, to move, to rest, and most importantly to be, in a way that fully supports the wiring and operating system of our bodies. This season is dedicated to bring to you the subject experts that will share the ideas, knowledge and best practices that will

  • Freedom: One Step, Then The Other

    Freedom: One Step, Then The Other

    08/05/2019 Duração: 15min

    We have come to the end of Season 1 with Episode 14. For both of us it’s been one of the most engaging growth experiences either of us have ever experienced. Our intention was to bring thoughtful and soul-stirring content to help others along their journey. It has also been a catalyst for us which has led to a deeper understanding of each of our lives and our place in the world. That is to say, awakening to who we are and why we are here. In this final episode we summarize and reframe our process for you to discover your soulful, higher-self, leading to an inspired big and true vision through the art of asking the key questions of yourself. May this listening continue to bring it all together for you. With appreciation to have shared… and to your inspired life! What We Discuss: Are you living intentionally? Are you discovering your inspiration? Are you listening to your inner being? Are you seeing a big and true, authentic vision for yourself? Are you using the Wheel of Life to begin an assessment of your li

  • The Master of Your Freedom

    The Master of Your Freedom

    18/04/2019 Duração: 01h07min

    The penultimate episode of Season One features the father of life planning, George Kinder. When one wants to master a skill, one should learn from a master. If you want to understand what living a life of real freedom is all about, do yourself a favor and listen to this interview from someone who walks the talk and lives the words he speaks. George is such a person and master of the art of life planning. He has personally been an inspiration to me and the myriad others that have known or been taught by him. In this interview, George takes us through his early life, when the seeds of freedom were sown, and the early stages of the life planning movement. You will learn more about the most important skill we can bring to others: Being fully present and listening with unconditional positive regard for the one who is sharing with us. Enjoy and please don’t forget to check out the links to all the resources shared in this podcast. In love and appreciation… and to your inspired life! What We Discuss: A brief recap

  • Relationships


    10/04/2019 Duração: 55min

    When we are moving towards a Big and True Vision of who we are and what we want to be in the world, everyone around us plays a vital role in our ability to fulfill that Vision. We are social creatures and, ultimately, none of us can do it alone. We need the energy and support of key people in our lives. If we want to be a more authentic version of ourselves and/or do something more inspiring, it’s important to surround ourselves with those who understand and can support us in achieving our Vision. But how do we do that? What are the obstacles and challenges? How do we evaluate our current relationships? What’s our risk to change or not to change them? Listen to some straight talk on this interesting and somewhat touchy subject. What We Discuss: Why should we examine our relationships? We are the average of our five closest relationships. The importance of who we surround ourselves with. Let’s explore our current relationships. Are our people in support of our Big, True Vision? How to examine and evaluate our

  • Money and Living a Life of Freedom!

    Money and Living a Life of Freedom!

    28/03/2019 Duração: 50min

    Money, money, money… Money, money, money… What is it about money? For some it’s an obsession. For others it holds the electrical charge of politics and religion. Some loathe it. Some build their entire life around it. There are those that are uncomfortable with it, and there are those who are true masters of it. In this episode we begin the process of deconstructing the dynamics of money in our culture and how it affects how we live. Money touches so many parts of our lives. We interface with it regularly and are forever finding ourselves at financial crossroads, often making life decisions based on money. I have personally been fascinated with people’s experience, beliefs, and emotions around money. When it comes to living your most inspired and meaningful life, your relationship, attitude and understanding around it will have a lot to do with how that life will unfold for you. What We Cover: A brief exploration of the history of money "Money skills are the survival skills of the 21st century,” Dick Wa

  • Your Unique Abilities: Changing Your World

    Your Unique Abilities: Changing Your World

    21/03/2019 Duração: 45min

    Imagine knowing what your unique abilities are and spending 80% of your time doing it! Central to your persona in this life are characteristics and values entirely unique to you. When you create a picture of the type of inspiring future you want to live, you’ve connected to your deepest self. From your deepest self lies the power to make your dream a reality. Often times, coming from that space of your deepest self lies a code unlocking your purpose in life. Within that code are the insights to your unique abilities. These unique abilities are the “tools” and will provide the leverage for you to build your vision. Do you know what these unique abilities are for you? You can find out through The Strategic Coach’s Unique Ability® Discovery 2.0. This guide will be the stepping stone to becoming the very best version of you. When you define your Unique Ability you obtain a wealth of self-knowledge, clarity, and confidence that powers you to live the life you’ve always envisioned. Listen to this Podcast and Start

  • Energy: Creating Your New Reality!

    Energy: Creating Your New Reality!

    15/03/2019 Duração: 49min

    The entire world spins on energy. It is the life force of the Universe and it’s the life force that will play a major role in delivering your big, true vision. The first step when you become clear on this grand dream is to live into it! Living into it means seeing it, fully feeling it and connecting with the power and energy of your excitement and joy experiencing it. You should feel inspired and alive! Really energized, so your vibrational energy is spinning at a very high level. This is important because here, like in physics, your energy is “the capacity to do the work.” In other words, it’s what you need to move forward through those obstacles and challenges that stand in your way! For you, the “action” starts with the intention, inspiration and inner listening required to effect shifts in your consciousness. It’s that shift in consciousness that is the “movement of something (your vision) against something else (your obstacles) that will begin to make your vision a reality. This is the “physics” of what’

  • The Big Five: Time

    The Big Five: Time

    01/03/2019 Duração: 43min

    What’s required for most people to move forward on their big, true vision? For most, if not all, it will require change and a recalibration in the use and management of your time, energy, money, relationships and unique abilities. In this episode, Mark and Aries take the deep dive on the subject of time and why is it so important? Time is limited, but it’s something you actually have control over. Once it’s spent you can never get it back. Time is money in conventional economics. It comprises every single moment of your life. It’s a gift but we must master it, to master life. How are you spending your time? Are you intention with your time? Are YOU owning your time or do others? Are you aware of how much time you spend doing for others vs caring for yourself? Do you know what an ideal day is for you? Can you answer this question? If you had total freedom to choose to do anything you wanted on a given day, would you know what to do? What We Cover: How time is finite Understanding what time means for you in s

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